short bob with bangs for over 60

32 Easy and Stylish Short Bobs With Bangs for Women Over 60

#1: Cute Short Bob with Natural Hair Color

Rock your natural hair color with a cute short bob. When you get a great cut and style your hair appears sharp and healthy no matter what color it is. A bob is complimentary on most face shapes. The blow-dry is simple with a medium round brush and some volumizing lotion. Ask your stylist for a bob with minimal layers and a soft bang and you’ll feel bouncy and stylish.

#2: Short Blunt Bob with Fringe

Try a short bob with fringe if you want a modern and classy blunt look. Any face shape can rock a bob, so we know you will love this classic hairstyle.

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#3: Silver Wispy Bob with Wispy Fringe

For an older woman, consider a silver bob with a fringe. Wispy ends around your face will soften your appearance. And, it give your aging hair a more youthful look. A bob is very versatile and fits many hair types and textures and is easily maintained. If you’re in your 60s, a bob hairstyle will not disappoint.

#4: Rounded Bob Cut with Fringe

A rounded bob cut with fringe, also known as a french bob is a classic! You can’t go wrong with a fringed bob, it will always be in style. Depending on your face shape, your stylist may suggest shorter, longer, or side-swept bangs.

#5: Chin-Length Graduated Bob with Glasses

A chin-length graduated bob with glasses is sure to draw out your jawline. The length also balances the placement of your favorite eyewear to make your entire style pop. The graduated bob haircut is a simple but perfect fit for old ladies who want to feel perky and look stylish.

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#6: Textured Shaggy Bob with Piece-y Layers

Textured shaggy bob with piece-y layers creates a messy, lived-in finish. To recreate the style, use Redken’s Curvaceous Full Swirl with a curling wand and a texturizing Spray Like IGK’s Beach Club. Bob with bangs haircuts incorporates a youthful silhouette to the overall style.

#7: Tousled Layered Hairstyle on Women’s Short Silver Hair

Tousled layered hairstyle on women’s short silver hair is a fun way to embrace your natural hair texture while controlling the varying texture silver hair tends to sprout. Styling with a moisturizing product like cream layered with a gel or a hybrid of the two will keep your styling routine quick and easy while providing hydration and lasting hold. When hair is dry, use a 3/4 to 1-inch curling wand to create a tousled finish.

#9: Wavy Inverted Bob with a Side Fringe

A wavy inverted bob with a side fringe is a great way to get tons of volume on a flat, fine hair texture. As you age, hair tends to grow thinner and finer. Opting for a beautiful stacked inverted bob gives the much-needed depth and thickness to your tresses.

#10: Shaggy Salt-and-Pepper Bob with Bangs

Shaggy salt-and-pepper bob with bangs is a sassy cut that showcases the natural hues of your hair. Bob with bangs hairstyles cover wrinkles found in the forehead. It also tones down a large forehead.

#11: Short Pixie Bob with Feathered Bangs

A short pixie bob with feathered bangs creates volume toward the crown area. Feathering and thinning the hair when thick and coarse is essential to creating an effortless flow of movement.

#12: Short Bob with Swoopy Bangs for Women Aged 60

A short bob with swoopy bangs for women aged 60 is the perfect cut for a grandma trying to keep her length while wanting a mature hairstyle. Adding soft, shaggy layers creates a beautiful shape and helps the hair fall perfectly into place.

Chin-Length Blonde Bob for Older Women

#13: Chin-Length Blonde Bob for Older Women

A chin-length blonde bob for older women is a timeless and easy hairstyle to maintain that helps slim down the face. Adding in blonde highlights helps to blend in the gray hair and makes for an easy grow-out.

Feathered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for a woman in her sixties

#14: Feathered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider a feathered bob with side-swept bangs if you have thick, luscious hair to create an extra feminine touch. It’s best when styled with a large round brush or 2″ curling iron. Add a soothing gel to the hair while damp to help control the frizz and flyaways for that smooth finish when dry.

#15: Wash-and-Wear Textured Bob

Try a wash-and-wear textured bob for the minimum styling it offers. A long layered stacked bob looks great when cut correctly. It’s good air-dried or round brushed but can be taken to the next level when styled with a wand or curling iron for a little extra drama for a night out.

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#17: Very Short Bob for Straight Hair

The infamous Vidal Sassoon-inspired bob consists of a very short bob for straight hair. It’s a precision haircut that offers sharp angles to flatter the jawline, elongate the neck, and create a timeless feminine profile. It is a perfect option to accentuate petite features or for 60-year-old women with naturally thick, straight hair.

#18: Sassy A-Line Bob with Wispy Bangs

Try a sassy A-line bob with wispy bangs; it’s perfect for women over 60 with fine hair. Invest in hair products that add volume and bounce like a hair mousse for stunning results.

Youthful Pixie Bob with Bangs and Feathered Layers

#19: Youthful Pixie Bob with Bangs and Feathered Layers

A youthful and feathered pixie bob with bangs and glasses is a good option for senior women with fine hair. The length must be longer than the usual pixie haircut, so you can style it a little messy with added volume, definition, and bounce. This way, you’ll look 10 years younger instantly!

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#21: Low-Maintenance Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

A low-maintenance short choppy bob for fine hair is ideal for disguising the shape of your face. Add a fringe to get that youthful-looking glow, and to hide any forehead wrinkles or crows feet you want to disguise, too.

#22: Short to Medium Reverse Bob

A short to medium reverse short bob with bangs is beautifully angled to the front with a few layers, tapered back leading to a stacked cut with added texture. Another plus is that reverse bobs flatter all face shapes.

Wash and go blunt bob with choppy bangs for a lady over 60

#23: Wash-and-Go Blunt Bob with Choppy Bangs on Gray Hair

A wash-and-go blunt bob with choppy bangs has a short length and fits well with collars and coats. The bob with bangs cut needs periodic maintenance of 2 to 3 months maximum to maintain its length, unless you want to grow it out into a long bob. It sure looks effortless on older ladies with natural gray hair.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair with Soft Bangs

#24: Wavy Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair with Soft Bangs

A wavy bob for thin hair with soft bangs and a nice blonde hair color creates a modern look. Blunt bobs manage to suit a classic, cool, modern woman with a round face. It combines several styles creating a luxe finish.

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Curly Bob for White Hair

#25: Curly Bob and Bangs for White Hair

A curly bob for white hair is a good choice for creating texture. So, it’s worth investing in a more shredded cut and using curl definers like several leave-in products.

#26: Messy Stacked Bob with Short Bangs

A messy stacked bob with short bangs can elongate the face, disguising round-shaped faces. For a short bob hairstyle, the cut should be made at chin height or a little below. Then, create a partition on the side.

#27: Timeless Inverted Bob on Mature Ladies with Short Hair

The timeless bangs on a short bob that’s inverted gets romantic with the help of a fringe. The inverted bob cut is great for humid weather. It has a beautiful fit and is even more practical to put away when going out. With the added shorter layers that remove bulk, it benefits 60-year-old women with thick hair to create an illusion of lighter tresses.

#28: Ear-Length Layered Bob on a Copper Brown Hair Color

An ear-length layered bob is a versatile haircut for older women. A layered hairstyle manages to bring a more serious look to mature ladies when done straight or a more laid-back look with frayed ends.

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Jaw-Length French Bob for Older Women

#29: Jaw-Length French Bob for Older Women

A jaw-length French bob is an artistic approach to a unique look that’s classic in Europe and has been spread all over fashion globally. It’s for mature women with fine, wispy hair because the short layers can be pumped up with MoroccanOil Volumizing mist and enjoy 72 hours of volume! Short hair can be worn smoothly for casual days in the garden.

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#30: Edgy Shaggy Bob with Long Bangs

An edgy shaggy bob with long bangs is a wispy-torn look that’s achieved by your stylist cutting with a razor. Ask your stylist if it’s right for you. A shaggy bob with razored layers is best for you if you have fine hair. A texturizing paste by Moroccan Oil will bring out more details in your layered hair, so ask your stylist how to apply, and you’ll love the results.

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#31: Classy Asymmetrical Bob Hairdo

The classy asymmetrical bob hairdo for a 60-year-old woman gives a polished finish that is timeless and classic. Try using CHI Iron Guard 44 for heat protection that helps when you use your high heat flat iron.

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#32: Neck-Length Natural Bob for Black Women

Creating a neck-length natural bob for black women over 60 with kinky curls involves cutting on dry hair. It allows the curls to be cut in their natural state without stretching and pulling on them. Doing so allows for a better overall shape within your bob with bangs hairstyle.

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