Gorgeous long box braids

27 Best Long Box Braids Hairstyles for 2023

#1: Small Long Box Braids

A detailed pattern such as these small box braids on long hair deserves a long canvas, don’t you think? Feel free to style these box braids in a low ponytail with beads and cuffs to create a boho look.

#2: Long Fulani Box Braids

Long fulani box braids are one of this year’s trendiest braid styles. To avoid dyeing your hair, ask your braider to tuck your natural hair. This will make the color more prominent. With fulani tribal style braids, the individual locks let you wear your hair in a variety of styles. Try buns, ponytails, or letting it all hang long.

#3: Trendsetting Large Box Braids

To get some trendsetting large box braids, you’ll need hair accessories. One of the best ways to sharpen the standard box braid style is to wear them in jet black. The black seems to give a more sleek look. To help create a trend, get creative with hair jewelry and string on your braids.

#4: Goddess-Like Box Braids

#5: Long Braids with a Subtle Side Part

If you’re wearing individuals, long braids with a subtle side part is a timeless style. Mirrored to fall as if it was your natural hair, you must wear the part where your natural part falls. In case you didn’t know, you can simply comb your hair straight back and allow it to fall to see just where the part is.

#6: Extra Long Box Braids

Extra long box braids are one of the simplest and most versatile styles. Plus, they are for women who need to have the least amount of upkeep required. Did you know that this can be installed using the crochet method? It saves time in the chair, but the disadvantage of crochet is the limited mobility of the style.

Long Knotless Box Braids

#7: Long Knotless Braids

Long knotless braids are a protective style that can last up to 8 weeks before needing re-touched. If you’re not sure what size and length are best, ask your braider to test the strength of your natural hair. I advise ladies who are considering knotless braids to avoid them if their hair is weak.

#8: Stunning Long Box Braided Hair

Surprisingly, long box braided hair is a vacation style suitable for all hair types. It’s one of the best protective styles because of its minimal tension. If you can, add some hair jewelry and string for some extra jazz.

#9: Amazing Waste-Length Braids

Wearing waist-length braids is always a safe choice when deciding how to wear your braids. If your hair is in the midst of a growth journey, I suggest box braids. They last for months, have so much styling versatility, and are a great protective choice.

Long Burgundy Box Braids in a High Pony

#10: Long Burgundy Braids in a High Pony

Think about getting long burgundy braids, worn down or in a high pony. Knotless braids, an updated version of box braids, are high in demand. Because they’re lightweight and versatile, women can obtain these types of braids and continue to get different styles at home or at the salon for a few months! This is an excellent choice for low-maintenance styling with endless styling options.

#11: Long Box Braids with Blonde Ends

Long box braids with blonde ends are an easy go-to protective style. Because of its versatility to be worn in multiple styles, I would choose this look for a long-term braid style. Keep in mind that the universal rule is to have your hair tucked in box braids. This is key to longevity and protection.

#12: Long Light Brown Gypsy Braids

Think about getting long light brown gypsy braids as another close option to knotless goddess braids. Because these are traditional box braids, you can usually wear your hair for a longer duration. Keep in mind, that the curls are best with human hair as this will help with longevity.

Chunky Long Box Braids

#13: Chunky Long Box Braids

Looking like lady Rihanna! You better work, work, work those chunky long box braids in, honey!

Long box braids with blue and pink hues

#14: Long Box Braids with Blue and Pink Hues

Long box braids with blue and pink hues are perfect for an adventurous protective hairstyle. Experiment with colors you always wanted to try without the commitment while you enjoy the versatility of long box braids.

#15: Brown Ombre Box Braids

Brown ombré box braids will get you that color you want without the commitment. Long box braids and the transition it gets from adding brown ombré adds flair to the overall look.

Boxy micro braids for african american women

#16: Boxy Micro Braids for African American Women

Try boxy micro braids for Africa American women to sport a trendy take on protective hairstyles. Micro braids require time to install and remove. These braids are best suited for women with medium to thick hair to preserve the follicles of the hair.

#17: Long Box Braids with Curly Ends

After going for a tidied-up long box braid, add some pizzazz at the end by leaving the curls all loose and fabulous.

#18: Long Box Braids with Shaved Sides

Perk up your look with these box braids for long hair! Leave it to a braided bun updo on top of the head. Add hair tattoos to make you shine.

#19: Long Blonde Box Braids

Take those dark roots and twist them into long golden blonde box braids. Add beads and strings for the ultimate boho look.

#20: Long Bob with Box Braids

A long box braided bob with golden cuffs and string? If you’re a girl with a round face shape, make sure to keep the length a few inches beyond the shoulder area for an elongating effect.

#21: Long Big Box Braids

The angels must be smiling upon you because of that heavenly box braiding hair idea! A thick long hairstyle with box braids would look nice with some hair gems at the front for a face-framing effect.

#22: Long Jumbo Box Braids

To add to the party, utilize some extensions, beads, or strings for the ultimate long box braids hairstyle. Short braids are fun, but wait ’til you rock longer hairstyles.

Long Medium Box Braids

#23: Long Medium Box Braids

To achieve these long box braids with long hair, you can pancake your chunky braids. Flatten them out to make them wider, thus a little bit bigger.

#24: Long Crochet Box Braids

The fellas would want to get in line with those gorgeous long box braid locks of yours! A little box braiding goes a long way for you when you combine box braids and curly crochet braids.

#25: Long Triangle Box Braids

Get creative with some tri-pointed waist-grazing box braids on your locks! The more patterns, the better, right?

This look is what professional braider Yaki of Windsor Mill, MD would call the triangle part box braids. They are waist-length and range in pricing from $160 to $200 depending on size and length.

Yaki points out, “The best thing about these long box braids is it doesn’t take long to do like most of the styles like regular box braids and cornrows.”

These braids look amazing on all hair types, from 1 to 4c hair. The braid style eliminates having to wake up every morning and having to struggle with the hassle of getting your hair ready for the day.

Yaki adds, “This style can last for up to 2 months depending on your routine of maintaining the style, meaning wrapping your hair at night with a scarf can definitely help keep it looking fresh.”

#26: Long Box Braids with Beads

This hairstyle features three-stranded long box braids that start from being thick to having small fine strands at the ends to bring out that gorgeous shape. It’s created by a hairdresser from Johannesburg, Jenny Mpanzu.

“The best thing about box braids is the way the shape of the boxes turn out to look and the fact that the braids are flexible right from day one and, with an additional touch of beads on the braids, look so goddess! I also love the joy it brings to women. It’s always a good thing to see them walk out with smiles on their faces,” Mpanzu explains.

When it comes to a long box braid hairstyle, Mpanzu thinks that one should always consider their hair type first. As soon as you know your hair type, then you can take the next step.

Mpanzu goes on, “An example for black girls with natural hair – heat does not work with natural hair, as we all know, therefore they need to consider to use heat-protector on their hair before hair drying. In this way, the heat doesn’t damage the hair.”

Mpanzu emphasizes that styling is one important part. “Styles like up-ties (ponytails), lazy buns, or just simple buns are must-do stylings. They save you so much time.”

Long Box Braids on Red Hair

#27: Long Box Braids on Red Hair

These red long box braids are what known as a protective style. It can be done on any hair type. Dressed down or dressed up, it’s suited for all occasions. It’s the perfect vacation hair.

“My favorite thing about this long hairstyle is its flexibility in styling and its longevity. It also promotes hair growth,” says braider Natalia Moses of Trinidad and Tobago.

Moses’ advice to ladies is when styling long box braid hairstyles, refrain from pulling on your edges or hairline too tightly as this can cause hair loss. If you have a very active lifestyle, Moses also suggests getting them lightweight, as it can be heavy depending on how it’s done.

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