Picture of trendy short layers on long hair

13 Examples of This Hot Trend

#1: Long Thick Hair with Short Layers

If you want your hair long enough to make complete layers out of it, do it! Go for volume that stands out from every angle!

#2: Layered Long Wavy Hair

The long layered wavy haircut gives you the diversity to be creative with your hair. You can style your hair straight or soft curls or very wavy. This is a haircut for any woman who loves to have long hair. It’s a fresh, young sexy look. It’s great because the cut can be adjusted to frame any face shape. On wet hair, I love to use Seven Second Detangler Leave-in Conditioner by Unite Hair Care followed by Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray to create root volume.

Short layers on very long hair

#3: Shorter Layers on Very Long Hair

Creating more shorter layers on waist-length hair makes a textured look. If you’re going for a more rugged appearance, you should try this out.

#4: Short Layers for Thin Hair

The small, graduated layers helps to volumize straight, fine hair.

#5: Layered Medium to Long Hair

Snipping more layers in a shoulder-length cut will create more flared out ends. Keeping the layers to a minimum would have a more organized look.

#6: Short Layers on Straight Hair

Start by parting the hair horizontally, making layers to be cut. Then gradually cut per layer. Blow dry and brush out for maximum volume.

#7: Short Layers for Fine Hair

Delicately cut up layers onto hair to create volume and body for fine hair. Have those flowing locks while keeping a little bit of flair at the ends.

long hair with short front layers

#8: Short Front Layers

Giving long hair those much-needed short layers could extremely change your appearance, in a good way of course. Set out for that softened look while maintaining length.

long shaggy hair with bangs

#9: Long Hair with Bangs

Keep it simple and natural with some soft-cut fringes and long, layered locks. Doesn’t this black shaggy hair rock?

Short layers on long curly hair

#10: Layered Curly Hair

What to do when you have volumized curly hair? Add more volume! The layers add life to the curls that could revolutionize your look.

#11: Short Feathered Layers

This is great for those having thick hair and would prefer to balance out the body of their hair.

It’s a beautiful golden beige balayage over a light chocolate base. It’s a great compromise for someone who wants to become lighter or more blonde without completely changing over to the blonde side.

Maintaining the depth at the root/base and throughout creates a much softer look and much softer grow out as well. This cut keeps the length intact while giving movement, volume, and texture with a modern take on Farrah layers.

This haircut style is very versatile for daily styling and can be blown out, curled, or straightened and still showcase the movement in the layering.

Due to the shorter top layers, the volume is more easily achieved if the top tends to be heavy and flat. It’s amazing to bring some life and style to fine-textured hair as well. If one has naturally wavy hair, a good leave-in product, allowing the hair to air dry, does very well and looks beautifully beachy.

Choppy Layers

#12: Choppy Layers

This look is a well-balanced mix of contemporary and classic, and that is what I love so much about it. Think Brigette Bardot meets the modern man or woman.

We have seen an ongoing trend in long hair, and incorporating shorter lengths around the face and throughout the top is a great way to add some life to the hair while maintaining the length clients love.

With a look that has so much going on structurally within the haircut, color choice and placement are something to consider. I always attempt to achieve a complementary, cohesive look between the haircut and the color.

This haircut is definitely one that works well with all hair types and textures as well as face shapes. The key to emphasizing or deemphasizing facial features is the placement of layering.

Clients are loving the undone, “less is more” look. This style is great for those who want little maintenance in the mornings. A great texturizing product gives the hair the life it needs.

The versatility in this cut creates endless possibilities in switching up the look based on how many layers and how short you choose to take them. You could opt for a more dramatic look by creating more texture in the hair with varying lengths or go with something more conservative by keeping the layers at a longer length.

As a stylist, I love when clients bring photos in! When researching cuts like these, search for words like “shag” or “modern shag”.

#13: Long Hair with Short Layers on Top

I love to do this cut! This is a long hair all over a layered cut. It consists of face-framing layers, long layers, and short layers.

Styling this cut is super easy. It looks great when you flat iron it, blow it out, curled, or even air dried. Just make sure you have the right product for the right style.

This cut takes a lot of weight out of the hair. For that reason, it is best for someone who has long thick hair. If you have fine hair, you can get this look but with a less amount of layers.

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