Cutest braids for short hair

34 Cutest Braids for Short Hair

#1: Braids for Short Hair on Black Girls

These box braids for a little black girl with short hair set new meaning to the term “simple.” Styled with cute beaded hair accessories, these weaves make kids always ready for portrait photographs.

Messy Blonde Boho Braid for Short Hair

#2: Messy Blonde Boho Braid

A messy blonde boho braid is a great look for a bride or bridesmaid. Braids are a nice way to pull your hair half back. Leave a few pieces down in the front in case you want to have some face-framing pieces to soften the look around your face.

#3: Bohemian Braid

This bohemian braid is a sassy and refreshing take on the classic braided half up, half down hairstyle.

Boho braid ideas for short hair are super versatile. These can work for almost any hair length, but such braid types are not suitable for very thin hair. Try adding some texturizing to your braid to get more fluff.

#4: Braids for Thin Short Hair

One of the rules to become the queen mother of boho-chic fashion is pulling up a hairstyle that will attract so much attention like these edgy dutch braids for thin short hair. With few hair accessories, your blonde balayage and ombre hair will surely outperform other ladies’ hairstyles even if you have a fine, thin kind of hair.

#5: Cute Dutch Braids

Are you screaming for a lovely half-do braided hairstyle for a big wedding day? These one-sided cute dutch braids for short hair are going to make a scene, and everyone will like it! Match it on hair that is colored with ultra light ash blonde balayage and add beach waves on the tips. Even if in a boho-themed event, you will be a trendsetter on purpose.

#6: Tribal Box Braids For Black Girls

With these neat tribal box braids for short hair, you will stand out amongst all the black ladies who got a bob haircut like yours. You will also love these box-braids-slash-faux-locs as a protective style for your hair.

#7: Braids for Short Black Hair

Who can resist this kind of braids for short black hair? Every single braid is neatly weaved and twisted that can slay by black girls and ladies with no sweat.

#8: For Short Hair African American

The idea of a bob hairstyle to upgrade it with tight little braids is clever. This is such a glamorous transformation for short-haired African-American girls. The golden highlights are the added wow factor to the style.

#9: Unique Braids

What’s funkier than pin-track braids for short-haired ladies? These unique braids will make you want to style your hair sided and edgy just to try this one.

Braids for Curly Short Hair

#10: Braids for Curly Short Hair

It is only reasonable that short undercut hair with natural curls also needs to get a braid treatment for something fun. This is one of the coolest braids for short curly hair that each powerful woman has to wear every once in a while.

#11: For Toddlers

One does not need to be a junior bridesmaid just to give this a shot. These braids for short thin hair on toddlers look so enticing, and these can achieve effortlessly for everyday appearance.

#12: With Beads

The braids with beads for short hair are giving off Queen Cleo vibes! The golden beadwork incorporated in the braids makes everything better, especially your bronzed chocolate skin.

Twist Braids for Short Natural Hair

#13: Twist Braids for Short Natural Hair

Twist braids for short natural hair are, no doubt, trendy. With the advent of a lot of techniques, extensions, and whatnot, natural hair is so precious nowadays more than ever. Take care of it with a protective style like this braid for shorter hair.

crown braid for short hair

#14: Crown Braid

This crown braid for short hair creates an elegant boho-chic style that women could wear any day of the week.

The dimension in highlighted hair enhanced the look of the braid, adding a textured effect. The loose curls tied the whole look together. This style would be great for an event or a night out like a prom, but would also be perfect for an everyday style.

To recreate this very minimalistic braided short hair, use a heat protectant along with a volumizer and finished off the look with a strong-hold hairspray. Do a good deal of ruching to the braid to give it more of a relaxed and textured style.

For the loose curls, take one-inch sections and curl them with a Babyliss curling wand. Let the curls completely cool before shaking them out.

#15: Mohawk Braid for Very Short Hair

This mohawk braid for very short hair creates an edgy and fun upstyle.

This style and crop are for fun and free-spirited women! I never know what I’m going to get when I show up at a bridal party. Her hair on top had some length, and she knew she wanted a braid of some sort. This pull-through braid is fantastic for longevity because I use elastics. I wanted her hair to last in the heat and for hours to come.

What made it even more fun was her hair color!

#16: Headband Braid

This headband braid is fun with a little splash of boho. It’s great for a wedding or party.

The best thing about these braids for short hairstyles is that you can dress it up or down. The fact that the fishtail braid adds so much texture and dimension to the style means you don’t have to worry about accessorizing.

Check your hair color and texture. Braids will always pop more on blonde hair than those on brunette hair.

#17: Dutch Braids

My favorite thing about this look is the texture added to the hair and the fun braid. It is a very versatile hairstyle that can be either dressed up or dressed down depending on what your life is calling for.

Make sure you have extra time to put into it as far as styling goes. Short hair is not always easier to maintain, especially depending on hair types, textures, and the density! The client in this specific photo has fine hair, but a lot of it!

We used a flat iron to make waves and curls throughout the whole head. You’ll also want to be sure to invest in the right hair care to maintain your hairstyle at home! We started with a heat protector from Redken called Hot Sets 22, used Wind Blown hairspray by Redken, Kenra’s texturizing spray, and the Puff Me texture powder to get the hold on the loose braid!

#18: Half-up French Braid

This look is effortless – whether you are going on date night or a bridesmaid, this is a perfect option. My favorite thing is how simple it was to achieve with loose beach waves and just two simple French braids crossed over. It’s an easy staple look that everyone can pull off!

This is a simple look that is amplified with texture sprays (my favorite being R+Co Balloon & Trophy) and dry shampoo (R+Co Death Valley).  It’s perfect for somewhat dirty hair that just needs some sass!

This short lob was perfectly textured, blonde, and pretty dense. If you’re looking for a sassy do and you have shorter, medium-density hair, this is the look for you. With above-shoulder-length hair, special occasion options are pretty slim, so this is the greatest option for someone who doesn’t want to commit to all updo!

#19: Braids for Short Hair with Bangs

Consider a very boho, chic, yet simple, updo! What to love about these easy braids for short hair is that they give off whimsical vibes. There’s softness in the hair, but it is also detailed and intricate. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s casual or more sophisticated, this look is perfect!

When considering this look, know your hair texture – whether it’s fine, medium, or coarse – to give you a great direction on what products to use. Another thing to consider is the face shape to flatter them in the best way possible!

For this alluring braided updo, apply Aveda products. Use dry shampoo to give the hair some grit and make it not so slippery, allowing the hair to have some texture and better hold.

Another product that’s a must is an Air Control hairspray. It’s a flexible and movable hold hairspray, letting you smooth the hair down but continue to easily mold it without becoming too hard or crunchy. If wanting to create this style on someone with finer-textured hair, use products that will give texture and volume. A light-weighted paste is also recommended to get a full and detailed braid.

braids for short haired little girls

#20: For Little Girls

This versatile braided style is a combination of Dutch lace braids (1st and 3rd rows), classic Dutch braids (center rows), and rope twists. These are ideal braids for a little girl with short hair or shoulder-length hair.

Different elastics can be added to coordinate with an outfit. But if a mature look is desired, these braids for a little girl with short hair could be combined into one half-up ponytail and put into a bun. This look is great for school, a sports event, or a dressier occasion!

Plan on at least 30-45 minutes of styling time as the braiding does take a little bit of time. After wetting the hair, use Herbal Essences Set Me Up Spray gel on the strands for braiding. It keeps the fly-aways down and smells great!

Lovely Crown Braids for Short Hair

#21: Lovely Crown Braids for Short Hair

Weave your hair up into this style that’s fit for royalty! It’s so simple yet elegant and is ideal for any formal or casual event.

#22: Double Dutch Braids

If you want your hair to look the prettiest in just under a few minutes, this cute hairstyle is the answer! Perfect for gym or jogging, this classic cute style will keep your hair out of your face while making you look adorable. Braid hairstyles for short hair might take some effort but are definitely worth it.

#23: Lovely Waterfall Braid

A totally easy and recreateable look – this interweaving waterfall braid pattern is possible on any hairstyle as long as there is some length to it. Perfect for a wedding event or a date night!

Box Braids for African Americans

#24: Box Braids for African Americans

Put an edge to the typical lengthy style and feel the advantages of having low upkeep hair with these sexy locks! You’ll surely be unique without putting much effort!

Short Braided Ponytail

#25: Short Braided Ponytail

I absolutely love a simple braided ponytail because it’s an everyday hairstyle. What I love most about it is that it looks great on adults and children. It is versatile, so you can wear it hanging down casually or dress it up by wrapping it in a bun and pinning a cute flower or some type of hair jewelry in it.

This braided ponytail is perfect for busy women who don’t have time to style their hair every day. It’s very low maintenance, just get up and go. If you have recently done a big chop on your hair this is a great protective style to kickstart the growing process. If you’re the outgoing type, add a pop of color to your braids to stand out from the crowd. Very minimal products are needed – maybe just a little oil sheen to give it that freshly done shine. Whether you work a 9-5 or you’re a stay-at-home mother this ponytail will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Such cute braided hairstyles for short hair can be low maintenance.

#26: Twist Braids for Natural Hair

This is a flat two-strand twist look with individual two-strand twists at the back.

The greatest thing about these crochet braids for short hair is these last for at least 2 weeks, and you can separate the twist in the back to create another style.

This is an easy to maintain style, only needing a hair bonnet to secure while sleeping. The only product needed is some oil sheer or spray to give it a shine and some moisture.

Sporty Pixie Braid

#27: Sporty Pixie Braid

I describe this style as a Pastel Unicorn 3D Braided Pixie. The coolest thing about it is how unique it looks and the combination of soft colors (Guy Tang #Mydentity Vibrant Pastels) with an edgy cut and style.

This fun look is ideal for pixie cuts with very short undercuts. It is perfect for Christmas Party Season and will make heads turn for sure! Here’s how to recreate this look:

1. On dry hair use a texture spray, then part in 3 vertical parallel sections (central bigger, sides smaller), isolating the central one with clips. Apply on the two remaining sections a light hold paste and create a small dutch braid, after securing with elastics, loosen the braids delicately, add texture spray if needed.

2. For the middle section create barrel curls with a curling iron using a heat protectant spray. Once the middle section is curled, use a light hold styling spray. Let it cool. Separate in two each curl and crisscross them to imitate a braid. Choose how high you want your braid considering it will elongate your morphology. While creating this fake braid use a light hold styling spray.

3. Hide the elastics of the two smaller braids under the central braid using bobby pins.

4. Finish the style with a maximal hold styling spray.

#28: Side French Braids for Short Hair

French braids for short hair are cute yet casual. The style can dress up a whole look. The cut is a short inverted bob, which is low-maintenance. If not opting for French plaits, it can be styled with a simple 3-strand braid then pull it apart to look a little messy and extra eye-catching.

#29: Easy Halo Braid

What I love most about the halo braid is the fact that it’s so versatile! The style can be worn with something modern or even something classy. You can wear it to a wedding or a simple day at the park!

Make sure to tell the stylist what kind of braid they like best. The great thing about a halo braid is that you can do your favorite braid and still have the halo effect! Instead of a 3 strand braid, they may like a fishtail going all around instead!

#30: Feed-In Braids for Black Hair

This style is called box braids in a bob cut. It is one of the popular protective styles for natural haired people.

What I like most about this style is that, it is a timeless style, never goes out of fashion. It caters for all looks, professional, casual look as well as smart. This style is also suitable for all age groups, and it frames the face beautifully. The braids come also in different colors giving everyone a wider selection.

If you don’t have time to deal with your natural hair, this protective style is a great solution. It doesn’t require much maintenance except regular normal conditioning of the hair by spraying a mixture of water and some leave-in conditioner. If you are going to keep the braids for longer than 2 weeks, you can wash the scalp by cleaning it with a cotton pad and a mixture of apple cider vinegar diluted in water.

Before braiding, it is important to take into account the condition of your hair first. If you have thinner hair, you shouldn’t wear braids that are too tight or too heavy. Alternatively, you could leave your baby hair on your hairline to protect edges, and brush the baby hair with hair gel for a clean look.

If someone is looking a simple and yet chic hairstyle, this is your go-to hairstyle as you don’t have to style it every day once you are wearing it!

#31: Ghana Braids for Black Women

This look is native to Africa. Its beauty depends greatly on the creativity and initiative of the braider/stylist. The best thing for me about this look is the fact that it requires minimal maintenance. It is my “easy-go-to” look because of my busy daily routine. Combing stress is out of my list. It helps me save more cost and manage my time yet gives me a neat, beautiful look

It’s a very fantastic idea as you can own this look wearing a wig. It saves you the number of hours spent creating the look, saves you cost, improves the life of the hair (zero disturbance and or stress on the scalp), and leaves you with a beautiful, younger face.

#32: Half Up Fishtail Braid

First of all, I want to say that I love braided styles so much. They are so diverse and for every client, there is one style, even if she is sporty, like this client, or elegant and romantic for a bridal style.

This is a “curly faux hawk”. This client is really sporty in her normal life, and normally she wears her hair straightened because it is the most uncomplicated style for her to do.

She wanted a special style for an occasion, that fits her personality but shows one of her other sides. It was an inspired look by Chloe Brown, who we both adore a lot for her hairstyles. She always gives great inspos about what you can do with short hair.

I tried to figure out how to braid her hair in a way that fits her profile, where she needs the volume of the curls, and how to make the style elegant for the wedding where she went but still look naughty and sporty to fit her personality.

She was my favorite braided style this year because the result fitted her so much and showed even herself how many faces she has and how different the looks are she could wear.

For me, the most important thing for braided styles is to note the volume and the form the complete style needs to fit you perfectly. You need a product to manage the hair, to eliminate frizziness but leave the hair manageable. It should be not too hard in its hold and gives lots of shine. My most liked product for that is Artego fingerprints. It is a smooth shiny hair wax, and even if you have braided the complete style you can change the volume of the braid. Also, the smell of the product is really lovely.

First of all, I did the braid and then I did the curls around. With the curls, you can play so much with volume and shape, and I love that. To fix the style I used Artego Hot Shot spray, as it gives perfect hold and does not dry out the hair so much. Even if you brush it out in the evening or next morning a little, it won’t get flaky.

#33: Cute Dutch Braid

Dutch braid makes a flirty casual look that even a beginner can do. It’s a quick simple style that goes with almost every occasion and every hairstyle. From long locks to pixie cuts, you can always add a fun braid to bring some personality to your hair.

A great product for this style is a good texture spray. This helps give some grip when doing the braid and finish off with a good hairspray to keep everything in place.

#34: Simple Side Braid

This is an edgy braided pixie cut. This side braid on short hair was done by a bridesmaid and I love that it’s not a traditional bridesmaid look. It’s different and unique!

This look could be achieved on any length of hair, however short hair gives it that flare. The braids are easy to do and could be done alternatively as twists or side cornrows for short hair! A thin straightener can give these loose waves in the hair and add volume. There isn’t much maintenance with this look since after it’s hairsprayed, it’ll stay all night!

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