Choppy layered bob for thick hair

28 Choppy Layered Bobs for Thick Hair to Be Less Poofy

#1: Dark Blonde Blunt Bob

The dark blonde blunt bob would be an amazing hairstyle if your hair has a straight to slightly wavy natural texture and any density. However, if your hair is very thick, try to avoid layers. In fact, you might need to have your bob slightly longer. If you want extra texture, one of the best and easy ways to achieve this is by using a curling tong like Babyliss or GHD.

#2: Full-Looking Chocolate Layered Bob

This is one of the best styles to create full-looking hair. And, it’s better to go with a rich all-over color like chocolate. Paired with a layered bob, it gives the silhouette body and movement. And it works well in the style.

#3: Beautifully Angled Choppy Bob

If you want to bring movement to your hair but don’t want to add layers, ask your stylist for a soft textured bob. If you decide you do want layers, ask for long layers as these will be subtle and easier to style. This haircut looks great styled straight or with beach waves. Finish with a sea salt spray to enhance the texture.

#4: Cool Smokey Blonde Bob

A cool blonde bob is a perfect mix of chic and effortless. Textured layers on a traditional bob shape help to achieve this messy look. The best way for you to get this style is with a wax or texture spray after you dry your hair. Take a pea-sized amount of wax in your hands, and rub it into a warm lotion. Then, starting in the back of your head, apply the wax all over your hair. Starting in the back helps to eliminate the front of your hair from looking greasy. With a texture spray, same concept, but spray all over. Then use your hand to distribute through your hair. Finish your style with some hairspray for hold.

Choppy Layered Cute Bob with Balayage and Thinner Ends for Thick Hair

#5: Cute Bob with Balayage and Thinner Ends

Looking for a low-maintenance yet professional option for your hair? A cute bob can be elevated with a balayage to create dimensional, lived-in color. It can wear great on fine to coarse hair, by layering or debulking to create thinner ends. Helpful ways to transition this to home is by seeking advice from your stylist or a salon professional opinion on styling and maintaining your hair.

Chocolate Choppy Bob with Layers for Thick Hair

#6: Chocolate Choppy Bob with Layers

A choppy bob with layers is the best fit for the thick to medium densities that want to see more movement in the silhouette. It’s also a great choice for solid colors like chocolate or auburn to help dance with the layers. If you need to find a stylist that will deliver on this haircut, it helps to search through hashtags. My advice is to use keywords that will narrow it down and include your city or state to really customize your findings.

#7: Neck-Length Razored Bob

Try a neck-length razored bob for soft volume all around. Perfect for any hair texture, especially if you have thick hair, a razor cut allows layers to look blended yet choppy.

#8: Textured Layers on a Lob

To avoid an overdone style, try textured layers on a lob. Choppy texture adds a modern perfectly undone messy style. Low-maintenance styles are best achieved on layered cuts.

Choppy Bob with Blunt Ends and Layers for Thick Hair

#9: Choppy Bob with Blunt Ends

Bring your length up to a choppy bob with blunt ends. One of the best styles for the corporate world is a bob. It’s clean, stylish, and professional. Be prepared to blow dry your hair with a medium to round brush for straightness and shine. Try curling your bob with a wand or curling iron for versatility.

Golden Blonde Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

#10: Golden Blonde Choppy Bob

A golden blonde choppy bob is the perfect cut for if you want to embrace your thick hair. Don’t be afraid to utilize your own fullness. A choppy bob is sassy and fun and can be easily styled with or without hot tools.

Deep Side Part on Messy Bobbed Thick Hair

#11: Deep Side Part on Messy Bobbed Hair

A deep side part on messy bobbed hair helps maintain volume. Choppy bob hairstyles on thicker hair textures need a lot of wispy short layers to create that modern undone messy bob style.

#12: Tousled Choppy Bob with Bangs

Thick hair is best styled as a layered hairstyle. A tousled choppy bob with a fringe removes weight from the hair which adds more volume. Keep your hair looking light and healthy with a long choppy bob with a fringe.

#13: Choppy Bob with Short Bangs and Layers

The choppy bob with short bangs and layers is edgy and dramatic. Short bangs on a straight bob add an extra stylish flair to any choppy style.

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Choppy Angled Bob Cut for Ladies with Thick Hair

#14: Choppy Angled Bob Cut

Mix up your style with a choppy angled bob cut. A textured bob with bangs gives flattering face-framing for rounder face shapes. The angle in a choppy inverted bob is also flattering for round face shapes because of how it hugs the face and compliments those features.

#15: Long Choppy Concave Bob

Blonde highlights stand out on long choppy concave bobs. The dimensional layering in a choppy bob haircut places highlights and base colors together in a flattering bold way.

#16: Textured Bob Style with Shorter Layers

Women over 60 should avoid tired grown-out short haircuts and instead get a textured bob style with shorter layers. Short layers provide an easy modern undone messy style.

#17: Dimensional Layered Bob

Textured short hairstyles like a dimensional layered bob are great for thick hair. Light feathery layers provide volume to every haircut.

Wavy Choppy Layers on Chin-Length Hair

#18: Wavy Choppy Layers on Chin-Length Hair

Low-maintenance styled wavy choppy layers on chin-length hair are easily done with the right haircut. A razored layered hairstyle is optimal for the chin-length bob. Lots of choppy short layers create the movement needed to style short lengths in that messy undone style.

#20: Wavy Layered Bob with Choppy Bangs

A great hairstyle for women over 50 is a wavy layered bob with choppy bangs. Feathery pieces framing your face in a choppy bob with layers provide flattering movement and volume.

#21: Side-Parted Bob Hairstyle with Soft Waves

A side-parted hairstyle with soft waves provides ease of styling. Side parts that can flip to either side allow short choppy hairstyles on thick hair to have a lot of big volume. Wavy texture breaks up the layering and lets the texture stand out.

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#22: Choppy Stacked Bob with Layers

A dramatic choppy stacked bob with layers is a graduated bob with shorter layers and sharper angles. This layered haircut is disconnected for a modern fashionable twist on a classic style.

Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Layers for Women with Thick Hair

#23: Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Layers

Choppy lobs with face-framing layers can still have a strong perimeter which can be best for finer hair. Having an invisible layered style gives you that same textured style without making the ends look too thin and wispy. Shoulder-length bob hairstyles can be customized for any hair type and texture.

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#24: Short Choppy Shag with Subtle Layers

A middle-parted short choppy shag with subtle layers is great for all hair types. In a short choppy layered bob for thick hair, however, layers are very important to ensure the style is light and maintains volume.

Straight Choppy Bob with Slight Graduation for Thick Hair

#25: Straight Choppy Bob with Slight Graduation

For finer hair try a straight choppy bob with slight graduation. Fine straight hair doesn’t require quite as much layering to maintain volume. Some choppy layered bobs, however, are best for thicker hair that can hold more external layering because they can maintain a strong perimeter.

Shaggy Bob with a Face Frame for a Thick Hair

#26: Shaggy Bob with a Face Frame

Textured wavy hair looks fabulous cut into a shaggy bob with a face frame. Chin-length hairstyles need a lot of movement to avoid a flat dull unflattering shape within your choppy layered bob for thick hair.

#27: Razor Cut Bob with Choppy Ends

Balayaged dimensional hair looks great with a razor cut bob with choppy ends. The blended layering and face-framing make styling with loose waves effortless.

#28: Neck-Length Shattered Bob Haircut

A neck-length shattered bob is a choppy cut with a lot of layering. The carefully done messy look is made possible by keeping the perimeter of the cut feathered. Style a wavy choppy bob by adding texture with a heat tool.

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