Collar bone length hair

33 Best Examples of Collarbone-Length Hair for The Ultimate Length

#1: Effortless Dark Red Hair with Choppy Fringe

Effortless dark red hair with a choppy fringe will give you the confidence you didn’t know existed. The rich boldness of this deep red copper is a perfect choice when wanting to change your fashion style. One of the best ways is to add a unique pop of color that will brighten up your entire look leaving you feeling super sexy.

Collarbone-Length Razor Cut Shag with Fringe

#2: Razor Cut Shag with Fringe

Try a razor cut shag to add volume and texture to your hair. Add a fringe to the cut to create a well-rounded shag look that frames your face. Make sure to ask for lots of texture and layers throughout your hair to help give the right amount of volume. This haircut is best styled with loose waves. So, avoid wearing your hair straight, or you might not be able to see as much of the texture and movement.

#3: Beautiful Honeycomb Blonde Hair

Blondes can have a lot of fun with seasonal hues. A beautiful honeycomb blonde hair color, however, can be neutral and safe for the year around. The key to personalizing your hair is to play with the placement of the highlights. Remember, when it frames the face it draws attention to the center of the subject. Color can appear brighter if you’d like.

Collarbone-Length Hair with Dimensional Highlights

#4: Dimensional Highlights

If you’re seeking a low-maintenance color change, I strongly suggest dimensional highlights. For example, your visits will be refreshes of the color and trimming of the ends. And, that can be quarterly or bi-annually.

#5: Beautiful Blonde Hair with Curled Ends

The best way for you to get blonde hair is to find a stylist that will take the time to work with your hair needs. They can teach you how to manage your hair. And, how to create styles like curled ends. This will help you style your hair both in and out of the salon.

#6: Mid-Length Permed Hair

Permed hair is a perfect wash-and-go style. A mid-length haircut is a great length to really make your curls bounce up. Style your hair with curl-enhancing products to really show off your curls!

Thick Curly Mid-Length Hair

#7: Thick Curly Mid-Length Hair

Thick curly mid-length hair is a great length to maintain volume. Make sure the style doesn’t go too short above your shoulders. You want to be sure you still have enough length to maintain balance. My recommendation would be a dry curly haircut, specific to your texture and needs. As long as you use proper curl products and keep the length, adding layers is beneficial to your shape.

#8: Tousled Long Bob with a Middle Part

A lob paired with a middle part is a good choice for most face shapes. It’s also one of the best ways to style your hair and have it last multiple days. The tousled curls stay curled with minimal touch-ups. Not styling every day helps to avoid over-styling with heat, your blow dryer, or hot tools. Remember to use heat protection anytime you use heat on your hair, it will keep your style longer and your hair healthier.

#9: Medium Cut with Heavy Bangs

A medium-length cut with heavy bangs is a universally flattering haircut for women with thick hair. Collarbone-length thick hair can look a little heavy, so texture and styling products are key. Try a volumizing mousse to give your thick hair some lift.

#10: Lob Cut with Messy Waves

A lob cut with messy waves pairs perfectly with collarbone-length wavy hair. Spray with your favorite sea salt spray to help create beachy waves.

#11: Medium Shag with Choppy Layers and Bangs

A medium shag with choppy layers and bangs is a flirty yet edgy look. The face-framing layers are flattering for any face shape, too.

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#12: Collarbone-Length Blunt Bob

Blunt collarbone-length bobs are a sassy take on a bob haircut. A blunt cut on collarbone-length hair is also a beautiful solution for women that want the illusion of thicker hair. The blunt ends will make your hair look fuller than a bob with layers.

#13: Beachy Waves on a Mid-Length Haircut

Beachy waves on a mid-length haircut give a modern look to a classic cut. A quick way to get beach waves is to use a one-inch barrel curling iron on a medium heat setting. For extra texture, alternate the direction of each curl (one toward the face, one away from the face).

#14: Long A-line Bob Cut

Women wanting to try a new version of a mid-length haircut will love a long a-line bob cut. Collarbone-length straight hair is very low-maintenance when it comes to upkeep and styling. You’ll want to get a fresh trim once every two to three months.

#15: Medium-Length Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

A medium-length cut with side-swept bangs is a common haircut for middle-aged women because it’s flattering on many face shapes and gives style to the hair when worn straight. Medium-length cuts are easy hairstyles for medium hair. No matter how you like to style your hair, it will look good on this haircut.

Wispy Collarbone-Length Hair with Layers

#16: Wispy Collarbone-Length Hair with Layers

Wispy collar-bone length hair with layers will give your hair a soft look while providing lift and texture. Collarbone-length haircuts for fine hair can lay flat without the addition of layers. Ask your stylist if wispy layers are a good option for your hair type.

#17: Straight Long Bob with Short Bangs

Straight long bobs with short bangs are a great option for those who want to give their bob a bit of edge. Collarbone-length blonde hair can be high maintenance depending on the type of blonde you’re wanting. Your stylist can help you find a blonde that suits your budget and hair goals.

#18: Collarbone-Length Cut with a Side Part

A side part on a collarbone-length haircut can give your hair more volume than a middle part. If you have a medium-length haircut, try switching your part from side to side if you struggle with flat hair.

Wavy Medium Hair with Straight Bangs

#19: Wavy Medium Hair with Straight Bangs

Wavy medium hair with straight bangs is a style that any woman can pull off. Medium hairstyles are easy to maintain and style. The bangs however will need trimming every few weeks, but many stylists can do this during a quick walk-in appointment.

#20: Feathered Layers on Collarbone-Length Hair

Feathered layers on collarbone-length hair will give a soft, textured appearance to your medium-length hairstyle. For those with collarbone-length brown hair looking to give their mid-length haircut some more style, feathered layers are a fun and easy option.

Textured Collarbone-Length Hair

#21: Textured Collarbone-Length Hair

If you’re a woman looking for a new hairstyle, try a medium-length haircut with layers. The texture makes women’s medium haircuts low maintenance. Plus, it wears well straight or curly.

Medium Hair with Wispy Bangs

#22: Medium Hair with Wispy Bangs

If you have thin hair, try a shoulder-length hairstyle with wispy bangs. Wispy fringe look best on medium-length hair.

#23: Collarbone-Length Layered Hair

If you have thicker hair but you want to go shorter, try a collarbone-length hairstyle with layers. The layers add movement and help lighten the weight of the hair.

Loose Waves and Bangs on Mid-Length Hair

#24: Loose Waves and Bangs on Mid-Length Hair

A medium-length haircut looks best styled with bangs and loose waves. It’s a beautiful and easy style.

#25: Medium Haircut with Soft Waves

A medium-length haircut with soft waves is the ideal hairstyle for spring. Wavy collarbone-length hair is a light and youthful look, perfect for warmer weather.

#26: Middle-Parted Lob with Loose Curls

A lobbed ombré with a middle part pairs perfectly with teased, loose curls. It’s also flattering collarbone-length hair for a round face.

Mid-Length Shag with a Curtain Fringe

#27: Mid-Length Shag with a Curtain Fringe

If you’re looking for a new way to style your mid-length haircut, try a shag with fringed curtain bangs. Shags work best on collarbone-length hair with curtain bangs.

Collarbone-Length Curly Hair with Bangs

#28: Collarbone-Length Curly Hair with Bangs

A collarbone-length cut with bangs looks amazing on curly hair. The shorter length allows the hair to bounce and the bangs create shape and volume.

Tousled Collarbone-Length Shag

#29: Tousled Collarbone-Length Shag

The tousled collarbone-length shag is an edgy and youthful hairstyle. Pair with some shaggy layers and use the Wax Blast Texture Spray by Redken to add the perfect amount of body.

Medium-Length Hair with Long Layers

#30: Medium-Length Hair with Long Layers

If you’re wanting to go shorter but not too short, try a collarbone-length haircut with layers. Hitting right at the collarbone, it’s the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle for medium-length hair.

#31: Wavy Pink Long Bob

If you’re thinking of changing up your look this summer, try a wavy pink long bob. This cute medium cut is paired perfectly with a mid-length style.

Dimensional Mid-Length Hair with Money Pieces

#32: Dimensional Mid-Length Hair with Money Pieces

A dimensional balayage with a money piece looks best with a mid-length haircut. This is a low-maintenance style that looks fresh for months.

#33: Side-Swept Hair with Curls

A side-swept hairstyle with curls is the perfect way to swear medium-length hairstyles. Use the Masterpiece hairspray by Bedhead for some volume and hold.

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