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31 Edgy Short Haircuts for Women Wanting a Bold, New Style in 2023

#1: Brushed Up Pixie with a Shaved Design

Rock a brushed-up pixie with a shaved design if you’re looking for an edgier cut that is still easy to style. With a short pixie cut, you can wear your hair blow-dried up and back or down and towards your face.

#2: Amazing Mullet with an Undercut

An amazing mullet with an undercut is best for women who have thick hair and want to get rid of some unnecessary bulk. Or, it’s for ladies who wear glasses and like to keep their hair off their ears. A mullet hairstyle is fun and filled with texture and volume, which helps women who don’t like to spend a lot of time in the morning styling their hair. Avoid heavy gel products and stick to light aerosol styling products (like a texture spray and hair powder) to give your hair a messy edgy style.

#3: Disheveled Pixie Shag

Incorporating shag shapes into short hairstyles is so much fun. And a disheveled pixie shag is the perfect mix of both. Ask for lots of weight taken out when talking to your hairstylist. To ensure your pixie shag has lots of movement, I recommend a straight razor haircut. It will give you optimum flexibility and form.

#4: Jaw-Length Edgy Choppy Bob

A choppy bob that’s jaw-length is an edgy and artsy way to dress up a classic bob. Adding side bangs or a full fringe can complement this hairstyle as it evolves.

For style refreshes, Ouai Super dry shampoo will absorb oil while adding volume and body.

#5: Rainbow Mohawk for Women

A mohawk is a pastel rainbow hair color is an edgy cut and color combo that will express your personality.

The hues can go from vibrant to pastel and can last over the course of a month or in between salon visits when practicing ultimate care.
Avoid lather-producing shampoos and use cooler water when possible to retain color.

#6: Short Gothic Asymmetrical Cut

Short gothic asymmetrical cuts are extremely unique. Sharp lines and soft transitions create the edgiest shape. Try adding a dark fashion color to enhance the gothic appearance when opting for edgy and short haircuts.

#7: Edgy Hairstyle for Black Women

An edgy faded pixie is a cool yet clean-cut hairstyle for young professional black women with curly hair. For styling, try a defining, curl enhancing cream like Curly Magic Curl Stimulator.

#8: Short and Edgy Cut for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and you’re ready to make the big chop, try a short and sweet yet edgy pixie cut. This edgy haircut for short hair would be perfect for any curly girl ready to cut their styling routine time way down. This style can be air-dried or diffused with a curl-enhancing cream or sea salt spray.

Modern inverted bob with edgy colors

#9: Modern Inverted Bob with Edgy Colors

A modern inverted bob with edgy colors brings a dramatic style to the traditional bob cut. Long face-framing pieces and a fuller, more bodied shape at the back creates a gorgeous, more flattering look without the extra weight.

#10: Edgy Short Cut for a Thin Hair Type

An edgy short cut for a thin hair type creates added volume, texture, and dimension to thin hair. It is a cut that has the perfect balance between messy and sleek.

#11: Very Short Asymmetrical Bob

A very short asymmetrical bob creates volume, showcases edginess, and can be a great way to remove bulk for thicker-haired women. Adding an undercut and super short layers lightens up the hair and gives edgy short haircuts more of a feathery, piecey look.

#12: Short Spiky Hair

Short spiky hair is easy to maintain and accentuates a woman’s best facial features. A styling paste is the best product to have on hand when working with a short pixie. Fine hair or thick-haired women can both benefit from an edgy short haircut.

#13: Sassy Pixie with Edgy Feathered Bangs

A sassy pixie with edgy feathered bangs is a great short edgy haircut if you’re needing a 180-degree transformation. The trendiness of asymmetrical cuts can be a good choice for adding more movement to the hair and discovering new ways of styling it.

#14: Short Choppy Haircut

Try a choppy and edgy bob haircut for short hair if you are looking for a cool new hairdo. The choppiness is achieved by point cutting or razor cutting on long layers. If you are afraid to go chin-length, a short edgy cut can be done slightly longer as well. Curl with a curling iron to achieve that popular messy, lived-in finish.

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Short razored pixie with side burns

#15: Short Razored Pixie with Side Burns

Short razored pixies with sideburns are a great way to start a short pixie haircut journey or a great transitional cut when growing a shorter pixie back out. Make sure your stylist has a new and sharp razor to successfully achieve an edgy hairstyle for short hair.

#16: Edgy Piecey Bob Haircut

An edgy piecey bob is well-suited for women who prefer an undone and edgy style with tons of layers and movement. To create the perfect wavy hair, start with blowdried hair, add in some messy curls, finish it off with a texture spray, and fluff to the desired fullness.

Short blunt cut with blunt bangs

#17: Short Blunt Cut with Blunt Bangs

A short blunt cut with blunt bangs is the best choice for women who want to experience a completely different take on a bob. Sharp ninety-degree angles create the perfect crisp and sleek edgy short hairstyle. With blunt bangs, schedule bang trims every 3-4 weeks to maintain the style.

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#18: Cute Short Shaggy Pixie Cut

The cute short shaggy pixie cut is shaved on just one side of the head. It’s ideal for women who want to reduce the volume of hair while rocking a short edgy hairstyle.

#19: Undercut with Edgy Designs

The undercut with designs is perfect if you’re considering short edgy hair. The fade and the designs offer individuality to your whole look.

#20: Asymmetrical Pixie with Highlights

An asymmetrical pixie with highlights is the perfect choice for women over 40. The asymmetry in the front hangs over the face to soften your features. The highlights can help hide grey hair and root growth. It’s a super easy edgy short haircut to style, too.

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#21: Messy and Edgy Shag

Consider a messy, edgy shag if you would like to stand out from the crowd. A shag is one of those edgy short hairstyles that has lots of layers and longer lengths left at the bottom. Creating all those layers allows you to punk it up with some styling wax.

Funky bob with side bangs

#22: Funky Bob with Side Bangs

A funky bob with side bangs is not your average cut. Soft layers and texture add a messy vibe to a bob. Longer side-swept bangs give you a playful, short edgy hairstyle. Add vibrant color and some styling putty for the ultimate short haircut that’s edgy.

Edgy haircut with a side part

#23: Edgy Haircut with a Side Part

An edgy, texturized asymmetrical bob with a side part is an uneven cut, where one side is longer than the other. A textured bob is cut specifically to soften the bluntness of the bottom while allowing extra volume with added layers. Edgy short haircuts can be styled in multiple ways and can be customized to look beautiful on a variety of face shapes. For example, longer face-framing layers on short hair help narrow a wider face shape.

Two-Toned Pixie

#24: Two-Toned Pixie

A two-toned pixie is one of the more popular edgy short haircuts.

An edgy short style is achieved with clippers on the bottom leaving a strong weight line.

If you really want your pixie style to shine, make sure you choose a stylist who is experienced in this type of cut. It will need to be cut every 3 weeks, too.

Short hair with shaved sides

#25: Short Hair with Shaved Sides for Older Women

Short hair with shaved sides is a fun style. Short edgy haircuts can be worn tucked to show the bob with shaved undercut or straight down to hide it. Just make sure the top lengths are long enough to cover your buzz cut. The shaved sides will grow out fast, so they will need to be cut every 3 weeks. Add a little color on the long portions to really take it up a notch.

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#26: Uneven Pixie with an Undercut

If your looking for short haircuts that are edgy, an uneven pixie with an undercut is for you. The style is fabulous if you have lots of hair because the sides and back are shaved, ridding you of all that hair. It will work on fine hair, but make sure your stylist leaves enough hair up top. Having some length on top allows you to be creative with the styling.

Choppy short bowl cut

#27: Choppy Short Bowl Cut

A choppy short bowl cut has many layers with a subtle fringe. Short edgy hairstyles are very sophisticated and look best on oval and heart-shaped faces.

#28: Edgy Pixie Bob with One Shaved Side

An edgy pixie bob with one shaved side has a very bold statement and looks stunning on heart-shaped faces. A short edgy bob has a variety of layers to create volume and dimension and may look better on thick hair.

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#29: Short Punk Rock Shag Hairstyle

A short, punk rock, shaggy hairstyle is heavily layered, chiseled, choppy and very texturized. It’s the perfect edgy short haircut for fine hair, especially if you’re looking to channel your inner punk rocker!

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Short and edgy shag

#30: Short and Edgy Shag

Short and edgy haircuts shags can give sleek, straight hair tons of texture. Stylist Eryk Brian of California was even able to upgrade your short chop with a beautiful shade of blonde.

“Since an edgy, shaggy pixie has a strong shape, we did a full bleach and tone to reach its maximum blonde hair,” he notes. It’s always good to add a root shadow for depth and to soften the grow out of short hairstyles that are edgy.”

edgy long bob with pink highlights

#31: Edgy Long Bob with Pink Highlights

An edgy long bob with pink highlights is a great style when transitioning from red. The pink highlights work well with warm tones that can linger from the previous color. Keep in mind bright fashion colors fade quite easily, so always use cool water as well as a sulfate-free shampoo.

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