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29 Cutest Wispy Bangs on Long Hair to Revamp Your Style

#1: See-Through Bangs for Long Thin Hair

See-through bangs for long, thin hair will add lightness and texture to your long locks! If you’re tired of your one-length hair then ask your stylist for some light bangs. Don’t forget the hairspray to lock your style in all day.

#2: Brunette Balayage on Long Hair

Consider adding a brunette balayage to your long hair if you’re looking to take your hair up a notch. Even the wispiest pieces of balayage can elevate your color. Pulling all your hair in front of your shoulders, then adding lighter pieces, allows you to see the lightness in the way you wear your hair. If you’re needing to wear your hair a different way, have your stylist add lightness for that style too.

Coppery Long Layers and See-Through Fringe

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#3: Coppery Long Layers and See-Through Fringe

This season’s most requested color is a coppery hue. If pairing it with a haircut, long layers and see-through fringe is a great style. A bit of a routine change is beneficial to make this color last longer with vibrancy and health. Pay attention to the dos and don’ts recommended like salon maintenance and home care.

#4: Long Blonde Balayage with See-Through Fringe

Consider a long blonde balayage with see-through bangs if you want some texture and dimension in your hair. The beautiful color combination really makes the hair stand out. Styling your hair with some texture products will really showcase your locks!

Wispy Bangs and Big Voluminous Waves on Long Hair

#5: Wispy Bangs and Big Voluminous Waves

Wispy bangs and big voluminous waves will make anyone turn their head to look! Women are loving wispy bangs for long blonde hair. Style your hair with waves and brush them out to show off that gorgeous volume.

Long Light Brown Octopus Cut with Wispy Bangs

#6: Long Light Brown Octopus Cut with Bangs

An octopus cut with bangs has a silhouette that is beneficial to wavy texture. Be aware of the type of density you have though, as the over-layering could make or break this style for you. Long light brown hair pairs beautifully with this haircut. It adds a subtle touch to the overall flirty style.

#7: Soft Full Bangs for Long Thick Hair

Try soft full bangs for long thick hair. It’s the perfect way to soften up your wispy bangs for a long hair style. Brow-length bangs on a long cut will emphasize your cheekbones and you will feel lifted!

#8: Thin Blunt Fringe on Highlighted Hair

A thin blunt fringe on highlighted hair will add some sass to your hair. Try a blunt cut on your longer hair. The cut with the color will make the dimension and texture pop!

Piece-y Wispy Bangs on Long Thin Hair

#9: Piece-y Bangs on Long Thin Hair

Try piece-y bangs on long thin hair if you’re longing for the appearance of fuller hair. Long brown hair with wispy bangs on a wispy cut is all you need! Brush out some waves for some added volume.

Waist-Length Hair with Blunt Wispy Bangs

#10: Waist-Length Hair with Blunt Bangs

Waist-length hair with blunt bangs can add some serious style to your locks. If you are low-maintenance but want some versatility then this cut is for you! Style your hair either up or down and you will feel like a rockstar.

#11: Soft Bangs on Wavy Brunette Hair

Try soft bangs on wavy brunette hair if you’re wanting to change your look. Sweep your bangs across your forehead and tie your hair in a ponytail tail for a simple but classy look! You will love the versatility.

#12: Long Textured Hair with Middle-Parted Bangs

Long textured hair with middle-parted bangs is a sassy look that you will love! Ask for long wispy bangs and extra volume at your next appointment. Finish your look with some waves and some texture spray to show off your volume.

#13: Straight Bangs for Long Straight Hair

Consider straight bangs for long straight hair if you want to lighten up your locks. Wispy bangs for long straight hair are a great way to add some volume if you prefer your hair smooth and sleek.

#14: Middle Part Bangs on Long Wavy Hair

Consider middle-part bangs on long wavy hair if you have finer hair and want to add volume. A wispy style on a long haircut can be flattering on any woman! Bangs can seriously change your look!

#15: Textured Wispy Bangs and Soft Waves

Consider textured wispy bangs and soft waves if you want to add volume and texture to your hair. Textured bangs can lighten up your hair, even on the longest hair! This versatile cut looks gorgeous styled up or down.

Airy Wispy Bangs and Long-Length Waves

#16: Airy Bangs and Long-Length Waves

Consider some airy bangs and long-length waves if you want that lived-in Hollywood look! Look as gorgeous as Hailey Baldwin and let that definition show. You will love styling your new look.

Soft Blown-Out Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

#17: Soft Blown-Out Hair with Wispy Bangs

Soft blown-out hair with wispy bangs is very sleek but voluminous! Long hairstyles with wispy bangs can add style to any wispy hairstyle. A light and airy haircut are all you need this season.

Straight Long Layered Hair with See-Through Wispy Bangs

#18: Straight Layered Hair with See-Through Bangs

Consider straight layered hair with see-through bangs if you want to change up your regular hair appointment. A center-parted hairstyle with soft layers framing your face will add some movement. Curl your layers and ends to give your hair some bounce!

Face-Framing Wispy Bangs on Long Copper Hair

#19: Face-Framing Bangs on Long Copper Hair

Face-framing bangs on long copper hair are the perfect color and cut combination. The layered bangs and long style really showcase this gorgeous copper color. Style with some waves to show off the dimension.

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#20: Very Light Bangs for Medium-to-Long Hair

Try very light bangs for medium-to-long hair if you want to spice up your look. Wispy haircuts and subtle bangs are favored among women! Styled either straight or with some waves, you will love your new look.

Long Blonde Hair with Wispy Curtain Bangs

#21: Blonde Hair with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Blonde hair with wispy curtain bangs is seriously trending right now. Wispy curtain bangs for long hair add volume and texture to your long hair. Your friends will be envious of your locks!

#22: Peek-A-Boo Bangs on a Layered Haircut

Try peek-a-boo bangs on a layered haircut if you’re bored with your hair. Wispy bangs for long layered hair are a simple way to add some style. Showcase the layers with some waves and a texture spray.

#23: Thin Bangs for Long Fine Hair

Thin bangs for long fine hair can add that volume and texture that you want! Bangs for fine hair will create fullness to your wispy hairstyle. You will be in love with a sleek but textured hairstyle.

#24: Rocker Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Bangs

Try a rocker shaggy mullet with choppy bangs if you’re craving some edge in your look. It’s all about baby bangs and messy waves! Add a shaved undercut underneath to complete the wispy, long cut.

Wispy Bangs and Wavy Long Layers

#25: Wispy Bangs and Wavy Long Layers

Consider wispy bangs and wavy long layers if you’re wanting to keep your locks long but want a more airy look! Long layered hair with wispy bangs is super chic and so easy to style. Finish your hair off with a texture finishing spray to add some texture.

#26: Wispy Fringe on a Long Curled Shag

Try a wispy fringe on a long curled shag to add some serious texture to your hair. Wispy bangs for long curly hair give that extra edge to your style.

#27: Long Straight Hair with Side Bangs

Consider long straight hair with side bangs if you’re wanting a sleek and classy look! Wispy side-swept bangs for long hair are perfect for the woman on the go. Finish your locks off with a shine serum for some added shine.

#28: Thin Arched Bangs and Long Beach Waves

Thin arched bangs and long beach waves are the perfect lived-in style that women love. Women over 60 love this long hairstyle because it’s so versatile. Throw some waves in and brush it for the perfect undone look!

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