Angled bobs with layers

23 Coolest Ways to Get an Angled Bob with Layers

#1: Lived-In Angled Bob

When it comes to on-trend crops, a lived-in angled bob is it. One of the best ways to keep this cut styled at home is with a dry texture spray. Be sure to grab a can of this “miracle mist” if you want to recreate this look outside of the salon.

Jaw-Length Airy Bob Haircut with Stacked Layers

#2: Jaw-Length Airy Bob Haircut with Stacked Layers

Check out a jaw-length airy bob haircut with stacked layers if you have thicker hair and are looking for a way to remove weight. Achieve an angled bob haircut with layers by keeping the shape at the back rounded, with longer layers towards the front. You can ask your stylist for as many layers as you desire at the crown of the head if you’re looking for more body up top.

Softly Rounded Angled Bob with Subtle Layers

#3: Softly Rounded Angled Bob

An angled bob will transform your hair into a healthy and thicker-looking shape. The key to the style is the graduated back and light layering that will give you a beautiful line. If you love the roundness of the cut, an important point would be to blow dry using a medium round brush. Then guide your ends under for a beautiful beveled edge.

Angled Bob with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

#4: Angled Bob with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Face-framing layers and bangs look super gorgeous and trendy with an angled bob hairstyle. These side-swept bangs serve a trendy, yet sophisticated, new hairstyle. A multi-layered bob haircut is great at adding texture to even the straightest head of hair. Use clay or pomade to individually piece out some of the layers for a texture that stands out and spray a tousle spray to finish.

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#5: Textured Lob Hairstyle with Choppy Ends

To revamp your current style, try a textured lob hairstyle with choppy ends. If you color your hair, consider a darker root color and a fun brighter color on the mids and ends. Color placement can create so much visual movement, even more so when you throw some loose curls in the mix. Choppy layered bob styles will forever be trending and stylish. Here’s your sign to book your next hair appointment!

Wavy Angled Bob with Layers

#6: Wavy Angled Bob with Layers

A wavy angled bob with layers offers tons of movement, texture, and body. A short and sassy bob is such a manageable, effortless layered hairstyle to pull off. There are many ways to customize this haircut, but a layered haircut is best if you’re searching for a hairstyle like angled bobs with varying lengths and textures.

#7: Layered A-line Bob with Thick Curls

Wear a layered a-line bob with thick curls to enhance that bounce-looking shape. Thick curls on a stacked layered bob hairstyle feature a sexy, alluring appearance at first glance. It’s ideal for women with naturally thick or textured hair.

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Long Angled Bob for Older Ladies

#8: Long Angled Bob for Older Ladies

Consider a long angled bob for older ladies. Stacked layered angled bob cuts are wonderful for women that want to look young and beautiful. They offer a bulkier, fuller appearance in the back for women who may have thinner hair. Curl a few pieces to add extra shape and movement.

#9: Stacked A-line Haircut with Soft Waves

A stacked a-line haircut with soft waves enhances both texture and movement in the hair. It goes well with both straight and wavy styles, making it a versatile angled hairstyle. Angled haircuts when parted further to one side provide a style packed with volume. To recreate this style, curl the hair and make it a little messy by breaking up the curls with your fingers once they’ve cooled down.

#10: Long Bob with Soft Layers for Straight Hair

When looking for a long bob with soft layers for straight hair, consider where you’d like your length to sit. This is a classic shoulder-length angled bob with layers that when paired with naturally straight hair offers a beautiful, smooth, and elegant appearance. Add a shine spray or light hair serum so your hair shines every time light touches it.

#11: Textured Bob with Subtle Layers

A textured bob with subtle layers is a universal haircut and will never be out of style. A slanted bob with layers can be worn straight, wavy, or curly on fine, medium, or thick textured hair. When styling, use a curling iron on the mid-section of your hair while leaving the ends out of the curling iron to create that tousled style. Finish with a texture spray and hairspray, voila!

Blonde Balayage on an Angled Lob Cut

#12: Blonde Balayage on an Angled Lob Cut

A blonde balayage on an angled lob cut will create volumes of dimension and movement in your hair. Ask your stylist for a mix of hand-painted highlights and a few lowlights. The darker/lighter the highlights/lowlights, the more contrasted your hair color will be. An angled long bob with layers is alluring and a great medium-length hairstyle to try.

#13: Stacked Bob with Vivid Autumn Colors

Rock a stacked bob with vivid autumn colors if you love warm colors and have a fun, bold personality. An angled inverted layered bob creates fullness at the crown and nape of the head. With a longer angle, your haircut can transform from just slightly dynamic to fully dramatic. Play around with different lengths and colors to see how bold you truly are.

#14: Angled Copper Bob with Swoopy Layers

An angled copper bob with swoopy layers is a lovely idea for your next hair transformation. A long layered bob with a fringe will allow your hair more movement and this shade of copper is a perfect introductory color for someone trying to experiment with hair color. You can recreate these messy curls by curling small sections of your hair and running your fingers through them after the curls have set and cooled. Finish off your style with a texture spray and you’re ready for the day.

#15: Blue Graduated Bob with Crown Layers

A royal ocean blue graduated bob with crown layers is exactly what you need if you’re looking for something that screams “WOW” and isn’t afraid to play with hair color. Short layered bob hairstyles work extremely well on fine-textured hair and are wonderful at adding body to your hair. Layers on short hair can help soften the shape and remove weight, giving more movement to your haircut.

#16: Angled Bob with Long Layers

If you’ve been thinking about making a big chop to your hair, an angled bob with long layers is a great option to consider. A short angled bob with layers is a flattering, versatile haircut that can suit any woman no matter her age or style. Having a longer length in the front keeps you from feeling like your hair is too short and the shorter length in the back helps work miracles for women who may have finer hair as it creates an effect that makes the hair appear fuller and thicker.

#17: Choppy Layers and Long Bangs for Bobbed Hair

Choppy layers and long bangs add texture to bobbed hair. Long bangs can appear stylish on almost any haircut, but on an angled bob with choppy layers, it creates a short and sassy style. You can wear an angled bob cut smooth and sleek or messy and wavy – the choice is yours!

#18: Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs and Purple Underlights

An angled bob with wispy bangs and purple underlights is a fun and creative way to add in some pops of color. Underlights are a new way to describe peekaboos underneath the hair for those searching for ways to add in small amounts of color, no matter how bold or subtle. Wispy bangs add a softness to your hair at first glance, while an angled bob with layers for thin hair adds fullness and volume.

#19: Angled Haircut with Beachy Waves

Try an angled haircut with beachy waves if you’re looking to add charm and movement to your bob hairstyle. A long angled bob with layers is extremely versatile for most hair types and face shapes. Blended layering can be achieved by over-directing the hair when cutting with shears, creating a natural, lived-in shape with loads of texture.

#20: Voluminous Waves on a Layered Bob Cut

Try voluminous waves on a layered bob cut if you’re looking for a fun way to add texture to your tresses. A medium angled bob with layers pumps up the volume of your locks and is a great balance of both texture and style. You can recreate these waves on thicker hair by using a volumizing mousse and a texture spray.

Chin-Length Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

#21: Chin-Length Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

A chin-length inverted bob with side bangs can be worn smooth or with texture. An angled bob with side bangs and layers will look stunning on women who have finer, thinner hair looking to add volume to their hair. Try using a round brush to curl the hair under when blow-drying for that smooth finish without all the work.

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#22: Wavy Angled Cut with Caramel Highlights

Consider a wavy angled cut with caramel highlights if you’re looking to spice up your hair with some color and looking for a versatile haircut. A medium-length angled bob with layers keeps fullness at the base of your hair while the ends of your hair add more shape and texture. Recreate these tousled curls by using a curling iron and alternating sections both away from your face and towards your face. Finish with a tousle spray and watch those caramel highlights shine in those voluminous waves.

Soft Blonde Bob with Feathered Layers

#23: Soft Blonde Bob with Feathered Layers

A soft blonde bob with feathered layers is exactly what you need if you love having movement and dimension in your blonde locks. A feathered bob consists of medium to longer layers. These layers are great for volume and creating shape and movement to your hair. An angled layered bob for fine hair always looks jaw-dropping.

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