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34 Best Long Layered Bob (Layered Lob) Hairstyles in 2023

#1: Smoking-Hot Angled Bob

This is a timeless cut when it comes to layered lob haircuts! Even if you have curly hair it will still look fabulous! If it’s cut the right way the long layers in the front fall right into place! It’s such a classic cut!

The best thing about this is that you can be super creative with the length and texture and make it look like a different look without having to really work at it! It’s such a versatile haircut! If you want to tuck it, you can. If you want to make it more tousled, go for it! If you want to have more of a sleek look, you got it! If you still want to feel like you still have long hair but you want to feel edgy and different, this long layered bob is a perfect look for you!

#2: Center-Parted Layered Lob

For one of the best warm balayage ideas, ask for a bronze blonde tone. If you’re wanting to soften your features, ask for high and thicker money pieces. If you want your client’s highlighted areas to pop, add a lowlight to give contrast. It will give a bronzy glow. Consider a warm lowlight and a cool lowlight to add dimension.

Wispy Choppy Lob with Layers

#3: Wispy Choppy Lob with Layers

A wispy choppy lob with layers is the best way to wear a layered bob. However, like with any shorter cut, there will be regular maintenance involved. This will help to keep your lengths looking fresh.

Blonde Layered Lob for Straight Hair

#4: Blonde Layered Lob for Straight Hair

The blonde layered lob is a great hairstyle for naturally straight hair. If your hair is quite flat, you may want a lot of layers throughout. However, do take your hairdresser’s professional opinion to get the right amount. Too much layering can make the ends look thin and wispy, while not enough layers can leave your hairstyle choppy.

#5: Layered Bob with Flowing Fringe

If you want to add volume and shape to your thick flat hair, it’s best for you to get inverted layers. The stack of your layers will push your hair up. This will open your hair, giving it a fuller appearance. The removal of the weight on the layers will give more volume to your crown area. Try to practice a good blowout to add more movement and smoothing to your hair.

Cute Lob with Choppy Layers

#6: Cute Lob with Choppy Layers

You’ll want to try a cute lob with choppy layers. Consider adding layers to your one-length lob and you’ll transform your style. Choppy layers soften blunt lines and give your hair more dimension. Using a 3/4 or 1-inch wand or iron will be helpful when adding waves to your style. Let your curls cool, then comb through for a messy shape.

Fun Side-Parted Tousled Lob with Layers

#7: Fun Side-Parted Tousled Lob

You’ll feel fantastic in a side-parted tousled lob. In my opinion, the number one style is a tousled lob. The medium length is long enough to pull up, but the style is more interesting than long hair. If you want to wear your hair tousled and you don’t have a natural wave, try curling with a 1-inch iron, leaving the ends out. You’ll look sexy with the long bang draping backward off your face.

#8: Dark Blonde Lob with Wispy Ends

A dark blonde lob with wispy ends will be the ideal hairstyle for you if your hair is fine to medium. Ask your colorist what is the best shampoo to use to achieve maximum longevity of the color. And one of the easiest ways to get those ends flicking in or out is to use a big round brush and dryer with a nozzle.

#9: Lived-In Lob with Layers and Balayage

Consider a lived-in lob with layers and balayage if you want natural-looking hair. Don’t be afraid to have your stylist add lots of texture and layers. It will only help with styling and will create that texture and volume that women love!

#10: Blonde Lob with Hidden Layers

If you’re looking for a new style, go for a blonde lob with hidden layers. If you don’t like the look of layers but still want body and movement, hidden layers are just what you need. A bob is one of the best low-maintenance haircuts and can be personalized to your specific hair needs.

#11: Adorable Bob with Bangs

The haircut is a softly angled long and layered bob with bangs. This layered lob cut is perfect for women with both medium and fine hair because it makes the hair look fuller, and it is suitable for both straight or wavy hair. Women with curly hair can also achieve this look if they are able to put a little more time into styling.

Effortless Lob with Internal Layers

#12: Effortless Lob with Internal Layers

The effortless lob with internal layers should be your haircut of choice if you have thick, straight hair and you want volume. The internal, or also called secret layers, are placed in between the crown and the occipital bone. The short hair from the internal layers is pushing your hair on top making it full and voluminous.

#13: Messy Layered Long Bob Haircut

A cute and simple long bob that has really much more to it – the textured layers at the back working together with this greyish color that looks so perfect on fair skin and blue eyes.

#14: Glam Brown Lob with Layers

The perfect chop for summer includes rich beautiful tones and a shiny finish! A super glamorous way to make the layered lob work uniquely for you. For more gorgeous ideas like this, see these trending long bob haircuts.

Cute Wavy Lob with Long Layers

#15: Cute Wavy Lob with Long Layers

A cute wavy lob with long layers is a deceptively easy way to achieve a modern style. A long bob with long layers has a strong perimeter line. The layers are blended seamlessly, eliminating any signs of choppiness. Show a photo reference of a long layered bob cut to your stylist on your next salon visit.

Gorgeously Layered Lob With Blonde Highlights

#16: Gorgeously Layered Lob With Blonde Highlights

A gorgeously layered lob with blonde highlights is all the rage now. A layered lob haircut is a messy, sexy, and undone style that is chic and modern. It is a new take on a long layered bob haircut. To help you decide if this shag haircut is for you, at your next appointment, try adding face-framing layers and curtain bangs to test out the style before fully committing to it.

choppy layered lob hairstyle

#17: Remarkable Choppy Layered Lob

A gorgeous face-framing long layered bob with short layers works well for women with more of an oval face shape. It’s a very flattering shape. Add in some nice ashy blonde highlights and dark roots like these for a fresh look.

Like this length of cut? 👉 See these short layered bobs

#18: Layered and Textured for Older Women

Choose a haircut that is layered and textured for older women. This cut helps keep an updated style while adding tons of interest and movement to the hair. Ask your stylist for lots of texture at your next appointment!

#19: The Long Bob for Women Over 60 With Thick Hair

The long bob for women over 60 with thick hair is complimentary to reduce the weight in the hair. It’s a no-brainer choice for your next haircut. Layers add lightness and bounce to the top of the hair, making it easy to maintain.
Consider this for your next salon appointment!

Trendy Lob for Ladies Over 50

#20: Trendy Lob for Ladies Over 50

See what’s in store with a trendy lob for ladies over 50. Are you looking for an updated, modern haircut? The lob promises to deliver with a perfect length, cut to graze the collar with long, blended layers, making it ever-so-simple to emerge with flair!

#21: Spectacular Platinum Inverted Lob

Try this super cool platinum layered long inverted bob if you’re wanting a unique and fresh look! The sharp and neat longer layers work wonderfully with this edgy color that looks ideal on light to medium skin with cool undertones.

Flawless Stacked Lob for Fine Hair

#22: Flawless Stacked Lob for Fine Hair

This cute layered bob haircut with layers looks unique because of its subtle angle. This long bob style needs a little upkeep to maintain its neatness but will surely be worth it.

perfect layered lob for thick hair

#23: Perfect Layered Lob For Thick Hair

Choppy layers and wavy ends add a lot of style to this bob haircut, while the layers and highlights give texture to the look. All you ladies need to do is tousle your hair, and you’re ready to go!

Dazzling Textured Layered Bob

#25: Dazzling Textured Layered Bob

Keep them wondering how you do it with a dazzling textured layered bob. The long bob haircut with layers is also called a shaggy bob. It is versatile to style, whether straight, wavy or with curls. You’ll feel like you’re cheating at getting ready every day.

#26: Edgy Shaggy Lob with Bangs

An edgy shaggy lob with bangs brings texture and lots of movement to your haircut. If you’re considering adding a full fringe, test out the waters with longer curtain bangs first to see how it looks on you. A lived-in long layered bob with bangs is easy to style and maintain. It suits oval and round-faced shapes quite well.

#27: Beautiful Layered Lob For Thin Hair

All eyes on you with a beautifully layered lob for thin hair! A layered mid-length lob will provide a brilliant, versatile length, able to be worn down or pulled into an easy pony. Among all the lob cuts with layers, talk to your stylist about the one that will best suit you!

#28: Perfect Long Layered Bob for Round Faces

Check out the perfect long layered bob for round faces. When seeking out a lob that flatters round faces, think about one that has layers that blend invisibly into the length, keeping them breezy. The strong perimeter line creates contrast and hits halfway between the jaw and collar lines, not committing too much to boldness.

#29: Graduated Layered Bob With Deep Side Part

Consider a graduated layered bob with a deep side part when thinking about bob hairstyles. The layered long bob cut adds height to the top of the hair while boosting volume in the back. It is a classic choice among long graduated bob hairstyles.

Coolest Long Bob With Side Bangs

#30: Coolest Long Bob With Side Bangs

The coolest long bob with side bangs has lots of movement and softness. A messy lob with layers gives volume to the hair, adding lift and fullness. A side-swept fringe stays out of the eyes and is long enough to be pinned or braided back when needed. Consider going for a long bob haircut that cuts down on styling and maintenance time and makes everything from blow-drying to curling easy and quick.

#31: Stylish Layered Asymmetrical Long Bob

A stylish layered asymmetrical long bob will give your next hairstyle some sultry vibes. It hugs the jawline on the thinner side, curving longer around the nape to produce more length on the heavier side. Nothing is more alluring than an asymmetrical layered bob!

#32: Loveliest Lob with Bangs

Opt for the loveliest lob with bangs for your next long layered bob haircut. Your stylist will know just how much to thin out the long layers to create texture and movement without disrupting the overall shape. Ask for a lob hairstyle with layers on your next salon visit.

Stunning Layered Curly Bob

#33: Stunning Layered Curly Bob

Step out with a boost of volume from a stunning layered curly bob! Cut in a classic layered bob shape, the hair touches the collar when dry and can be personalized with bangs to continue the texture onto the forehead. A-line lobs are a perfect consideration for your curls!

A-Line Lob with Layers and Balayage

#34: A-Line Lob Balayage with Subtle Layers

This is a textured and elongated A-line lob with a dimensional balayage, created by stylist Saryna Solano of Nipomo, CA. Adding color to your bob hairstyles will definitely give it that extra eye-catching detail.

Solano notes, “What I love most about this layered bob is the versatility that the cut and color give her. It can be worn straight or with any type of curl to give such an effortless look!”

This cut is perfect for women looking for a longer approach to the traditional bob. As far as the color, balayage is a great low-maintenance choice for someone looking for some lightness throughout the hair without seeing the regrowth that highlights create.

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