Long hair with bangs for women over 50

28 Women Over 50 Prove You Can Still Rock Long Hair with Bangs At This Age

As women age, they may consider changing their hairstyles to suit their evolving preferences and needs. Long hair with bangs can be a flattering and versatile choice for women over 50. To get valuable insights and expert advice, we sat down with Mitch Kadlec, a renowned hairstylist with extensive experience in styling long hair with bangs for mature women.

Meet The Expert

Mitch Kadlec
Mitch is a haircut specialist with over 19 years of experience.
You can find him at Nancy Angelair Hair Salon in Chicago, IL.

Bangs for Different Hair Types

For those with thicker hair, Mitch recommends opting for a curtain bang or blunt bangs, keeping it simple and not adding too much texture. If you prefer a layered side-swept bang, a straight shear can help remove some weight.

For fine hair, the bottleneck bang is a favorite style. Start with a shorter center bang and angle it out to frame the cheekbones. Styling should include products like volume mousse and a round brush.

If you have natural or wavy hair, embrace your natural texture and use a straight shear when styling. No matter your hair type, don’t be afraid to try various bang styles, whether a layered curtain bang or a full, heavy bang.

Choosing Bangs Based on Face Shape

Mitch emphasizes considering your face shape when choosing bang styles. For round faces, a side-swept bang that opens up the forehead is ideal. Adding an angled cut can create the illusion of a longer face. Alternatively, a micro bang can be a trendy choice.

Ladies with oval faces have the luxury of choosing any bang style, as it complements their perfect face shape. For square faces, a layered curtain bang can help soften the features and open up the face.

If you have a long face, avoid short bangs, as they can make your face appear even longer. Opt for something above the eyebrows and add face-framing layers for a flattering look.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Before getting your bangs, chat with your stylist to determine the best style for your hair texture and lifestyle. Mitch suggests drying your bangs first when styling, using your hands initially and then a round brush. Always direct the blow dryer airflow downward to achieve a smooth finish.

To extend the life of your bangs, use dry shampoo and invest in high-quality tools like a hairdryer and boar bristle brushes. And here’s a crucial tip: resist the urge to trim your own bangs; your stylist can do it for you for free.

Photos of the Prettiest Long Hair with Bangs for Women Over 50

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