14 Hottest Micro Braids for the Ultimate Protective Style

14 Hottest Micro Braids for the Ultimate Protective Style

#1: Versatile Wavy Micro Braids

Micro braids are the most versatile size of braids since you can curl them tight or loose like these wavy ones right here. Plus, they mimic thicker strands, so they make your locks a bit chunkier.

cute Updo with micro braids

#2: Cute Updo with Micro Braids

What an interesting approach to a seemingly normal updo this is! Catch those micro braids in a crown-like updo style and boast texture in such an innovative hairstyle.

Everyday short micro braids

#3: Everday Short Micro Braids

Since short micro braids can still resemble hair strands due to their size, putting them in larger braids could do you some good! The creativity is overflowing in this one as the ends are formed to function like side bangs.

#4: Sleek Micro Braids with a Middle Part

Parting your long micro-braided hair like this creates a sleek canvas for you to play around with. The texture isn’t sacrificed but is more so pronounced with this kind of parting.

#5: Fashionable Micro Box Braids

Nothing is better than rocking your box braids, now fashioned in a micro braiding hair technique. A great thing for women who are undergoing transition for their hair, you can maintain a perfect look while growing your hair out!

Powerful micro braids with shaved sides

#6: Powerful Micro Braids With Shaved Sides

A combo to die for, shaved sides with some hair design and micro braids make a powerful look. Long micro braids can be neatly put in a high bun or let down for a sassier effect.

Feminine medium micro braids

#7: Feminine Medium Micro Braids

The mini twist medium micro braids hairstyle is a protective hairstyle. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and gives your hair a break from constant manipulation. It’s also an original hairstyle. While having micro mini braids, your hair will get all the hydration it needs without any tension, which helps with hair growth as well. Lastly, the best thing about it is that you can keep this hairstyle for about two to three weeks when well maintained, meaning wearing a satin bonnet or scarf at night.

If you are considering micro braid hairstyles, get good moisturizing products to start. Try Curl Treat by Garnier, as well as a fixing mousse like Fixing Mousse to stay away from hair frizz. Mini twists are best for women between 3B and 4C hair types. It’s also good if you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle.

invisible micro braids

#8: Invisible Micro Braids

This protective style is perfect for women looking for a more natural look and feel. Considering your lifestyle, you may want to use Wet & Wavy human braiding hair. This will give you more options when styling your micro braids, such as a rod set, an updo, or simply wearing it in its natural, wavy curl pattern.

This micro braid style can be customized to you. The best part about this style is deciding on the best hair color to use and where to place or add highlights to enhance your beauty. First, decide on hair quality. Hair quality is key when choosing micro braids as a protective style. When shampooing and conditioning micro braids, using top-quality hair allows your style to last longer with no irritation on the scalp and no tangles.

Sexy blonde micro braids

#9: Sexy Blonde Micro Braids

The name of this popular hairstyle is tribal braids. The style originated from the Fulani tribes. They used beads and cowries to decorate their hair. When it comes to micro braid hairstyles, there’s a ton of versatility. It can be done on any hair texture, and it can also be styled in different ways. In this particular picture, it’s half up and half down, which implies half of your hair is wrapped in a bun, and the other left down.

To achieve this hairstyle, divide your hair into two sections. The first section is from the front of the head to the crown section of the head. Then add a feed-in cornrow down the middle of this section, part the first section of the head into two halves. On either side of the ear, two cornrows are each stretching down the sides adorned with beads. To complete the first section, add feed-in cornrows stretching from the middle cornrow to either side of each half. The second section, which is from the crown section to the back of the head, is made up of single braids. It takes between 3 to 7 hours to micro braid hair, depending on the size and length. As a result, it requires a lot of patience for your hairstylist to have space and time to do a good job.

#10: Casual Micro Mini Braids

These are called micro twist braids and are often described as neat and semi-elegant, or highly functional. It’s very easy to style in the mornings and low maintenance. You just have to shampoo every two weeks and put some anti-itch oil or moisturizer on your scalp to prevent dryness or itching.

This micro braiding is for any hair type. There are many different types of micro braiding. Consult a stylist who would be able to tell which braid style would be best for your personality. It’s an ideal yet highly functional style for women who want to take a break from relaxers, perms, texturing, and all the chemicals, which include color services for gray hair. It’s a style where your scalp can breathe, and your natural hair can still get looked after.

#11: Simple Crochet Micro Braids

The layers of micro feed-in braids in the back allow for movement. The ponytail at the top has a tribal design, and the deep braids on the side add some jazz to the crochet micro braids. Micro-braid hairstyles are ideal for women with healthy hair, and for women who aren’t insecure about their forehead or something facial. This is a bold look without any covering of the face, so be prepared to own it and be confident!

Stunning curly micro braids

#12: Stunning Curly Micro Braids

These curly micro braids are light, tension-free, and will help in locking in moisture. It will protect your hair from any breakage. Consider the size of the braids you want. The smaller the braids, the more hair you’ll need, and more hair to manage. The less the braids, the freer you’ll be just to wake up, shake, and go.

Low-maintenance micro twist braids

#13: Low-Maintenance Micro Twist Braids

These are micro twist braids. African women love Senegalese twists because they’re elegant and classy. This micro braids hair is a protective style that is low-maintenance.

If you have weak edges with very fine hair, you should not consider this style because it will not look good and will do more damage to your edges. It depends on the braider because some braiders braid too tight! It’s manageable because it’s lightweight. The best hair to use for this style is Kanekalon fibers like Xpression hair made in Nigeria, Senegal, etc.

#14: Colorful Straight Micro Braids

These straight micro braids have highlights added to them to show a caramel effect. Add color to single braids to make your hair more fun, then opt for some highlights and make them into micro box braids.

When booking for micro braids styles, expect a lightweight and tensionless (not hair pulling or tight) feeling. These particular braids can be styled in many ways, with the latest style being the bun. A portion of your hair is pulled up and twisted into a small ball to sit on top of your head and secured with a rubber band. Your braider will pay attention to your hair texture, as some women may need smaller braids, and some may require bigger braids.

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