Jaw length shag haircuts

17 Jaw-Length Shag Haircuts to Prove You Can Pull-Off a Shorter Shag

#1: Tousled Wolf Cut with Bangs

A tousled wolf cut with bangs is a textured haircut with lots of layers. The choppy ends of this hairstyle give the cut an overall messy look. Shaggy styles like a wolf cut are great for women wanting to embrace their natural texture.

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#2: Curtain Fringe and Textured Layers on Short Hair

A curtain fringe and textured layers on short hair can give the classic bob a modern twist. Women wanting to try a short hairstyle will love the face-framing aspect of a curtain fringe. It will bring focus to your eyes and complement many different face shapes.

#3: 90s Pixie Shag on Straight Hair

A ’90s pixie shag on straight hair is making a comeback. This modern-day take on a classic hairstyle is quickly becoming everyone’s newest hair inspiration when visiting the salon. You can ask your hairstylist to use a razor to piece out layers and your hairline at the nape area to give your hairstyle a soft, textured finish. Pairing this hairstyle with some longer curtain bangs to frame around your face will have you feeling like a million bucks when you walk out the door.

#4: Shaggy French Bob for Wavy Hair

A shaggy French bob with waves will give you ultra volume, shape, and texture. The 3 most sought-after definers on girls with jaw-length styles looking to amp up their hairstyle. With a little help from a couple of hair products, this hairstyle can be very easily recreated. Just use a texture spray and a sea salt spray when styling.

#5: Very Short Messy Bob for Women Over 40

A very short messy bob is a great option for women over 40. Short layers help create a more fun and youthful appearance.

#6: Jaw-Length Modern Shag for Older Women Over 50

Older women over 50 should try a jaw-length modern shag and transform their appearance. Even as we age we can still be relevant with our short haircuts. Ask your stylist for lots of layering in your cut for that shaggy feel. A modern shag will work on straight or curly textures, just be sure to style it on the flatter side to keep it looking current.

#7: Wispy Shaggy Bob for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, consider a wispy shaggy bob. Fine hair is actually an asset to achieving a wispy hairdo because your hairdresser will have less texturizing to do. Jaw-length cuts just need some square layers to help achieve the perfect shape. If you are searching for versatility, this cut can be blown dry straight or curled with an iron. Tucking behind the ear is a great option as well.

#8: Layered Shag with Bottleneck Bangs

Any woman can rock a shaggy hairstyle to help add texture and volume. Shaggy cuts are extremely trendy and a perfect “wash-and-go” option.

#9: Jaw-Grazing Razored Cut with Feathered Layers

Try a jaw-grazing razored cut with feathered layers if you’re searching for a modern and easy shape. Razor cuts are a great choice because they blend well and grow out wonderfully. Have your stylist cut layers following the head shape for a cute and tousled cut. Shaggy haircuts work best styled closer to the head, so air drying with putty is a perfect option.

Short Shag with Piece-y Layers for Thin Hair

#10: Short Shag with Piece-y Layers for Thin Hair

A short shag with piece-y layers is great for adding volume to thin hair. Short cuts such as a shag at jaw-length really help make fine hair look fuller.

Jaw-Length Shaggy Mullet for Square Faces

#11: Jaw-Length Shaggy Mullet for Square Faces

A jaw-length shaggy mullet is a perfect cut for balancing square faces. The shaggy layers and feathered ends help create a softer and more rounded shape.

#12: Short Jaw-Length Shagged Curly Bob with Curtain Bangs

A short shaggy bob with curtain bangs is the ultimate go-to hairstyle for women looking to jazz up their style with more texture and volume. Razored layers will help create a subtle shattered effect, making it easier to achieve that perfect textured look you’re going for. Going for a jaw-length hairstyle adds natural thickness and volume.

#13: Short and Edgy Shaggy Mullet

Rock a short and edgy shaggy mullet if you’re feeling bold and want to show your rockstar personality that’s on the inside, on the outside. A shaggy mullet is a superior hairstyle if you’re looking for a unisex style. Keeping just a few longer fringe pieces in the front will give you that edge you’ve desired, and the messy teased layers on top will bring out the shagginess of your mullet. Pick up a tousle texture spray before you leave the salon to pump up your shaggy mullet to its maximum volume.

#14: Jaw-Length Curly Shag for Round Faces

Women with a round face shape need to try a jaw-length curly shag because it compliments round faces so well. This hairstyle will show off your curls effortlessly. A shag haircut is great for full faces and naturally curly hair because it frames the face with both bangs and layers, without any styling. Just throw your favorite curl cream in your hair when it’s slightly damp.

Jaw-Length Baby Mullet Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

#15: Baby Mullet Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

A baby mullet shag with layers that frame the face is a haircut that is shorter around the face and neck-length in the back. Shags need a lot of layers to keep their shape and create volume. Crown layers around the top of the head will achieve both of these needs.

#16: Short-Length Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

A short-length choppy bob for thick hair will need texturizing and layering to prevent it from looking bulky. Short styles on thick hair can sound intimidating, but with the right layering, they can look gorgeous. Shaggy cuts don’t always require long hair! Short hair can have shaggy layers to create the same lived-in look.

#17: Soft Shaggy Layers for Short Curly Hair

Soft shaggy layers on short curly hair can create an entirely new shape to the haircut. Jaw-length haircuts on curly hair look amazing when styled with the right products. If you have fine hair, consider a lightweight mousse. For medium to coarse hair, a curl cream would be a great option.

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