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32 Best Ways to Get Face-Framing Layers on Long Hair

#1: Long Layered Hair with Blonde Money Pieces

Long layered hair with blonde money pieces creates pops of color that add more dimension to your hair. Long shoulder-length layers accentuate the color and draw attention to the face.

#2: Black Undone Layers

Try undone layers if you love rocking black hair. When it comes to black hair, sometimes the layers of your long hair won’t stand out as much as you’d like them to when your hair color is as dark as the night sky. Undone layers will give your hair lots of shape, body, and texture and one of the easiest ways to create that texture and body is to have your stylist cut medium-length layers with a razor to get disheveled lengths to create that “undone” layered effect. A tousle texture spray will be your new best friend with having this haircut.

#3: Long Blonde Curled Layers and Long Bangs

A long-layered haircut adds instant shape to any style. Ask your stylist to add some face-framing layers for a flirty look. If you decide to add layers, be aware that they may require extra time for styling. However, this depends on your hair texture. Try using a medium-sized round brush, blowdrying away from your face.

#4: Ash Blonde Balayage Layers

Say goodbye to brassy with ash blonde balayage layers. Dyeing your hair with ashy tones will cool down your blonde and give your hair depth and softness. Long face-framing layers are flattering and work perfectly with straight hair.

Beautiful Long Face-Framing Layers with Frizzy Ends

#5: Beautiful Long Layers with Frizzy Ends

One of the most natural-looking hairstyles is beautiful long layers paired with frizzy ends. This perfectly imperfect look is accentuated by the expert hair color and in-salon crop. If you love this look, just remember to avoid over-frizzing your lengths so you can avoid extra split ends.

Lived-In Shorter Face-Framing Layers for Long Hair

#6: Lived-In Shorter Layers for Long Hair

Trade out your long hair’s boring locks for shorter, lived-in layers. If you like to wear your hair down, shorter layers on your long hair create more body, more movement, and prevent your hair from looking flat. Before you forget, ask your stylist to liven up your style with short layers.

#7: Caramel Highlights and Long Layers

Caramel highlights and long layers are a nice combination for women with long dark hair. Caramel highlights are a subtle but noticeable color, while long layers help frame the face and add excitement to long hair without losing length.

#8: Brunette Face-Framing Layered Hair

Choose face-framing layered brunette hair and you’ll look gorgeous. Face-framing layers are all the rage and add beauty and bounce to long hair. Ask your stylist to start at the chin and connect a steep blend to the length. A face frame can be blown backwards but also can be worn towards the face for versatility. This shape adds volume and width, so is a great choice for long face shapes.

#10: Face-Framing Layered Cut for Older Women

A face-framing layered cut for older women brightens up and adds life to the hairstyle. The face-framing layers for long hair with a side part are guaranteed to create a fun, flirty, and sophisticated finish.

#11: Blonde Layered Hair with Long Framing Layers

Blonde layered hair with long framing layers that add dimension can enhance your overall color. Face-framing layers for long straight hair are essential to add more texture and movement.

#12: Long Layered Waves with a Curtain Fringe

With thick heavy hair, long layered waves with a curtain fringe help lighten up the look. Soft texture enhances layering and adds volume to normally lacking thick hair. This style work like a dream if paired with the lusciousness of a brown hair color.

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#13: Subtle Layers with Long Curtain Bangs

Subtle layers with long curtain bangs help finer hair appear thicker while also adding movement. Lovely long layers with face-framing bangs create the illusion that there is more hair around the face and hairline than there actually are.

#14: One-Length Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Such simple one-length hair with face-framing layers can do a lot for your style. Longer hair around the face can often drag the shape down in an unflattering way that drowns out your facial features instead of otherwise enhancing it.

Face-Framing Layers for Long Wavy Hair

#15: Face-Framing Layers for Long Wavy Hair

A great way to make your natural texture more tamable is with face-framing layers for long wavy hair. Without layers, a wavy hair type takes on an unflattering sharp triangle shape. Long round layers are more flattering for these hair types.

Center-Parted Long Hair with Layers and Loose Waves

#16: Center-Parted Long Hair with Layers and Loose Waves

Center-parted long hair with layers and loose waves is a very trendy style. It’s definitely a great choice if you’re tired of a blunt cut. Middle parts keep your hairline thicker while layers and waves blend seamlessly to frame the face and add texture and body to tresses.

Face-Framing Pieces and Soft Waves for Long Tresses

#17: Face-Framing Pieces and Soft Waves for Long Tresses

Face-framing pieces and soft waves for long tresses adds movement to the style while maintaining length. Soft touchable waves are low-maintenance but help the layers stand out.

#18: Layered Hair with Face-Framing Bangs

Layered hair with face-framing bangs is a trendy, softer look consisting of shorter dramatic layers only around the face and a long curtain bang. These short face-framing layers for long hair allow for a much voluminous finish that looks natural on straight to wavy hair types. Such long layered hair with bangs also maintains your normal length in the rest of the haircut.

Face-Framing Middle Part Style with Wispy Layers for Long Hair

#19: Middle Part Style with Wispy Layers for Long Hair

Try a messy layered cut with middle part style with wispy layers for long hair. Feathered face-framing helps crate that purposefully undone look.

#20: Long Face-Framing Pieces for Straight Hair

Long face-framing pieces for straight hair add style and compliment your bone structure. Unlayered straight hair often pulls hair down creating a dull and flat effect.

Long Wavy Layers with Blonde Face-Framing Pieces

#21: Long Wavy Layers with Blonde Face-Framing Pieces

Long wavy layers with blonde face-framing pieces brighten up hair and skin. Light face-framing within the haircut creates a volume that compliments elongated faces by adding more to the shape instead of creating harsh boxy lines.

#22: Face-Framing Long Layered Haircut

A face-framing long layered haircut maintains length but is lighter around the face. Those feathered shorter layers are essential for that healthy bouncy hair style.

Face-Framing Long Choppy Layers with a Center Part

#23: Long Choppy Layers with a Center Part

A haircut that has long choppy layers with a center part is a must on super long hair. Choppy layers for long hair frame the face and add movement to the style. Center parts without blended layering are very harsh and can often hide your face.

Face-Framing Money Pieces for Middle-Parted Hair

#24: Money Pieces for Middle-Parted Hair

Money pieces for middle-parted hair keep brightness and focus on the face frame. Extra dimension and balayage guarantee a gorgeous grow-out and less time in the salon. Not to mention the money saved.

Tousled Layered Style with a Face Frame

#25: Tousled Layered Style with a Face Frame

Tousled layered style with a face frame gives a messy undone style on purpose. Haircuts for long hair need shorter internal layering for a lightweight textured look.

#26: Face-Framing Layers for Long, Thin Hair

Face-framing layers for long thin hair offer women a voluminous look with ease of styling. Light wispy layering lightens the hair as it removes extra bulk. Incorporate dramatic short layers for an extra bounce in your style.

Layered Face-Framing Highlights for Balayage Hair

#27: Face-Framing Highlights for Balayage Hair

Face-framing highlights for balayage hair add extra brightness while keeping that easy beautiful grow-out that balayage coloring provides. Add invisible long layers for thick hair to ensure your light bouncy style maintains its length.

Textured Layers with Middle-Parted Bangs

#28: Textured Layers with Middle-Parted Bangs

Textured layers with middle-parted bangs create a great haircut for women with round faces. Add wispy bangs to keep the cut open instead of choosing a style that adds harsh unflattering lines around the face. The fringe and face-framing layers for long hair and a round face are perfect to give prominence to cheekbones.

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Face-Framing and Swoopy Layers

#29: Face-Framing and Swoopy Layers

Face-framing and swoopy layers make a more dramatic version of long layered haircuts. Front layers are cut shorter around the face, grazing the chin, to create more movement and result in an effortless style.

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#30: Wavy Long Tresses with Face-Framing Pieces

Wavy long tresses with face-framing pieces are a great way to create ease of styling while maintaining length along the perimeter of the cut. Face-framing layers for very long hair show up best with a wavy texture.

Face-Framing Layers with Beach Waves

#31: Face-Framing Layers with Beach Waves

Face-framing layers with beach waves give soft and touchable texture to the hair. Adding volume and fullness to layered haircuts for long hair with texture is simple and stylish. It also can create more shine making your hair appear healthy and bouncy.

Face-Framing Feathered Layers for Long Hair

#32: Face-Framing Feathered Layers for Long Hair

Face-framing feathered layers for long hair is a layered style with a lot of movement. Keeping the hair light and soft is a perfect way to compliment a heart-shaped face rather than a long one-length that may close off the shape instead.

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