medium length haircuts for women over 40

37 Best Medium-Length Haircuts for Women Over 40

#1: Gorgeous Ombre on Medium-Length Hair

If you are a woman over the age of 40, you should try a gorgeous ombré. Your hair will be easily styled and more manageable at a medium length. Split ends will be gone and your ends will look nice and fresh with a medium-length chop. Add some ombré color to add some dimension for brighter-looking tresses.

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#2: Chic Blonde Balayage on Medium Hair with No Bangs

When going lighter, allow your stylist to recommend tones. They will know what will suit your complexion. Medium-length hair worn with waves looks lovely and chic with a balayage. It shows off the different depths of color. Looking after lightened hair is a must. Don’t forget to ask for a home care plan to maintain the condition.

#3: Brown Balayage with Loose Curls

If you’re a woman in your forties and want to rejuvenate your features, ask about a heavy layered frame. Add a few paint highlights around your face. The combo will soften your facial features. It will also brighten you up, giving you a glowing appearance. Before you leave your appointment, ask your stylist for tips and tricks in styling your hair.

Blonde Balayage with Full Bangs for 40-Year-Olds with Mid-Length Hair

#4: Blonde Balayage with Full Bangs

Consider a blonde balayage with full bangs if you want a low-maintenance color and trendy look! Keeping your base color and bangs natural will leave the grow-out seamless. Style with some waves to show off your new color.

#5: Chic Shoulder-Length Bob Cut

Shoulder-length cuts are so versatile. Add some longer layers and shape around your face to create volume and softness. Use a light weight volumizing spray on wet hair to help. A round brush will lift your hair to create body. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to recommend when to book your next trim to maintain the shape.

#6: Mid-Length Thick Curls

If you have a bend of texture in your hair from wavy to curly, your hair is more versatile than you see. Blown out with a round brush creates thick curls when you style it. And, it can hold its style and last long periods between washes. My best advice is to add styling aids like blow out jellys that support style and wear. It’s helpful to talk with a stylist that can create a styling routine for you.

#7: Sleek Extra Long Bob with Fringe Bangs

Long bobs are flattering on most face shapes, and by adding a fringe can really give a chic look. Perfect for fine to medium hair types. If your hair isn’t naturally smooth, don’t forget to ask your stylist to show you how to recreate the look at home. Always finish with a shine spray for glossy locks.

#8: Shoulder-Length Blonde Balayage with a Middle Part

Shoulder-length blonde balayage with a middle part is what you need if you’re looking for added depth, and dimension to your tresses. A money piece, middle part, and soft face layers are the perfect trio that will bring out all your beautiful features giving you a natural bright glow.

Straight Blonde Hairstyle for 40-Year-Olds

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#9: Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Think about a straight blonde hairstyle if you’re not quite ready to drastically switch up your hair style. Haircuts that are medium-length are well balanced with just enough length to rock a ponytail some days and styles full of body and life on other days. Best for not-so-thick hair types, texture on the ends allows this haircut to not fall flat and have some life.

Blonde Highlights on a Medium Cut for 40-Year-Olds

#10: Blonde Highlights on a Medium Cut

Consider blonde highlights on a medium cut if you’re looking to add something jazzy. Highlights tend to add depth and dimension to your underlying hair color, keeping your hairstyle from looking flat. Ask your stylist for a few highlights to add some spice to your haircut.

#11: Beautiful Balayage Medium-Length Hair

The only thing that can make a beautiful balayage on medium-length hair even more stunning is by adding a money piece to the front. A money piece is when a very small section of hair (usually on a middle part) is placed in the very front to brighten and frame the face. A balayage is always one of the easiest hair colors to maintain, making it perfect for women who may be on a budget or don’t frequent the hair salon very often.

#12: Retro Shaggy Mullet for Ladies Over 40

A retro shaggy mullet for ladies over 40 is insane! Try a shag cut if you’re looking to stand out in a crowd of thousands and bring back a decades-old style.

Platinum Blonde Beach Waves for Mid-Length Hair

#13: Platinum Blonde Beach Waves for Mid-Length Hair

Platinum blonde beach waves for mid-length hair are the perfect style for fine hair types for women over 40. The color and the style combined create the illusion of fuller density hair. Ask your stylist for baby lights with a honey blonde tone, heat-styled with a large barrel iron to get this look.

#14: Low-Maintenance Shag for Fine Hair

Try a low-maintenance shag for fine hair if you want all the texture, layers, and softness without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. As women are maturing we tend to take on fine lines and wrinkles, a medium shag haircut is a great option to add softness to the face. Ask your stylist to point cut into the layers to add body without taking away from the hairs density.

#15: Youthful-Looking Updo on Medium Hair

Try a youthful-looking updo on medium hair for your next big event! Even if you keep your hair at the shoulders, you can achieve a soft youthful updo. To get this style, ask your stylist for back combing in the crown, and a twist or a braid to pull back into a low bun. To keep it soft around the face try leaving some of the face-framing pieces out and styling with a light hold spray.

Edgy Undercut with Designs for 40-Year-Old Women

#16: Edgy Undercut with Designs for 40-Year-Old Women

An edgy undercut with designs for 40-year-old women can be a bit intimidating to some but can be the perfect way to add some flair back to your style. You can choose to add an undercut and design to most medium-length styles. Undercuts are a great option for those looking to remove unwanted weight from the hair, and can also be added to the nape for a more subtle look.

#17: Collarbone-Length Haircut for Thick Hair

A collarbone-length haircut for thick hair is the perfect style to help lighten up the weight of the hair without sacrificing too much length. Medium-length haircuts that sit at the collarbone help elongate the face, and create a shape that adds brightness to all of your features.

Medium-Length Pixie Bob

#18: Medium-Length Pixie Bob

A medium-length pixie bob is the perfect style for women in their forties. A pixie bob with length at the face that works to conceal fine lines and wrinkles, and a cropped shape at the back, is an easy maintenance style that adds both edge and sophistication.

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Medium Layered Hair for Women in Their 40s

#19: Medium Layered Hair for Women in Their 40s

Medium layered hair for women in their 40’s, gives a youthful, stylish yet tidy appearance. Getting rid of unneeded length helps lift and brighten the face. Medium-length cuts with added soft layers are easy to style, whether you want to doll it up or dress it down.

#20: Shoulder-Length Perm for Women Over 40

A shoulder-length perm for women over 40 is a great style choice to change things up and make it easier to style. Perfect for all hair types, perms add amazing body to the hair as well as create a flawless wash-and-wear look. Definitely, a style to consider when searching for your next shoulder-length hairstyles.

#21: Medium-Length Very Long Bob for Women Passed 40

A medium-length very long bob for women past 40 keeps things soft, styled, and feminine. The length can be worn up off the face or styled down, to make for a very versatile look.

#22: Wash-and-Wear Cut for Wavy, Thick Hair

A wash-and-wear cut for wavy, thick hair is really defined by texture. Adding texture and de-bulking thick wavy hair makes for easier styling, especially if you are on the go. Ask your stylist for a blunt length with long layers, with point cutting throughout.

#23: Shoulder-Length Shag with Curtain Bangs

A shoulder-length shag with curtain bangs is all the rage these days. This hairdo adds volume, texture, and youthfulness to your look. Adding bangs and blended layering around the face also helps to conceal any fine lines and wrinkles.

#24: Medium Brown Curly Hair

Try medium brown curly hair if you want to keep things subtle and timeless. Medium cuts on curly hair are perfect to help keep your unruly locks shaped up and easy to style. Add some layers to perfect the shape to what you desire.

#25: Edgy Choppy Bob with Layers

An edgy choppy bob with layers should be your next look if you are wanting to update to a more modern hairstyle. Perfect for all hair types, an edgy choppy bob adds volume, texture, and style.

Chic Sleek Bob for Shoulder-Length Hair

#26: Chic Sleek Bob for Shoulder-Length Hair

Try a chic sleek bob for shoulder-length hair. Perfect for any type of hair, a chic sleek long bob remains timeless. Ask your stylist for point cutting on the ends rather than blunt cutting to help give the hair soft movement. This will help to keep this style easy to maintain.

Professional Long Inverted Bob for Women 40+

#27: Professional Long Inverted Bob for Women 40+

A professional long inverted bob for women 40+ relies on clean lines and soft texture. Keeping the lines clean, and the shape tapered in the nape helps keep this style looking sleek and sophisticated, perfect for day and night. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for soft texturing in the crown to add body.

#28: Chic Collarbone-Length Asymmetrical Cut

A chic collarbone-length asymmetrical cut has it all! Length, body, and flair make for a youthful, low-maintenance look!

#29: Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob

Try a shoulder-length wavy bob as your next look. Most medium haircuts come with easy maintenance and styling, perfect for women on the go! Whether your hair is naturally wavy, or you are adding waves to straighter hair, the wavy bobs soft textured ends, and cropped length make for a very versatile look.

#30: Voluminous Medium-Length Bob for Thinning Hair

Look 10 years younger with a voluminous medium-length bob for thinning hair. Cutting the length at the chin helps the hair density appear full, and allows for layers to be added to get major height on top.

Medium to Long Blunt Cut with Bangs

#31: Medium to Long Blunt Cut with Bangs

A medium to long blunt cut with bangs is perfect for women over forty. A blunt edge helps define the perimeter of the hair and adds a sleek fullness. The addition of bangs helps conceal wrinkles on the forehead to give a soft, youthful look.

#32: Feathered Shag with Wispy Bangs for Thin Hair

Try a feathered shag with wispy bangs for thin hair to add body in the crown as well as texture and movement throughout the ends. Adding a bang or “fringe” to medium styles is a great way to make a big change without sacrificing length.

Medium to Short Long Bob for Straight Hair

#33: Medium to Short Long Bob for Straight Hair

A medium-to-short long bob for straight hair is perfect for flat, shapeless hair. Cropping the back and adding in an angle gives a lot of shape, as well as aids in lifting the hair at the crown to create volume. With medium-length hairstyles, angling to a medium length in the front is a great way to help keep the face elongated and your hair style tidy.

Mid-Length Shaggy Bob Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

#34: Mid-Length Shaggy Bob Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

A mid-length shaggy bob hairstyle for wavy hair is perfect if you are looking to remove length and save time styling. Keeping the ends softened is key to keeping wavy hair from getting unruly. Medium hairstyles are a great way to add body and shape to those tired ends.

#35: Soft Rounded Bob on Medium-Length Hair

A soft rounded bob on medium-length hair is the perfect style if you’re looking to add body and volume. Shoulder-length haircuts with a rounded shape are easy to style with just a blow dryer and round brush. The added volume around the base helps slim and elongate the face. Ask your stylist to point cut the ends and use a razor to feather around the face.

Natural-Looking Beach Waves for a 40-Year-Old Woman

#36: Natural-Looking Beach Waves for a 40-Year-Old Woman

Natural-looking beach waves for a 40-year-old woman is a timeless style. Beach waves help define your natural hair texture and are a quick and easy way to feel done up, even if you are on the go. To get this style use your large barrel curling iron to loosely curl the hair. Simply shake the curls out and finish with a sea salt spray or light-hold hairspray.

#37: The Best Bob for Women Over 40

Check out the best bob for women over 40. Traditional styles can be dull, so spice things up! This bob is cute and stylish but doesn’t require frequent visits to the salon. For this beautiful balayage look, make sure your stylist is experienced in freehand hair coloring.

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