Choppy pixie cuts for women over 60

25 Amazing Choppy Pixie Cuts Women Over 60 Can Totally Rock

As women age, finding the perfect haircut becomes a priority. One popular choice for women over 60 is the choppy pixie cut, a stylish and low-maintenance option that can bring a fresh and youthful look. To gain more insights into this hairstyle and its suitability for different hair textures, thicknesses, and face shapes, we interviewed Spencer McBride, a renowned stylist with expertise in choppy pixie cuts for women over 60.

Meet The Expert

Spencer McBride
Spencer is a licensed cosmetologist with over 9 years of experience
You can find Spencer at her own studio in Houston, TX

Choosing the Right Pixie Cut

When it comes to fine or thin hair, McBride suggests opting for a choppy pixie cut that maintains a bit of length on top compared to the sides. This creates the illusion of fuller hair. However, it’s important to note that this style may require some styling in the morning, so it may not be the best choice for those seeking a low-maintenance haircut. On the other hand, individuals with thicker hair should ensure their stylist specializes in their hair density to avoid a bulky and unflattering look.

Additionally, McBride highlights that women with naturally wavy hair can greatly benefit from a pixie cut. The pliability of wavy hair makes it easier to style and manage in this cut.

Considering Face Shapes

McBride encourages women over 60 not to be afraid of choosing a choppy pixie cut based on their face shape. He advises against talking yourself out of a desired cut due to concerns about suitability. If there is a specific inspiration photo that you continually refer back to, take the leap and discuss it with your stylist. They can offer professional advice tailored to your face shape and personal style.

Styling Tips and Tricks

To ensure your choppy pixie cut looks its best, McBride suggests considering your maintenance level and lifestyle when consulting with your stylist. Longer pixie cuts may require some styling, while shorter ones tend to be more wash-and-go friendly.

According to McBride, a fantastic texture product is essential for anyone going shorter. Finding the right one may involve a bit of trial and error. There are various options available, such as aerosol sprays, clays, and lotions. Here are a few of McBride’s recommended products:

With these styling tips and recommended products, you can enhance the texture and manageability of your choppy pixie cut, regardless of your hair type or lifestyle.

Pictures of Youthful Choppy Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60

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