The best shaggy bob with bangs

31 Shaggy Bob with Bangs Haircut Ideas for The Modern, Retro Girl

#1: Short Choppy Shag Bob

A short choppy shag bob is an artsy, high fashion style that can work on most face shapes. The choppy layers give the illusion of volume and movement to otherwise thin, fine hair. Avoid heavy products to keep your hair light and voluminous. Be prepared to take a little extra time styling with a round brush and dryer. Finish with a texture cream or spray.

#2: Voluminous & Messy White Shaggy Bob

A voluminous and messy white shaggy bob is the perfect hairstyle for women with a finer hair texture. If you’ve got fine or thin hair, a shaggy bob will bring so much volume and texture to your life. In my experience, a texture spray or root-lifting powder would pair best with this haircut. Brush all your layers towards your face for a messy touch. Then spray with volumizing hairspray to finish.

#3: Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

The shaggy bob with bangs can be the perfect haircut for your thin hair because the short choppy layers create fullness and texture. If you need to add even more volume, a very helpful tool will be a thin curling tong. However, avoid using heat too often because it can lead to breakage.

Razor Cut Brunette Shaggy Bob with Fringe

#4: Razor Cut Brunette Shaggy Bob

A razor cut brunette shaggy bob is the perfect way to add plenty of beautiful texture to your hair. If you need to find a cut that is low-maintenance and edgy, look no further. Don’t forget to give it a little shake in the morning and a spritz of spray wax to intensify that texture.

Blonde One-Length Shaggy Bob with Bangs

#5: Blonde One-Length Shaggy Bob

The number one request in the salon lately, is one-length, shaggy bobs. This style is great for straight texture and fine to medium densities. Hues of blonde or rich brunette are popular, all-natural colors to help create a statement.

90s-Inspired Platinum Short Shaggy Bob with Fringe

#6: 90s-Inspired Platinum Short Shag

Look on trend with a 90s-inspired platinum shag. A short shag has choppy layers and different lengths that are perfect if you have fine hair. One of the best ways to style your hair with a shag is to use texturizing paste and hairspray and really mess it up. If you need help deciding if a 90s shag is for you, bring some pictures to show your stylist.

Shaggy Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs


#7: Shaggy Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

A shaggy blunt bob with wispy bangs is a must-try style for any age. Like all haircuts with fringe, be prepared to schedule a few bang trims between appointments.

Shaggy French Bob with Fringe

#8: Shaggy French Bob with Fringe

A shaggy french bob with a fringe suit square-shaped faces the best.

To achieve this wispy look, you should know that certain hair textures, such as fine hair, may require adding texturizing products to your styling routine.

Pink Shagged Out Bob with Fringe for Older Women

#9: Pink Shagged Out Bob for Older Women

One of the easiest ways for older women to update their look is with a pink shagged out bob. Don’t be afraid to go bright with your pink color! While this crop alone can freshen up your style, the addition of a fashion tone can take your crop to the next level.

#10: Blonde Balayage Shagged Bob with Curtain Bangs

A shagged bob with curtain bangs pairs well with a blonde balayage. It’s a trend that won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

The shag cut has come a long way over the years and adding a wispy fringe gives a cool-girl nod to the 70’s while also adding a nice frame to the face.

To style, use a curling iron or wand, curling away from the face. Always use a texture spray or pomade to show off the texture of the cut.

#11: Shaggy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Try a shaggy bob with side-swept bangs and get that stylish, versatile hair trend. Recreate the shag by parting the hair on one side, then style it with bigger waves. The idea is to give the hair a voluminous result. It’s sure to appear perfect on women with rounder faces.

Shaggy bob with fringe for curly hair

#12: Shaggy Bob with Fringe for Curly Hair

Shaggy bob with fringe for curly hair is a very trendy haircut. Shaggy bobs are often created using the razor-cut technique to add choppy and textured layers. Curly hair is best cut using one of the many “curly cut” techniques. This is done on dry, styled hair to allow even layering.

Blonde Shaggy Layered Bob with Bangs

#13: Blonde Shaggy Layered Bob with Bangs

A shaggy layered bob with bangs looks sassy! Such a haircut features jagged ends to create more texture and movement. That makes a shaggy bob chop suitable for fine or thin hair. Meanwhile, an added dimension is noticeable when paired with a bright blonde hue. The finish on shaggy hair looks soft and edgy.

Brown Shaggy Lob with Bangs

#14: Brown Shaggy Lob with Bangs

A brown shaggy lob with bangs is an ideal option for ladies with straight, flat hair. The haircut offers an edge that’s packed with lots of texture. It looks effortless when spritzed with a mist of sea salt spray.

#15: Shaggy Bob Cut with Bangs

A shaggy bob cut with bangs has more of a rebellious, edgy style. The recipe to get that feathered effect of layers is by cutting the strands with a razor. It’s perfect for thick hair as this technique can reduce weight and bulk.

#16: Shaggy Lob with Bangs

Shaggy lob with bangs together with voluminous hair and fringes from the 70s has peaked yet again. Shaggy lobs have conquered celebrities, influencers, and the like. Everyone’s swoon over by this cut for creating a stripped-down vibe without compromising its elegance.

Shaggy Bob with Baby Bangs

#17: Shaggy Bob with Baby Bangs

Rock a shaggy bob with baby bangs if you have thin, fine tresses. The shaggy haircut offers lots of movement to allow for more of a perky finish. Enhance the texture by curling the strands if needed. The shaggy bob with bangs hairstyle can soften square face shapes, for sure.

Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

#18: Shagged Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

Here’s a stunning shagged bob with bangs for fine hair! It’s a neck-grazing cut that keeps the fullness visible. Thanks to the beachy waves—they enhance the shag cut very well, creating movement and texture. The fringe makes a fresh and stylish addition to the style. Opt for an ombre or balayage to enhance the style even more.

#19: Shaggy Bob with Middle-Part Bangs

Pair a shaggy bob with middle-part bangs to get that flirty, sassy style. A great shag depends on the hair’s body and texture. If the tresses are missing these factors, feel free to curl the ends. Brush the strands out for effortless movement.

Mid Length Shag Bob Cut with Bangs

#20: Mid-Length Shag Bob Cut with Bangs

Flaunt a mid-length shag bob cut with bangs, especially if your hair needs texture. A shag has subtle layers, creating a soft and effortless texture. When choosing the best fringe to define cheekbones, opt for curtain bangs. They look soft and open up the face.

👉 Here are more images of mid-length shag haircuts

Shaggy Choppy Bob with Bangs

#21: Shaggy Choppy Bob with Bangs

A shaggy choppy bob with bangs  is achievable if the mane is straight and fine. Such a hair type is perfect and allows the bob cut to appear edgy. What’s best about this trend is it suits women of all ages. Both older and younger ladies can pull a shaggy bob cut off!

Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

#22: Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

A shaggy bob with curtain bangs is sure to add more texture to fine hair. Its length stops at the jaw area to complement an oval face shape. It’s easy to style and can make any woman look fresh every day!

#23: Shaggy Copper Bob with Bangs

Wear a shaggy copper bob with bangs when wanting a fresh cut without compromising your hair texture. The chop’s length grazes the shoulders for an added stylishness. It also features a fringe to flatter and frame a round face shape. Modern and chic—it’s a  hair trend that’s a must-try!

#24: Short Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Wavy Hair

A short shaggy bob with bangs can flatter diamond and heart face shapes. It frames the face and enhances facial features. This gem is easy to style as long as the hair has its natural wavy texture.

A trendy shag bob with bangs is a shorter modern shag or a shaggy bob. “It’s styled minimally just using hands and Hairstory hair balm,” says master stylist Kate Convery of Providence, RI.

“All women can wear some version of a shaggy bob shape,” notes Convery. “You would tailor the length and shape of the fringe according to where it’s most flattering for you. This cut is perfect for women looking for an effortless style.”

#25: Messy Short Bob with Bangs

Consider getting a messy bob with bangs if you’re looking for something cute and stylish. Its shaggy layers look great in a straight style, but it’s even better when wavy.

A shaggy bob with bangs cut is a very long pixie-esque. It was created by stylist Chloe Anan of Saint Augustine, FL. “Her bob with bangs was created wet with a razor, instead of the dry-cutting technique,” explains Anan.

A bob cut is well suited for heart-shaped faces, to accentuate the smaller features. The fringe creates a nice balance. Shaggy haircuts are suited for fine to medium density hair and can be worn on straight-haired women.

If your hair has a lot of slip to it, Anan says to start by using a salt spray on your roots. “Add a quick mist through the ends for a little grit. Follow it up with a light-hold, mousse-like Kerastase densifique for more staying power.”

#26: Textured Bob with Fringe

A textured bob with bangs suits fun and adventurous women. It’s a shag haircut, done by a razor cut to enhance the texture and movement. It’s perfect for making fine hair appear livelier than ever! When styling, hair balm does a great job.

A shaggy bob with bangs haircut is a short version of a razor shag. “It has heavy bangs, lots of texture, shorter crown layers, and lots of front face-framing fringe,” states salon owner and hairstylist Erin Black of Denver, CO.

Black believes a bob cut can be achieved on women with lots of hair to women with finer hair and everyone between. “For styling, sea salt sprays, curl serums, and texture sprays are going to be your go-to products. But that’s dependant on your hair texture and density,” she adds.

#27: 70’s Shag Bob with Bangs

“This 70’s shag bob with bangs was done with a razor cut shag/bob technique. This method gives lots of movement and texture,” explains hairstylist Rita Contreras of Houston, TX.

“If you’re is looking to get a shag or razored haircut just know they are customized to you,” notes Contreras. “Use Hairstory products on your shaggy bob with bangs cuts because they’re non-toxic and great for the environment.”

razored bob cut with fuller fangs

#28: Razored Bob with Fuller Bangs

Consider a razored bob with fuller bangs if you have medium texture hair. Razoring creates a more jagged, airy appearance at the ends. Full bangs that blend into light layers around the face create a lived-in feel to this style. Dry hair with fingers to avoid too much bend from a round brush and finish with Wind Blown spray by Redken.

#29: Shag Cut with Full Flipped Out Bangs

Try a shag cut with full flipped-out bangs for a retro hippie vibe. This cut is a Stevie Nicks flashback! Full face-framing layers and big waves compliment thick hair. Blow hair forward from the crown and use a small round brush or curling iron to flip bangs out away from the face.

#30: Fiery Red Shag with Fringe

A fiery red shag with fringe is a vibrant and edgy look for all ages. A short and choppy full bang is essential for this rock star haircut.

#31: Brunette Shaggy Lob

A brunette shaggy lob is a very sexy hairstyle. Blunt up the bottom and refresh your ends, add add a fair amount of layers for a tousled messy shape. This shape compliments all face shapes and is perfect for slightly wavy hair. Simply blow dry with your hands and finish with a Wax Blast from Redken for a beachy finish.

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