Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60

20 Most Flattering Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Thick Hair

#1: Salt and Pepper Balayage

If you’re ready to wear your hair naturally, then a salt and pepper balayage is for you. As we age and go grey, our previous hair dye often presents a problem. Thanks to the increasing popularity of grey blending color, it’s easier than ever to transition to your natural color. If you decide to go for this look, be prepared to book a few color appointments before you can go 100% maintenance-free.

#2: Messy Waves with Layers

Embrace your natural curls because messy waves with layers are back! Keep things modern with long layers that can work even for thinning hair. When trying to achieve tousled hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses like this one, avoid doing a perm as it will be eerily similar to the 80s look we all know.

#3: Trendy Side Part for White Hair

Women who are 60 and over will find an edgy, deep side part pairs particularly well with white hair. If you wish to add more height and volume to your crown, take your part deeper, and voila—it’s one of the most ideal hairstyles for women over 60 with thin hair. The part will add more interest to your style and really compliment frosty locks.

Pair this part with soft, angelic waves to boost your natural beauty and give off extra-ethereal vibes.

#4: Long Feathered Layers

Feathered layers on long hair can be flattering on any face shape. These add movement and texture to flat tresses. Layering creates the haircuts that make you look 10 years younger, so try feathered layers are ideal if you’re looking to spice up your favorite hairstyle!

#5: Gray Balayage for Longer Hair

A gray balayage is a great option for aging women with longer, gray hair. Such hairstyles for grey hair over 60 are an easy and low-maintenance way to embrace your natural locks but still feel trendy. Adding color to long haircuts for women doesn’t have to be dramatic. Soft and subtle can be just as beautiful.

#6: Loose Waves for Thick Hair

Women with thicker hair should opt for loose waves when styling. No matter if you’re a Grandma in her sixties or a Mom in her 20s, loose curls and waves are romantic and universally flattering. Adding a loose bend will actually smooth and control your hair more vs. going pin straight.

Regardless of women’s hair types and texture preferences, always remember to use a heat protector when doing any kind of heat styling. Paul Mitchell’s “Hot Off The Press” Thermal Protection Spray will benefit these hairstyles for thick hair for over 60.

#7: Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a great addition to any haircut for long hair. These side bangs flow seamlessly into longer lengths and can break up the roundness of a woman’s face shape. Regardless of age, women should try these side-swept bangs on hairstyles for over 60 with a round face.

#8: Long Wavy Hair with Center Part

Long, wavy hair with a center part has always been a classic choice of fashion hairstyle and always seems to be on-trend. This is a longer haircut for women that makes graying hair look so modern while emphasizing women’s best facial features. Super flattering and easy to maintain! Go and try such flattering over 60’s hairstyles to make you look younger.

#9: Low-Maintenance Razor Cut

If you’re looking for low-maintenance hairstyles, look no further than a razor cut! A cheekbone grazing, side-swept fringe brings youthfulness to a long hairdo like this by framing the eyes. Razor cuts are the perfect way to achieve that “woke up like this” style.

For such wash-and-wear haircuts for over 60, you’ll want to have a dry texture spray and some dry shampoo to fluff it up on no-wash days.

Soft Layers for Greying Hair for women past 60

#10: Soft Layers for Greying Hair

Add soft layers to greying hair for texture and extra volume. Layers help give youthfulness to long haircuts on women over 60. If you’re trying to grow out your old color to go natural grey, layers are a great way to help speed up the process by cutting off a lot of that old color. Greying hair tends to be coarse and wiry so use a smoothing cream before blow-drying and finish with a shine serum if you need to tame any flyways.

Long Shag with Face-Framing Layers for a lady over 60

#11: Long Shag with Face-Framing Layers

Consider a long shag with face-framing layers if you’re looking to add fullness and definition to fine hair. These wispy layers around the face are a great way to accentuate your cheekbones and bring some liveliness to longer hairstyles. If ease of styling and a youthful glow are what you’re looking for, then a shag may be the perfect haircut for you. A dry texture spray is a must for this cut!

#12: Long Feathered Cut

If you have long, thin hair and are tired of a blunt cut, consider a long feathered cut to add fullness to the crown. Choppy layers and a little bit of disconnection in the cut add volume to the top of the head while still keeping the ends looking full, making this cut a perfect hairstyle for long and thinner hair.

Recreate these hairstyles for a 60-year-old woman with fine hair using an O&M Desert Dry texture spray, concentrating the spray at the roots.

Voluminous Curls for ladies in their sixties

#13: Voluminous Curls

Consider voluminous curls for long hair if you’d like to go a few days between washes. Volume and curls often go hand in hand.

To keep frizz at bay, it can be helpful to comb through the hair while in the shower after applying conditioner. After applying a curl potion or serum, wrap hair in a t-shirt to soak up any extra water and wear the hair up in a soft scrunchie overnight to keep the hair from getting unruly.

Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair for 60-year-old ladies

#14: Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair

Soft wispy bangs are perfect for women with fine hair as it adds body and lift to the face. For those sixty and up, it’s a great way to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles as well! With these hairstyles for fine straight hair over 60, you can play with the length of the fringe to suit any personal style and preference.

#15: Long Curtain Bangs Hairdo

Long curtain bangs are perfect for women looking for a low-commitment fringe, while still being on-trend. Curtain bangs are best complemented with a cut for long hair or medium hair lengths. No matter your age or hair thickness, curtain bangs will add style to any look.

#16: Shaggy Hairstyle for Long Hair

If you have long hair consider trying a modern shaggy hairstyle. It’s a great long hairstyle for creating the illusion of fuller hair for those fine-haired women. The perfectly placed short layers add fullness and body to the hair which is flattering on everybody!

#17: Long Layers and Fringe

Long layers and a fringe never go out of style, no matter what your age. A mature woman in her 60’s can easily rock this trendy look. Don’t forget to use the straightening iron to smooth the fringe to polish off the style.

#18: Long Hair with Glasses

Glasses and very long hair are a trend unto themselves. Don’t be afraid to rock a longer cut if you’re 60 and up, this is the 21 century after all. If styled with a sleek ponytail and full bangs, you can turn into Jane Fonda yourself. A long one-length cut is a bold look and will complement all the eclectic women out there.

#19: Very Long Curly Hair

Very long, curly hair offers a younger-looking style and is one of the best women’s hairstyles for over 60 who want to turn back time. Typically, long styles can age a woman, but longer styles with a playful, curly hair texture can do just the opposite. As you age, making style choices like this one can help you find balance in your every day appearance.

#20: Long Blonde Cut with Bangs

If you already have long blonde hair with natural waves or curls, consider trying layered hair with bangs to boost its texture and style. Long edgy hairstyles for over 60 can make you look 10 years younger. The key is to add a fringe to your fave classic hairstyle! Having some piece-y bangs can hide forehead wrinkles and modernize your long curly hairstyles in no time.

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