Long hairstyles for women over 40

27 Most Flattering Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40

#1: Long Layered Brunette Hair

Long layered hair is ideal for women over 40 with thick hair because it’s easier to maintain and it adds immediate depth and style. It’s an easy-going hairstyle that’s also easy to manage.

#2: Side-Parted Hair with Subtle Layers

Side-parted hair with subtle layers is a glamorous, feminine, and timeless look. Paring it will a soft money piece is such a trendy style at the moment. Having the longest hair in a crowd will give you the feeling of lush, and all the confidence in the world.

#3: Side-Swept Hair with Layers

Side-swept hair with layers gives you so much height and volume framing your face. Ladies over 40 still deserve to feel sexy and beautiful, and adding big soft curls will give you all the confidence you need.

#4: Long Messy Hairstyle

A long messy hairstyle with a funky pair of glasses is a fun, cute long hairstyle for women over 40 wanting a youthful feel. Balayage coiffure gives your long hair the brightness it was lacking, leaving you with beautiful ribbons of dimension to show off.

#5: Blowout Style on a Layered Cut with Bangs

A blowout style on a layered cut with bangs is luxurious, giving you a polished finish to your rich auburn hair. A woman in her forties will love to add height and volume to her hair, that’s why a blowout is a go-to style.

Long Soft Shag for Women with Long Faces Over Forty

#6: Long Soft Shag for Women with Long Faces

A long soft shag for women with long faces helps bring out their soft natural features. Ladies in their forties are usually looking for an effortless, trendy-style shag cut. Adding beach waves when styling will do that for you.

Longer Shaggy Haircut with Face-Framing Bangs for forty year old ladies

#7: Shaggy Haircut with Face-Framing Bangs

A shaggy haircut with face-framing bangs is a unique style that is flawless for most face shapes. Styling this edgy hair with a crop top and oversized jacket is a style that always turns heads.

Long Loose Waves for Thin Hair for forty year old women

#8: Long Loose Waves for Thin Hair

Long loose waves for thin hair give an elegant finish to a beautiful honey balayage. Adding ribbons of dimension to your long luscious tresses will give you a divine and timeless look.

High Ponytail for Very Long Hair for women forty and up

#9: High Ponytail for Very Long Hair

A high ponytail for very long hair is a cute, youthful style that a lot of ladies go to when busy. Long hair gives you so much styling options and makes it easy to keep up with the fashion trend, whether it’s braided, waved, or crimped – you will always have eyes on you.

Long Haircut with Face-Framing Layers for women past 40

#10: Long Haircut with Face-Framing Layers

A long haircut with face-framing layers removes the bulk that was camouflaging your beauty. Long haircuts for women over 40 can be super easy and comfortable to style, and having layers makes it so much more manageable.

Natural Long Grey Hair for Women with Fine Hair Over 40

#11: Natural Grey Hair for Women with Fine Hair

Natural grey hair for women with fine hair is a style that will make your hair feel and look so healthy and alive. Long hairstyles for fine hair on women over 40 will give you a youthful charm by adding soft, voluminous curls to finish off the style.

Long Soft Waves with Razored Layers for women past forty

#12: Soft Waves with Razored Layers

Soft waves with razored layers give a timeless finish to your already beautiful seamless balayage. Less is more when it comes to hair, especially for 40-year-old women. Having a low-maintenance, easy-to-manage hairstyle will keep you wanting to style your hair rather than making it a chore.

#13: Long Feathered Layers for Thick Hair

Long feathered layers for thick hair is a look that is timeless. You will always be up to date since this look will never go out of style. Longer hair is so luxurious, and having voluminous layers will leave your hair feeling and looking spot on.

#14: Shagged Curly Hair with a Fringe

Shagged curly hair with a fringe will let you steal the spotlight with your big bouncy voluminous curls. Enhancing your natural texture will leave your hair feeling healthy and fresh all day long.

#15: Long-Length Cut with Soft Layers

A long-length cut with soft layers will give you a sexy seamless finish to your style. Short layers help by adding so much height to the crown area. This effortless style can go to work all day in a low bun giving you a sophisticated style, then rocking your beautiful locks in the evening for a night out.

Side-Swept Bangs on Long Hair for Fat Faces in Their Forties

#16: Side-Swept Bangs on Long Hair for Fat Faces

Side-swept bangs on long hair for fat faces put the spot like on your beautiful sparkling eyes. Long cuts are so much fun to style, adding layers and a fringe will give you a dramatic finish to your already beautiful style.

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#17: Long Layers and Full Bangs

Long layers and full bangs are chic, classic styles for women with glasses. Long hairstyles with bangs for women over 40 give you a very professional look without working too hard.

#18: Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonde wavy hair is such a glamorous look to wear, as it will give you barbie doll vibes and will guarantee get you many compliments. Styling options are endless, especially on a long hairstyle. Use a wand to add voluminous texture, and finish with a shine spray that will leave your blonde locks looking amazing.

Tousled Long Wavy Shag with Short Bangs for women aged 40

#19: Tousled Long Wavy Shag with Short Bangs

A tousled long wavy shag with short bangs is a fun, comfortable style to wear all day long. Long hairstyles for ladies in their 40s can be so low-maintenance, yet so trendy by adding a seamless balayage for extra dimension.

#20: Long Choppy Shag with Curtain Bangs

A long choppy shag with curtain bangs gives off a rock and roll edgy look. Having hair long with bangs for women over 40 will take your simple style to another level, especially when adding textured soft waves to complete the look.

#21: Middle Part Silver Hair

Middle-part silver hair with a beautiful bold money piece will give you the youthful glow you needed. Long haircuts can easily be spruced up by adding curtain bangs and seamless face layers.

Long Layered Cut for Straight Hair for 40-year-olds

#22: Layered Cut for Straight Hair

A layered cut for straight hair will take your basic cut to another level. Removing bulk will give your look a light, airy feel. A long straight hairdo can look extremely plain and simple, but adding those face-framing layers will give you the glamour finish you were lacking.

Long Dimensional Wavy Hair for 40-year-old women

#23: Long Dimensional Wavy Hair

Long dimensional wavy hair will give you the bright glow you were looking for. Luscious locks with ribbons of blonde will take your styling to another level of beauty.

Long Textured Shaggy Hair with Beach Waves for forty-year-olds

#24: Textured Shaggy Hair with Beach Waves

Textured shaggy hair with beach waves is a lived-in, very trendy style. Layering gives a long style hairdo the texture and movement it needs, also making your day to night styling super simple.

Very Long Waves on Round Faces for 40-year-old ladies

#25: Very Long Waves on Round Faces

Very long waves on round faces will elongate your face shape, framing it beautifully with bouncy waves. Longer dark hair with volume compliments round face shapes so flawlessly, leaving you feeling so fresh.

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#26: Long Hair for Women with Glasses

Long hair for women with glasses complements each other very well. When adding curls, it takes your style from simple to stunning. Long-length hairstyles for women over 40 are great when you want more choices for styling and color preferences.

#27: Long-Length Hair for Square Faces

Long-length hair for square faces will show off your natural beauty, especially when adding loose curls. Forty-year-olds still have the desire to look and feel fabulous, having longer hair will give you that feeling no matter your age.

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