V-cut hairstyles for women

20 V-Cut on Long Hair Ideas for That Trendy V Shape Look

#1: V-Cut Choppy Hair

As shorter chops are used to create layers and body, these straight v-cut strands achieve a thicker look and are easier to style.

#2: For Super Long Hair

This v-shaped haircut is the perfect way to end thick, full hair! The loose waves add an organized texture that keeps everything bouncy.

#3: Gorgeous Blonde V-Cut Layers with Curled Ends

If your hair has the tendency to grow fast, the best way to maintain a blonde canvas is to request a V-Cut with layers. In between salon visits, styles like curled ends extend the wear.

#4: Sleek Long Layered Blonde V-Cut

A long layered blonde V-cut is one of the best ways to change up your style. With a V-cut, your hair is cut into a V or when I cut this style, I split the hair in half from nose to nape, then pull each half in front of the shoulder and cut a straight line. This will give you that V without having to physically cut a V. You will have to clean it up some but the shape is there. If you can cut a straight V, go for it, and make sure to use your longest shears.

#5: Mullet-Inspired Curly V-Cut Hair

Curly hair, when cut into a v-shape, is similar to a mullet haircut. It’s definitely a unique hairstyle you don’t see often. Having layering throughout removes bulk and adds volume by helping the natural curls spring up and bounce beautifully.

#6: Soft Mid-Length Wavy Hair and Blonde Balayage

The waves highlight the blonde balayage in this even more! The V-shaped cut also gives a nice fringe that can soften your face.

#7: Simple Ponytail for V-Cut Hair

Timeless, like your favorite jewelry or that nostalgic movie you continuously watch. That’s what a ponytail is.

#8: Cute V-Cut Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Thick tresses could use an angular cut for building layers and volume. Ask your stylist for balayage to enhance the layers even more.

Trendy medium-length curly hair with v-cut

#9: Trendy Medium-Length V-Cut Curly Hair

Take it back to the ’70s! The curls are the life of the party while the v-cut is the dancefloor!

#10: Layered V-Cut with Wispy Ends

This layered haircut partners really well with a v-cut, making for a tousled look, and great for minimal styles like a ponytail.

#11: V-Cut with Graduation For Thin Hair

Because of the cut, graduation is created, giving the whole look a thicker appearance.

Modern-Looking V-Cut with Bangs

#12: Modern-Looking V-Cut with Bangs

Layers can be created while having v-cut ends. The bangs give it a friendlier look.

Ultra Layered

#13: Ultra-Layered Long V-Cut

I love this cut for women who have a lot of hair. With a lot of layers blown out, it’s probably my favorite haircut because of how the hair stacks (it’s a smooth transition without being too choppy). It can also work for women with straight hair, but I’d only recommend it if they like layers close to the face. I would only do this on hair about mid-back length or longer.

If you tend to go a long time between haircuts or braid your hair at all, I wouldn’t advise getting this kind of cut due to all the different lengths either poking out or splitting and making your locks look more damaged overall. It’s also not the best for thin hair, as it will make the ends look very wispy.

#14: Natural and Effortless Beach Wave

Everything about this style screams low-maintenance, natural, and effortless. The dimension in this style makes the blonde and the layers pop! I love the balance in this style – the shorter layers around the face give this long style shape and will allow her to be able to create more volume. With this haircut, you can have the best of both worlds. You can have long hair but still have shape, volume, and texture, and it won’t weigh your curls down.

I think this style looks its best when it’s styled imperfectly. So it’s perfect for ladies not wanting to spend a lot of time styling or being unsure how to. If you curl in different directions, comb it all out, and then add some dry texture spray. You can achieve this beachy style easily.

#15: Fun and Edgy V-Cut For Short Hair

This cut is a pixie for wavy, dense hair. One of my favorite things about this haircut is the difference in movement. It’s fun, edgy, and super cute! It’s the perfect cut for a woman who has a natural curl or wave and is looking for a little edgy change while still wanting a low-maintenance style. The “V” gives you a nice clean, sharp look, while still having that stylish wavy texture on top! If you’re a lady who likes diversity in your haircut, this is the perfect balance of movement allowing an easy flow into that nice, clean shape.

This shape is best for dense hair! The weight of their hair will hold that nice “V” in place with very minimal styling. I would suggest either using a curly hair product while it’s wet then scrunch and go or blow-dry it and style it with a wand so you still have that wavy texture!

#16: Medium V-Cut Hair with Layers

This cut features a long layered shag, lots of texture, and a V-shape baseline. Most of the layering occurs around the crown and apex of the head to create volume and movement with very little effort. Shags are awesome! They will suit so many face shapes and can be altered in a number of ways. In any case, it’s good to consider how you wear your hair on a day-to-day basis.

This is a great cut full of style potential. However, the layering and texture can sometimes make braids, up-dos, and “conservative” styles more difficult though not impossible. Keeping in mind the length of your current hair and how much length you are willing to lose to the layering process will play a major role in the outcome of your desired look.

#17: Slight V-Cut For Shoulder-Length Hair

The goal was to create lots of movement in the hair with texture. I used a razor to achieve this with lots of details. In this picture, she tilted her head to the right for me to capture some of the layers better. The perimeter is a slight V-shape cut.

Heavily Layered V-Shaped Hair

#18: Heavily Layered V-Shaped Hair

This look was inspired by the greats of our industry, Chris Baran & Sam Villa. I aspired to have their precise melting technique and eye when it came to the “V” shaped layered cut. It propels your hair away from your face creating a fantastic and easy, loose curl effect if styled with a wand or 11/4 inch curling iron. It’s important to mention that the point or the longest perimeter will tend to lack density by the second to the third appointment. Especially, if we want to leave the perimeter and just take up the movement (layers) on top.

Second, the density within the top of the head can become bulky and unmanageable with textured hair. For my textured hair clients, I like to leave the length longer throughout to prevent a Christmas tree look with a tail. For fine hair clients, the shorter the layers, the thinner the hair appears. Most of the time, this wouldn’t be the ideal design for fine hair, but it can be customized for every head.

#19: Classic V-Cut For Straight Hair

This look is a very classic and clean V-cut. The best part about this haircut is its versatility! This haircut is amazing because you can wear it curly, wavy, sleek, and straight, or natural and it’ll still look good! Go for a nice V-shape haircut that would be easily maintained no matter how you decide to wear it!

I love this haircut best on longer hair, as it still gives it shape but doesn’t lose any length. It’s a great alternative to the woman who doesn’t necessarily want layers but needs a little something to give it life. Anyone can have this cut, though, if your hair is shorter and you love the V shape. Just know that it requires angles around your face, and if you have a longer face shape then you may want to consider that!

#20: Waist-Length Deep V-Cut

This is a sexy, sleek, rich style. The sexiness of the haircut comes from the V which makes the waist appear thinner, really exaggerating the hips. It’s an illusion of an hourglass figure with a haircut.  This haircut is definitely for women with longer hair who wish to keep their length yet add layering and plenty of face-framing. If women with shorter hair were trying to achieve this haircut, it would not look like a V but rather a U.

I advise clients with finer hair to refrain from this haircut due to the massive amount of seamless layering. Finer-haired women need the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Therefore, I recommend a cut leaning towards the blunt side.

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