Best A-line bob haircuts

34 Hottest A-Line Bob Haircuts You’ll Want to Try in 2023

#1: Bob Cut + Pixie Cut Combo for Ladies Over 60

The mini A-line bob cut + pixie cut combo for ladies over 60 consists of several layers which help create volume, body, and fullness. Along with precisely cut face-framing pieces, a bob haircut for women over 60 has endless possibilities and looks beautiful on all face shapes.

Salt and Pepper A-Line Bob Cut

#2: Salt and Pepper A-Line Cut

Growing out old hair color can be a challenge that might require a big haircut. Try a salt and pepper cut to rid yourself of old colors and gain a new chic hairstyle. If you need to, you can recreate this same A-line shape on a shorter cut to fit your specific needs. Did you know adding a bit of an undercut can help add lift and extra volume in crown?

edgy texture a-line bob

#3: Edgy Texture A-Line Bob

Check out the texture in this A-line bob hairstyle. It takes what would normally be considered a classic shape and reinvents it for a more modern, edgy look. This cut can be altered to various angles and lengths to make it suitable for any client, but it works especially well on a woman who has a lot of fine hair because you can add so many layers and tons of texture to it without losing the shape of the line.

strikingly layered a-line bob

#4: Strikingly Layered A-Line Bob

A-line bob hairstyles can look more dramatic on straight hair. This cool cut is best for faces needing some elongating effect like a short round face.

stylish short a-line bob

#5: Stylish Short A-line Bob

One idea for a short A-line bob is to paint it with a dark shade that really accentuates the layers. A regular visit to your stylist is much needed if you want to maintain this high upkeep yet super trendy and modern bob.

trendy a-line-bob hairstyle

#6: Trendiest A-Line Bob

This perfectly sleek, hand-painted A-line bob is one of the hottest looks of the year.

#7: The Dreamiest Lengthy A-Line Bob

The best thing about this long A-line bob is its sleekness and dark brown color. There is a lot to consider when deciding to go with this style – texture, thickness, and time willing to spend styling it. So don’t forget to ask your stylist about maintenance.

Naturally Curly A-Line Bob for Dark Skin

#8: Naturally Curly A-Line Bob for Dark Skin

This is the classic 2C to 3A. It defines the length of the hair. I used a mousse memorizer for curls, a cream activator, and gel for curly hair. After drying on the diffuser, I applied a light finishing oil to the hair.

Our client didn’t like colorful curls, so she always used natural threads. If you want a lightened hair, you have to consider the natural dryness of the curls, as they need more care. For brunettes, a golden color at the height of 9/03 would look good while darker and yellowish skin of a caramel tone would look very good in 7/703.

#9: Lived-In A-Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Madison Santero
Hairstylist @ Bluebird Salon in San Luis Obispo, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a natural, lived-in, balayaged lob. My favorite thing about it is the natural effortless look yet super stylish.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look

I recommend Dry Spun by Bumble and bumble to give the style a more textured and messy bob, along with some of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray to add some natural beachy waves and movement. Finish off with Bumble and bumble Brilliantine to smooth the ends and add some more texture.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This a-line bob is very versatile. Curly, straight and wavy textures can wear this look. It can remove bulk from heavy hair and make it appear lighter, or add fullness to finer hair. Ideally, hair with mild texture would be preferable to add volume and less maintenance.

This is a great hairstyle for a girl on the go! The haircut itself is already very stylish without having to style too much and this look goes hand in hand with messy curls.

#10: Futuristic A-Line Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Kate
Indie Hair Artist @ Confetti Studio in Milwaukee, WI

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I love all bobs! My favorite thing about this precision a-line bob with bangs is the crisp, dramatic angle. A lot of current bobs have a little less angle and are more shattered at the bottom. We drew our inspiration from a few futuristic films and anime characters. I love how the length in the back hugs her head and creates that beautiful shape that connects with her jawline.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To recreate this style at home, I recommend a half round boar bristle-type brush like a Mason Pearson. First, I use a pea-sized amount of Dressed Up, a blow dry cream by Hairstory. Then, I wrap the hair back and forth around the head shape with a blow dryer on low, following closely to the brush. The wrap dry technique helps to keep the style smooth, yet full of shine and movement. If the cut is done well, it shouldn’t flip and should fall into place easily.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This drastic of an angle is fantastic on women with longer necks because there is enough space in between the jawline and shoulders. My client pictured has very straight and dense yet fine hair, which is ideal. I’ve also done this bob on very thick hair, but that requires an undercut to eliminate some bulk in the back.

This haircut is stunning with or without bangs and on naturally wavy or curly hair. It’s super customizable and versatile despite looking drastic and edgy.

sassy purple a-line bob for thin hair

#11: Sassy Purple A-Line Bob for Thin Hair

I would describe this look as classy with some sass thrown in. This bob is fun and short, but the face framing aspect makes it universally flattering! Short hair can still be face-framing!

With this bob, you are able to add a ton of volume to thin hair or take a lot of bulk and weight out of extremely thick hair. Since you’re still leaving some length around your face, it’s not quite as intimidating as some other short styles.

This bob is quite easy to maintain. If you have curly hair, just throw your favorite curl product in there and go! If you’re going for a more sleek, straight look, I recommend a quick blow dry with a good heat protector and then running a flat iron over it. It takes so little time and looks great!

I would also recommend having the cut touched up by your stylist once every eight weeks or so to keep things looking fresh.

I can honestly say that I would recommend this style to anyone who wants a sleek, put together look that’s easy to maintain. It’s ideal you have thin hair and would like to add some volume and fullness, or if you have thick bulky hair and would like to take some weight out.

Again, this is a universally flattering style so you really can’t go wrong. It’s especially convenient for those of us who have a fast-paced lifestyle like office professionals, new moms (or just moms in general!), students, etc. This is the style for you!

#12: Flowing A-Line Bob

Try a haircut like this A-line bob with a slight graduation in the back. My favorite part of this haircut is where I left the front point of the bob a little longer and softer to give it a flowing feel.

To style, use Essence Absolute and Cotton Uzu by Shu Uemura for shine, smoothness and a very polished finish to the hair.

This haircut can be worn on any woman looking for a fuller look. Because of its a-line angle and graduation, it will be slimming for the face.

Bouncy A-Line hairstyle

#13: Bouncy Bob Cut in An A-Line

Q&A with style creator, Brittany Hoff
Color / Extension Specialist @ The Colour Attic in Huntington Beach, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This bob has an “I’m a kick ass woman and I’m taking names” feel to it. My favorite thing about this a-line bob is how it moves with the head while walking. The weight of this cut is at the bottom so there’s is a slight bounce.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To maintain this bob, you definitely need to have a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to combat frizz, a leave-in conditioning cream or spray, a round brush, and a finishing oil mixed with a little pomade cream to help polish the look.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this bob for the client who wants an edgy but still sophisticated look all in one. Any a-line bob haircut will always portray a “my life is together” look on a woman of any age, face shape and lifestyle.

If you want to try out a bob cut I say go for it. You may be surprised on how much you like it!

#14: Fresh A-Line Bob

This haircut is a classic A-line bob. This is a very practical and wearable haircut. Texture brings this haircut to the max and steers us clear of the “helmet” hair.

Put a lightweight spray oil on the hair while wet to protect from heat and frizz. Try Agadir Argan oil. Simply paddle brush the hair until it was 85% dry, then use a large round brush until fully dry. Next, straighten the ends to show off the pieciness and texture.

Finish with a light shaping hairspray (either Kenra or Retro brand), and finally, hit it with Kenra’s Shine Spray and one sweep of a firm hairspray!

The great thing about this cut and style is that it works with all face shapes. If a guest has a rounder face, the length in the front and the appearance of the side angle absolutely flatters. On the other hand, if a guest has a longer, more narrow shaped face, the texture and hidden layers can add width and fullness to balance out the face shape.

Lastly, a haircut should be easy, low maintenance, and needs very little fussing or product. This is a fresh, flattering hairstyle that is wearable on any age!

beachy wavy a-line bob cut

#15: Beachy Wavy A-Line Bob Cut

This look is a textured a-line bob. The color is a dark brown to plum-violet balayage, and the beach wavy curls are fun and sassy.

Use AG Firewall for flat iron protection, Goldwell Spray Wax to spray on after curls are set in order to get a more piecey look, as well as Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder for extra texture and lift at the root area.

It’s a great length because it’s short enough to have a quick blow dry, but also still long enough to throw into a quick ponytail and get it out of your face when needed.

#16: Softly Textured A Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Marina Lantos
Owner @ Serenity Hair Lounge in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would call this a softly textured bob. What I love the most about it is the texture and how it creates subtle movement, fuller appearance, and versatility to the style.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I recommend a dry shampoo at the roots and texture spray for the ends. Use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron if beach waves are desired.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This bob would be ideal for anyone with fine to medium hair that is not too thick and not too thin. The best part about this style is that it is very simple to blow dry and can be worn shorter or longer. This makes it ideal for any face shape, and even for our most low maintenance clients.

#17: Sleek A-Line Bob

Opt for a sleek a-line bob with movement just at the bottom, and give the cut a dramatic edge. The soft balayage highlights add dimension to the a-line bob haircut.

The sleek finish of this bob and how nicely the colors melt together, gives it a natural seem less finish.

Use a thermal protectant such as Discipline Thermique mixed with L’croyable, both by Kerastase. These products protect up to 450 degrees and help control frizz for a smooth, sleek finish.

This bob is for women with medium to thick hair. This style will work for most face shapes. This hairstyle is ideal for the lady that wants a low maintenance color, yet doesn’t mind spending a little time blow drying and styling in the morning.

Purple Rooted A-Line

#18: Purple Rooted A-Line

Consider a purple rooted blonde with a soft a-line cut. It’s not your typical splash of color.

To maintain this bob, use a shampoo for color-treated hair such as Minu from Davines. A product to help with sun protection is also ideal because the sun can fade fashion tones a great deal. Try Su Hair Milk from Davines for sun protection.

Because fashion tones only last a short number of washes, dry shampoo helps to get a few more days between washes, ultimately extending the life of your color. It will also help to add body to fine, limp hair.

An a-line is one of the most versatile cuts. For heart-shaped and oblong-shaped faces, consider a shorter style (jaw or shorter). For round face shapes, try a longer style (shoulders or collarbone). An oval-shaped face can wear any length of a-line bob, so it really comes down to personal preference.

An a-line bob needs to be cut more often, so it’s ideal for women who can make it in every six to eight weeks. As for the color, this is best for guests who want a hint of fun color, but nothing too loud. It works best for those who can make it into the salon often enough to keep the color fresh (six weeks maximum).

Fashion tones aren’t for women who like to wash their hair every day, as they will fade very quickly. Purple is a great choice for women who want to enter safely into the world of fashion tones because it fades out to a lovely light purple and eventually a cool blonde.

#19: Minimal Graduation A Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Jackie Wilt
Stylist / Educator @ F.U.E.L Salon & Spa in Highlands Ranch, CO

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This bob has a soft and subtle a-line with minimal graduation that gives the illusion of narrowing the jaw area, lengthening the neck, and emphasizing the décolletage.

My favorite thing about this haircut is its simplicity. While being technically challenging, the end result is very classic and timeless. This bob is always in style!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

This particular client had very fine and silky hair with lots of flyaways and little natural volume. I wanted control but without weight or a heavy product feel. I used Kerastase L’incroyable Blowdry lotion which has a very lightweight smoothing effect and provides 96 hours of frizz and humidity, thermal protection, flex memory, and anti-greasing technology to minimize the need to wash too often. This is perfect for fine hair because it leaves the hair feeling soft and supple while providing shape memory. For coarse hair types, they have a cream formula with the same benefits. making this look achievable for a wide variety of hair types.

I also used Kerastase Elixir Bi-Phase spray for its thickening and texturizing effects. It provided body, grip and shine to her silky locks. I finished with Loreal Profession DD balm to tame flyaways and guard against static. I tell my clients to keep this product in their purse as a style and moisture refresher. It can be used over and over whenever their locks are feeling frizzy, dehydrated, or extra staticky.

I recommend a flat brush that combines natural boar and synthetic bristles for smoothness and tension, as well as a blow dryer with an attached nozzle for the most polished effect.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This bob is perfect for women 25-55, and ideal for women both with fine and medium density hair texture that want a mature, effortless look. This short bob is ideal for business professionals and weekend warriors who want to look more refined. It’s great for women with a fuller jawline, for square or round face shapes, and women with shorter necklines.

The precision of the line of the haircut gives strength and structure to the jaw area, which often can become soft and loose and we age. The bold line will give a defined feeling to this area by narrowing the corners and softening the harshness of a full jawline.

While blow drying, it is necessary to make it look “perfect” as it is in the picture. Women that air dry and have more wave to their natural hair will also benefit from the precision of the baseline and the minimal graduation. Their natural texture will look more bold and structued, while creating neatness to their often unruly natural texture.

sleek and modern a-line bob

#20: Sleek and Modern A-Line Bob

Opt for an a-line bob that’s smooth, sleek and modern. You can switch up your look with beach waves or curls, so it’s versatile.

To style, use Bumble and bumble Hair Dressers Oil Primer and Bumble and bumble Straight.

This style looks particularly good on many different people, but especially people with oval or heart shaped faces. By adjusting the length and shape of your cut or contouring your hair color to the face, anyone can pull off this trendy style!

#21: Short A-Line Haircut With Undercut

Q&A with style creator, Amy Harvey
Master Colorist/Extension Specialist/Cutting Artist in Bountuful, UT

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is an interchangeable textured a-line with a 2-inch undercut on the nape. It is a very low maintenance cut for the client because it lays perfect on its own. It’s razor cut to part on either side with a lightweight fringe and, because of the undercut, it falls perfectly in the back.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

The products I used for this cut are from the UNITE line. I spray the Boosta Spray at the roots for volume and the 7 Seconds Leave-In on the ends to seal the cuticle while still wet. While drying, I spray the Texture Spray on the roots to give textured movement and more volume. To finish, I spray the Tricky Spray (spray wax) on the entire head to define and piece everything out.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This particular cut was designed for my thick-haired clients, as well as those who want fun, easy and low maintenance hair. It works for thin hair as well, you would just do less weight removal with the razor and less of an undercut.

The a-line is and always will be a classic. Depending on whether you cut it to lay past the chin, to the chin or above the chin, and depending on the angle of the stack and the placement of texture, it can be cut for every face shape!

#22: Classy and Professional A-Line

This bob is classy, but a little different. It’s a little edgier than the typical “older lady” style, but nothing crazy. It’s classy and professional as she does work at an elementary school. It’s not too choppy, not too high maintenance, and is just a nice and sleek style.

👉 See more short bob hairstyles for older women.

So I love, love Redken Guts No. 10. I think a root boost of any kind would be great, but definitely, a little body is a plus for this cut. On clean wet hair, I sprayed the roots with Guts then round-brushed it. I then used Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum just to soften it up. I followed up with my straightener and gave her some spray to put it into place.

You could use this style for something “different”, but not drastic with a lot of upkeep. It’s cute, sexy, and classy for any girl of any age.

Feminine Edges hairstyle

#23: A Line Bob With Feminine Edges

Q&A with style creator, Martha Oakes
Master Stylist @ Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa in Cincinnati, OH

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as a precision a-line bob with soft, feminine edges. It is a clean and classic style with a casual, modern twist.

My favorite thing about this bob is that it is effortless and works great no matter what your personal style is.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I am obsessed with Oribe Products. I feel like the quality is second to none. On her wet clean hair, I sprayed Maximista Thickening Spray at the root. It gives great hold and lift with a clean feeling and shine. I then used four pumps of Featherbalm from root to ends and blew it dry mostly with my fingers, then polished the ends with a medium-sized round brush. Lastly, I used a pea-sized amount of Featherbalm as a finishing product to smooth her hair.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This bob is so versatile and it works for almost anyone! This is great for anyone on the go. It practically falls into place and is great for people who don’t want to spend much time on their hair.

It works best for medium textured hair, but can be modified for other textures. I recommend this haircut for most face shapes. For rounder face shapes, simply leave the length in front longer than the chin.

#24: Ageless A-Line Bob for Women Over 50

This is one of my favorite hairstyles because it looks good on all ages and can be adjusted to different lengths to accentuate features. It is very easy for styling at home, not just when you leave the salon.

To recreate this bob, depending on the hair type, use a prep for either smoothing or volume. On fine hair, a lightweight thickening tonic or foam. For thicker coarser hair, use a smoothing cream and a little Confixor to hold the shape.

Using your hands, blow dry to about 50 percent to create volume and texture. The last 50%, use a round brush to lay the cuticle down and give a nice bend on the ends.

This haircut works well with an active lifestyle. It only requires a blow dry and a little finish work. A great haircut can really hold the shape well. I would suggest visiting the salon every six to eight weeks to maintain the style.

The a-line bob is great because to can be tailored it to your head shape and face shape. If your face is round, you can keep it under the chin for a more flattering look. For a longer face, you can add more volume to create a more balanced structure. Use color to add dimension and contouring to the haircut.

#25: Tapered A-Line with Red Hair

Q&A with style creator, Michelle Cuenca
Hairstylist @ Hair FX in Highland, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a tapered a-line bob that is layered slightly on top for volume. My favorite thing about this cut is how easy it is to maintain and style whether you have curly or straight hair. Also, adding a pop of color gives this cut more dimension and detail.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

For someone with curly hair, I recommend a moisturizing product like a curl cream or leave-in treatment. My favorite would have to be a cocktail of It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In and Deva Curl Styling Cream. Add the products and then let the hair air dry or diffuse. For someone with straight hair, I recommend a root booster before blow drying to create more body all over.

When creating this bob, I first blow dried the hair straight, then curled the crown and sides leaving the ends straight to give an effortless look. For the finishing touch, I pieced out the curls with my fingers using Aquage Detailing Cream and finished off with Rusk Humidity-Resistant Working Spray to overcome any type of weather.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

Basically anyone with any hair type or face shape can pull this off, it is just a matter of how short the front is cut and texture! Texture is so important, especially for those of us with thick hair. For a fuller face, I would suggest staying below the chin and a longer layer. For a daily look and with the right products, this will be one of the easiest hairstyles you’ll ever have.

#26: Horizontal Graduated A-Line with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Ernesto Meneses
Master Stylist @ Cetana Salon in San Francisco, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a horizontal graduated a-line bob with point cut ends. I call it my “French Girl Bob.” It offers height in the crown area, and by lifting it off the shoulders, it doesn’t kick/flip up. The weight left in gives maximum movement and body. The fringe is optional.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Keep tools and products simple. You don’t want your bathroom looking like a beauty supply store! Teaching clients exactly how to use the products/tools their buying is paramount to a great finish. This look requires a large paddle brush, Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep, and Aveda’s Texture Tonic. As for styling, it requires a flat-wrap blow dry.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This bob is extremely versatile. However, I’d stay away from curly hair with this one. Adding a fringe or no fringe helps with “correcting ” facial shapes.

This is one of my favorite cuts because it’s super flirty in a ponytail and you can express yourself with color to add personality. Think bright pink for fun or simple balayage for a more sophisticated look.

#27: Bob Cut In A-Line Shape

A bob cut in a-line shape is a haircut that’s shorter in the back and tapers off to longer, feathery, face-framing layers. Ladies should be brave enough to try on haircuts that they want. All ladies can pull off an a-line bob cut.

Candy-Inspired Bob hairstyle

#28: Candy-Inspired Bob

Q&A with style creator, Wells Gregory
Owner/Part Timer @ The Chroma Loft Salon and The Lather Shoppe in Seaside/Eugene, OR

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

To me, this bob reminds me of candy. Maybe like the blue raspberry saltwater taffy you find at the coast! Whatever it is, I feel like it screams SUGAR!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

I pre-lightened using Matrix V-lights and Bond Ultim8 for protection during lifting. I used Pulp Riot Candy, Pulp Riot Nirvana, Pravana Neon Green, Pravana Neon Pink, Pravana amagenta, and Pravana Locked-In Teal to create this pink and teal hair.

I always mix my dark colors into my light tones when making custom colors. This way I can slowly darken my pigments without creating a bunch of wasted product. I always add a little squirt of Bond Ultim8 in my direct dyes for added longevity and shine. My placement was very fluid and random, except all of my sections were done on a diagonal forward parting to pair with the shape of the a-line cut.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I would recommend this color and cut to ANY client that wants to look as sweet as they feel.

#29: Sheared A-Line

Q&A with style creator, Bri Vaughn
Hairstylist @ Level Beauty Bar in San Luis Obispo, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is a simple and subtle a-line bob haircut that was achieved with shears per my client’s request. I normally love doing this cut with a razor for a little more shattered look.

I feel this type of cut accentuates the jawline and gives a sexier edge to a bob.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

First off, always use a heat protectant. I used Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner to protect the hair from heat, followed by spraying in Aveda Volumizing Tonic and Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam from roots to ends to give it volume and control.

Use a flat brush around the nape area when blow drying the hair, brushing back and forth to create movement while smoothing out any waves and cowlicks. Use a large round brush throughout the crown area to create a little volume. I followed the blowout by smoothing strands a bit more with a flat iron.

If volume isn’t your thing, use a flat brush all over and smooth it out with a flat iron. Finish up with a pump of Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

Honestly, because of the many variations you can style an a-line bob haircut, I would recommend it to almost anyone. Depending on your hair type, face shape and lifestyle, you can add bangs, a more dramatic angle, texturized ends, wispy layers, stack it, or undercut it. There are virtually an endless number of variations! An a-line is perfect for just about anyone. as long as they’re ready.

#30: Fun and Fierce

Q&A with style creator, Jennifer Almodovar
Freelance Master Hairstylist/Colorist in South Miami

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as fun and fierce! The color is soft enough so you have a diverse look to wear with business attire, a casual event, or a night out.

My favorite thing about this bob would have to be the cut. It’s short with lots of texture to add a weightless curl/wave and you can also wear it pin straight.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

My favorite product to use to maintain the color would be Pravana’s Chromasilk shampoo. To keep your hair soft and shiny, I recommend Olaplex #3 once a week.

To recreate the waved, lived-in look, my favorite tool is a 1-inch iron. Partially curl the entire head, leave the ends out, then finish with a little bit of pomade and run your fingers through. I also like to scrunch a little at the scalp to keep the volume!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I’m having a hard time with this question because I would honestly recommend this look for any client! It doesn’t matter the face shape, hair type or lifestyle. You make the hair, it does not make you.

It needs to be understood, however, that this is a high maintenance cut and color. If you’re brave enough to go through the process to get here, it’s something you’re going to want to keep up!

Textured Long A-Line Bob Haircut

#31: Textured A-Line Bob Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Izara
Hair Artist @ Beauty Bar in Colorado Springs, CO

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a lob (or long bob) haircut that I did for my most soulful client. She came in for a full highlight and haircut. She had a grown out a-line, which had lost life, shape and body. After a thorough consultation, we decided on a textured lob with a heavy perimeter. I really love how the weight of her hair is showcased through the movement that just enough texturizing provided.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Products will vary with a bob because it offers versatility with every texture!

For thin, fine and smoother hair, try Awaken Mist Leave-In Conditioner and Awaken Protein Mousse by Surface. In combination, these products are meant to add smooth volume and control which allows for bouncy control. They will also thicken, smooth, condition, strengthen and protect. This combo works great for a smooth blowout or a well behaved scrunched texture if you’d rather air dry! L’Oréal Tecni.Art Lumi Contrôle is a great finishing product to add shine and provide the definition for a more polished look. A little goes a long way!

For coarse hair, Surface Taffy Whip is a solid choice for a flexible, bouncy blowout or to diffuse beachy waves or curls! For a smooth blowout with more damaged coarse hair, I’d add a little dab of L’Oreal”s Absolut Repair Blow-Dry Cream to the ends.

For very coarse, frizzy and/or curly hair, I highly recommend the Surface Curls Serum and Taffy Whip for beautiful natural texture, or L’Oréal Liss Unlimited and Surface Bassu Shine Spray Brillance for a the ultimate blowout or heat style!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

What I love most about the a-line bob is that it provides ample opportunity to the client to take safe risks, which turns me as their stylist into a cheeseball for their entire service. I feel honored when my clients take a risk at my suggestion. It commands confidence and speaks volumes about the trust between a woman and her stylist. Many women equate their sensuality and femininity with the length of their hair.

There is so much about the bob that stimulates my hair nerdery and passion for sculpting hair. First of all, the bob (no matter if it is stacked, blunt, asymmetrical, a-line, razored, textured, structured, undercut, lob, inverted, shingle, chin-length, buzz, shaggy, disconnected, etc.) is still a bob. The difference is customization. There is a bob for every face shape and it can suit any lifestyle!

The a-line bob celebrates the seamless union of two realms of length. There isn’t anything more satisfying than texturizing hair into submission. No matter the texture, the bobs I create are sculpted for every facet of the woman rocking it.

The bob is a power play and is extremely versatile. A bob can be edgy, just as well as it can be soft and delicate, allowing the person attached to experience a variety of styles at every level of effort. The key to an incredible bob is building great rapport and trust with your stylist! Pictures are helpful in demonstrating what has inspired you so your stylist can discuss how he or she will customize it and why. There are no bad hair days with a well sculpted bob.

versatile length a-line bob cut

#32: Versatile Length A-Line

Opt for a versatile, low-maintenance a-line bob. The best thing about this style is its length. It’s short enough that it can be worn as a wash-and-go look but long enough that it can still be styled with hot tools.

This bob is for the woman that wants the best of both worlds. The shape and shorter length in the back nicely accentuate the neck and shoulders, while the longer length in front sets a beautiful frame around the face.

The a-line can easily be adjusted in length around the face to compliment each individual client’s facial features.

Medium A-Line Bob

#33: Medium A-Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Whitney Kay
Stylist @ Subculture Salon in Tacoma, WA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This bob is very versatile and can be worn many different ways depending on your mood that day! My favorite thing about this cut is that it is still lengthy toward the face.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

For this look, we used dry oil to protect from heat, which is great for fine hair. Once the curls were in place, we used a dry texture spray to give it a choppy look. We finished with a medium hold hairspray.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This style is great for anyone living a busy and active lifestyle while wanting to remain on trend! It’s great for any hair texture thick or thin, curly or straight. This look is so versatile that you can switch up the length to fit any face shape!

#34: Extreme Angled Graduated Bob

This look is a more extreme angled textured graduated bob. It complements most face shapes and the angle brings style to your look.

When styling this look, use a leave-in conditioner/heat protectant and smoothing cream on wet hair. Blow-dry by wrapping around the head in both directions and up for volume at the crown. Flat iron if needed to polish the look.

Finish with a light pomade or texture spray and hairspray. For finer hair, add a volumizer before drying and a volumizer powder after drying for extra body that holds.

This haircut is wonderful for fine hair of medium thickness because it is quick to dry and style. For thick, coarse, or curly hair, it will take more time to dry and flat iron. This haircut compliments round, square and oval face shapes. It’s great for women who want a fun, sassy look that is still professional enough for work. It can be worn sleek and straight or textured with beachy waves or natural curl.

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