15 Cutest Chin-Length Wavy Bob Haircuts

15 Cutest Chin-Length Wavy Bob Haircuts

#1: Tousled Layered Bob and Bangs

Short styles for women are ever-evolving with the trends. Yet a tousled layered bob and bangs seem timeless, with updated variation over the years. A layered bob is a post-modern style that encourages texture by creating a layered silhouette. Air drying or thermal styling can achieve this style.

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#2: Deep Side Part on Short Hair with Subtle Layers

Try a stunning look with a deep side part on short hair with subtle layers. Give your strands bounce and movement with subtle and soft flipped layers. A bob is low-maintenance and so versatile. Adding a deep side part is great for woman with a round face to help elongate and give a little bit of an edge.

#3: Inverted Wavy Cut for Thick Hair

For women with thick hair, try an inverted wavy cut. A graduated bob is great for thick hair because it removes bulk in the back for a lighter and weightless feel. You can have the front angled to elongate a round face, adding a bit more of an edge to the cut. Curl with an iron to add movement and texture.

#4: Chin-Length Thin Hair with Soft Curls

Give your thin hair a boost with a chin-length cut with soft curls. You can wear a concave style straight to elongate your face or add a curl to soften and frame. If you want a beachy effortless look piece out the curls for a frizzy and messy style. That will give your thin hair more texture and body.

#5: Chin-Length Choppy Bob with Blonde Balayage

Spruce up your look with a chin-length choppy bob with blonde balayage. A chin-length cut is great for an oval or long face shape. If you have a round face shape, a good option for you would be adding a little length in the front to elongate. Chin-length wavy hair looks effortless and trendy for the perfect everyday hair.

#6: Mini Graduated Bob Cut with Tousled Waves

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance style, consider a graduated bob cut with waves. Razor-cut choppy layers will release weight and give your crown body and texture. A chin-length bob for wavy hair looks effortless and edgy.

#7: Short Angled Haircut with Subtle Waves

A short angled haircut with subtle waves is one of the most stylish shapes available. The inverted back gives the dramatic illusion of a longer front. Chin-length haircuts for thick wavy hair are an excellent choice for manageability. Bobbed hair is long enough to be feminine but the a-line shape gives it high style.

#8: Undone Bob Style with Textured Ends

Cut off dead weight and try an undone bob style with textured ends. An easy-breezy bob has a retro feel and will bring some life into your strands. Your thin hair will appear much thicker with all the dead ends cut off for a fuller-looking shape.

Chin-Length Chopped Bob with Full Bangs for Wavy Fine Hair

#9: Chopped Bob with Full Bangs for Fine Hair

For women with fine hair, try a chopped bob cut with full bangs. An a-line that is cut blunt will make your fine hair appear denser and thick. Wavy chin-length hair with bangs will bring style and soft movement to your locks. A bold fringe will help conceal forehead wrinkles and will personalize your look.

Chin-Length Brunette French Bob with Wavy Flipped Ends

#10: Brunette French Bob with Flipped Ends

Try a chic and laid-back style with a brunette French bob with flipped ends. A chin-length wavy bob with bangs is trendy and styles with ease. Having the ends textured will bring soft movement and lift for body.

Chin-Length Razor Cut Bob with Messy Waves

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#11: Razor Cut Bob with Messy Waves

Haircuts can help contour your face shape. Chin-length wavy haircuts diffuse the look of a round face. If seeking something new, a hairstylist can create a bob with messy waves to give your hair structure.

Bob with Beach Waves on Short Chin-Length Hair

#12: Beach Waves on Short Chin-Length Hair

While short can be more maintenance, it has its perks when the length is paired with the right texture and density. Beach waves on short chin-length hair are best for fine to medium hair. This way, the layers lay gracefully in the silhouette. Chin-length beach waves are a great lived-in style that works best with straight-to-curly texture. This texture will help to support a style that wears over the course of time.

#13: Side-Parted Asymmetrical Short Hair

Look crazy, sexy, and cool with side-parted asymmetrical short hair. Try a short wavy bob if you’re looking to give your hair some serious body and style. The best way to give your fine hair some texture and volume is to add some waves to your hair with a curling iron.

Chin-Length Magenta Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

#14: Magenta Bob with Side Bangs

Reach your hair goals with a magenta bob with side bangs. If you have thick hair, thinning it out may be necessary to have the cut sit correctly and will make it easier to style. Adding some textured waves will give the cut a chic and modern vibe.

#15: Short Bobbed Hair with Soft Textured Waves

Fine hair plays well with blunt haircuts, like short bobbed hair. Smooth or soft textured waves create dimension in the hair color and silhouette of the style. Adding fullness and body that cannot be achieved when hair is too long and weighed down.

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