best androgynous haircuts

18 Modern Androgynous Haircuts for Edgy Women

#1: Cute Androgynous Haircut with Bangs for Oval Faces

With an androgynous style playing with gender fluidity, oval faces are sure to look good in it. That’s why you can explore your heart’s content like this side-swept tapered cut, which can make you look so fresh and cut at the same time.

#2: Tomboy Quiff Hairstyle

Try a tomboy quiff hairstyle if you’re wanting an edgier look. Don’t be afraid to have a more androgynous style if that’s what you’re craving! If you don’t like using gel, opt for a lighter hairspray to hold your style.

#3: Feminine Dark Brown Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Go for a bold statement with a feminine dark brown pixie with side-swept bangs. A pixie is versatile and can be customized to many different face shapes. A pixie is easily styled in seconds with some shaping wax for a messy feel. Side-swept textured bangs conceal forehead wrinkles and accentuate your eyes giving a soft feminine touch.

Androgynous Chic Dark Brown Wavy Hair

#4: Chic Dark Brown Wavy Hair

Transitioning to a short cut can be customized for edgy tomboys or bossy chicks. Your best bet is to find a hair artist that specializes in these styles for predictable results. You can color this style a vibrant or dark brown base and add some waves for texture as a touch-up or for a lived-in vibe.

Women's Pompadour Androgynous Haircut for Thick Hair

#5: Women’s Pompadour Haircut for Thick Hair

Show off those eye-catching platinum locks with a longer pompadour androgynous hair. Gender norms have changed over time and shorter cuts aren’t for the guys only. Leave the middle part longer and brush it upwards to make a pouf for added volume.

Bold Quiff androgynous haircut for women

#6: Bold Quiff for Women

A quiff for women is the perfect edgy look to bring out your inner rockstar. This cut compliments anyone looking to elongate their face shape. But beware this shorter style requires a maintenance appointment every 3-4 weeks.

genderfluid androgynous haircut

#7: Genderfluid Androgynous Haircut

Get edgy with a genderfluid androgynous haircut! Shaved in an undercut up past the occipital bone, the medium pixie falls intentionally to the side, creating a clean-cut style. Great for most hair types, as thick hair can be thinned out and fine hair tends to look fuller when short. Add a bright pop of color, even temporarily to really turn heads.

The Androgynous Shaved Cut

#8: The Androgynous Shaved Cut

The ultimate manly-lady look is having the undercut bangs over the face. The magenta-purple color adds more dynamics that make a very stunning finish.

Cute Androgynous Bowl Cut with Shaved Sides for Round Faces

#9: Cute Bowl Cut with Shaved Sides for Round Faces

With a modern bowl cut, keeping everything short and layered gives off that cute but punk vibe that you can still work with every day.  Shaved sides and back highlight the texture of this androgynous cut even better, making it more flattering for round faces.

androgynous haircut for long hair

#10: The Long Androgynous Cut

Long layered sides keep the texture intact while the mohawk-like tops add the fluidity for a sharp, sexy package. Haircut ideas like this work best on straight or wavy tresses. An ashy silver hair color won’t hurt the outcome, for sure.

Sexy Androgynous Silver Undercut

#11: Sexy Androgynous Silver Undercut

Pull off a high fade and mohawk androgynous haircut with a modern color like platinum. The puff adds all the volume and glam finish that the style needs. This sure proves that long hair is fun but a short hairstyle can be way cooler!

Short Androgynous Cut, Flattering for Square Faces

#12: Short Androgynous Cut, Flattering for Square Faces

Creating textured waves at the front and shorter lengths on each side of the head form a more boyish, rounded visual for your look. Sharp edges look trimmed off thanks to the bangs and the softly trimmed sides. It’s not ideal for any face shape. For example, it’s not for a heart-shaped face, as it doesn’t give any volume around the chin area. It’s also not suited to a rectangular face shape, as this style will give even more height to the head.

Since she has a rounded face shape, I advised her to keep the sides tight and disconnected towards the top. I would still call this androgynous hair an undercut with height throughout the top. The lady has thick and straight hair, so I suggested blow-drying with a small round brush or a flat brush with volume mousse from Label.M. Do this as a prep into the desired direction to wear the style. Then, finish off with some matte paste from Label.M. Frey states that this short haircut is recommended for ladies with open and strong personalities and also for thick hair for easy maintenance.

#13: Androgynous Mullet with Short Bangs on Curly Hair

The androgynous mullet with bangs makes a very distinguished comeback in this very look. Curls and waves make it a flowy style while the blunt edges add the manly straightforward look. Opt for an easy but cool-looking cut for curly hair that doesn’t need much maintenance.  For ladies looking for a look similar to a curly mullet with baby bangs, it’s important to know that this is her natural texture.

I always advise my curly-haired women to wash less and condition more. Curls need moisture to manage frizz. Co-washing, or washing with conditioner, is a great alternative to shampooing every day and is done by scrubbing the scalp as if you were shampooing and then rinsing well.

#14: Low-Maintenance Feminine Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts seem to be at least somewhat popular this year for some reason. This cut is about a #2, a bit shorter on top and lightly faded on the sides and back. A low-maintenance androgynous cut is something every woman should try at least once. I’d say that even if you feel comfortable with yourself, there is always that little bit of self-consciousness afterward, but it goes away fairly quickly.

There is, of course, no product or styling, and while hair type does have an influence on the actual look, it’s not that important. A buzz cut is a minimalist style and super easy to maintain. If you are considering doing this, go for it.

#15: Perfect Androgynous Cut for Thin Hair

Short trims on a tapered cut make a perfect canvas for layers on thin hair. Throw in a ruffled styling, and you still get a versatile cut that goes for both business and play. A fun tomboy-inspired haircut that has faded sides and back gives an androgynous vibe, while the forward bang on top leaves some feminine aspects to the style. The amount of texture you can see throughout the top is astounding. This woman has very fine straight hair, so texture and volume are very important to her. This cut is edgy, masculine, and feminine – giving a very true androgynous feel.

An androgynous haircut is very easy to style, especially for women with fine hair. I would recommend using a matte pomade to enhance texture and give a little body towards the back. If you have cowlicks and want this style, I would recommend using a sea salt spray all through the top and blow-drying everything forward. Then use a pomade or texture powder at the end.

the androgynous pixie cut

#16: The Androgynous Pixie Cut

Opt for a disconnected pixie cut with a tight scissor over comb work around the back sides and edges. The top is left disconnected and cut short in the back to long in the front. My favorite parts are the subtle detailing like an asymmetric fringe, loose texturizing in the crown, and the tiny tail in the back that add to the playfulness. The soft creative details verge on androgyny but keep it just feminine enough.

Short hair is for the brave girls who aren’t afraid to show off their beauty to the world. Spend a lot of time considering which facial features to draw the most attention to based on the woman. Short hair is a balance of showing off the best features and bringing out a lot of personalities.

#17: Stylish Androgynous Mohawk

A mohawk is an androgynous long pixie-inspired cut. This chop is easier to achieve if you have a longer hair length such as bobs. However, mohawks may depend on your face shape, hair texture, and personality. Are you ready for a fun, sexy, edgy, classy, free look? Do you want more freedom to style your hair in a myriad of ways? Are you ready to be committed to a stylist and maintain your look every 4-6 weeks? If so, opt for this cut.

Masculine Cut with Messy Texture

#18: Masculine Cut with Messy Texture

There have been a ton of renditions of “lady fades” or short women’s hair with ‘faded’ or ‘tapered’ edges, but this androgynous look on wavy hair just takes the edges down to zero, meaning shaved without a guard! The top is cut to have a lot of movement, but everything connects. There’s no “disconnection” on top, so it’s not exactly an undercut!

My favorite thing is just the versatility. It’s very bedhead friendly. I also like the longevity of having the sides shaved down, so it’s a look that lasts for a long time. This hairdo is about a comfortable edge. If you’re considering an androgynous style, go for the gusto but be picky about who cuts it for you! An androgynous haircut is not one to gamble with, so seek out a stylist or barber confident with cutting short hair!

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