20 Flattering Shags for Curly Hair for Modern Curly-Haired Girls

20 Flattering Shags for Curly Hair for Modern Curly-Haired Girls

#1: Beach Curls with Shaggy Long Layers

Beachy curls combined with bangs and shaggy layers are a low-maintenance style for that woman that needs ease in their routine. Long shaggy hairstyles for curly hair keep length while creating some movement within the silhouette. A style refresh can range from a hot iron or foam to rehydrate and set the curls.

Long Soft Shagged Cut with Short Bangs

#2: Soft Shagged Cut with Short Bangs

The soft shag cut with short bangs is a great fit for fine hair that needs movement while retaining density. Long-cut shags for curly hair can be air-dried and embraced with natural texture or diffused to create a defined style that lasts longer.

Mid-Back Shag with Feathered Layers and Bangs for Curly Hair

#3: Mid-Back Shag with Feathered Layers and Bangs

A mid-back shag with layers and bangs shows texture for days. All the layers within this long hairstyle give structure and versatility. You can style this haircut in a million different ways. Pulling it back, wearing it up or down, the possibilities are endless.

Curly Shag with Wavy Bangs on Long Thin Hair

#4: Curly Shag with Wavy Bangs on Thin Hair

Looking for a trendy, curly haircut but find yourself with finer strands? Go for a curly shag with wavy bangs! The shag hairdo is great for thinner hair. The mass amount of layers creates enough texture to boost finer strands, creating an illusion of thickness and body.

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#5: Long Gypsy Shag Cut

Women looking for a gypsy haircut for curly hair should try a long gypsy shag cut. Shag cuts and curly hair go hand and hand as the perfect cut to increase volume, and bounce and help your curls maintain their shape. If you’re looking for a style that makes a visual impact, then the gypsy shag is for you!

#6: Messy Shag Cut with Textured Layers

A modern shag doesn’t have to be extreme. Long, curly shaggy hairstyles have many options and suit many face shapes. A messy shag cut with textured layers adds volume, texture, and fullness.

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Razored Curly Shag with Heavy Bangs for Long Thick Hair

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#7: Razored Shag with Heavy Bangs for Thick Hair

A shag with heavy bangs can create a new style for the woman looking for a change. Long shaggy hairstyles for thick, curly hair have a nice silhouette while debulking the density. This creates movement in your hair. The bangs can be refreshed daily to accent the features of the face or left alone to aid in a lived-in style over the lifetime of the wear.

70s Long Kinky Shag for Square Faces

#8: 70s Long Kinky Shag for Square Faces

A long kinky shag is a great fit for women over 40 seeking a youthful new hairdo. Long shags for curly hair reintroduce a retro style that is carefree and fun. Best fitted for wavy to curly textures that want a ready-made style that will do all the work for them. Air dry foams and texture paste will help style hair in between washes.

#9: Tight Ringlets with Bangs on Long Shaggy Hair

Opt for tight ringlets and bangs for a great way to switch up one’s personal style. A long style can have more to offer if you venture out of your comfort zone. Variations like bangs, face framers, and wearing your natural texture work well with curly hair.

#10: Natural Shag Style on Long Frizzy Hair

A natural shag style on long frizzy hair is the curly hairstyle of the year. Shag cuts work especially well with textured hair to create a super voluminous style that compliments curls.

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#11: Razor Cut Shag with Big Curls

A long shag haircut for curly hair is a new-age way to enjoy your natural texture without overthinking the style. Best fitted for wavy to curly textures and fine to medium densities.

Long Beachy Shag with Feathered Bangs for Fine Curly Hair

#12: Beachy Shag with Feathered Bangs for Fine Hair

A curly cut will amplify your volume to a limit you did not know was possible. A beachy shag paired with feathered bangs is suitable for fine-haired ladies, especially women with a looser curl pattern. With this cut, the majority of the hair’s weight will be removed, allowing the curls to spring up. Short layers around the face allow for a fuller look to be achieved.

Long Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Layers for Curly-Haired Women

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#13: Long Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Layers

Mullet shags are back! And the long shaggy mullet with choppy layers has been one of the most popular crops at the salon. If you’re looking for major body, volume, and movement, then a shag might be for you!

#14: Textured Shag with Razored Layers and Micro Bangs

If a long haircut is what you desire, but are looking for a change, try a textured shag with razored layers and micro bangs! Not only are shags incredibly on trend, but micro bangs are also becoming a favorite as they keep fringe off your forehead and out of your eyes.

80s Long Retro Shag for Naturally Curly Hair

#15: 80s Retro Shag for Naturally Curly Hair

Go for a freestyle way to dress up your natural texture while embracing the feather-light layers and movement that the shag exudes. Unisex styles are best for fine to thick hair as the level of shag is customizable.

#16: Long Curled Layered Shag

Go for a retro style that has circled back around into the hair scene. Shaggy haircuts for long curly hair add to the range that long hair can wear. The layering of the haircut allows the wearer to keep length while creating fullness and movement.

#17: Very Long Curly Shag with Curly Bangs

A very long shaggy cut with bangs is a great fit for that length that is ready to switch things up. Seeking out a salon professional that specializes in curly hair can help you achieve this style. A long curly shag with bangs can require some maintenance that can be learned at the salon for at-home styling.

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#18: Long Middle Part Shag

A long shag with a middle part is a style that can complement one’s personal style. For women seeking a low-maintenance style, curly shags can be the next option to try.

#19: Tousled Shaggy Layers with Curtain Bangs

A tousled shag with layers and bangs is a youthful way for women and girls to enhance their features. The long shag hairstyle with curtain fringe is a new trend that fits across all generations. Style can be created with hot rollers, curling irons, or naturally with styling aid.

#20: Long Shaggy Hair for Round Faces

Long shaggy hair is perfect for round faces. This trendy crop compliments a round face shape with its plethora of layers and angles. Women looking to distract from round jaw lines should try a long shag!

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