Long shag with bangs

38 Coolest Long Shags with Bangs for a Trendy, New Look

#1: Long Thick Shag with Blonde Balayage

Try a long thick shag paired with a blonde balayage if you’re wanting a dramatic change for both your haircut and color. When it comes to a balayage, it’s important to consider what your natural hair color is and how your hair color will grow out over time. A shag haircut instantly modernizes your hairstyle and looks great on most women. From my experience, women with thick hair can benefit from this haircut the most because it will remove tons of bulk from your hair and give your hair loads of texture and movement.

Very Sleek Long Shag with Bangs for Straight Hair

#2: Very Sleek Shag for Straight Hair

Working with straight hair can be difficult to get texture. A shag for straight hair can give the movement you’re looking for. To solve this problem, I recommend getting a highly textured haircut. For instance, a straight razor haircut or a dry haircut can achieve the flow you’re looking for.

Amazing Long Cut Shag with Bangs for Thicker Hair

#3: Amazing Long Cut Shag for Thicker Hair

If you want to update your long hair, I highly recommend adding texture with layers and a full fringe. Long shag cuts offer movement by reducing weight, which is great for thicker hair types. Style with a round tong. Allow cooling before gently shaking your hair out to loosen the shape. Finish with a flexible hairspray.

#4: Glam Long Shaggy Hair with Thick Bangs

This long shaggy hair with thick bangs is a rockstar’s dream. The bangs and short layers are beneficial for instant volume. This haircut does require daily styling which may be a drawback for some women. But, no matter how you wear it, you will turn heads.

#5: Lived-In Brunette Shag with Choppy Bangs

If your hair has length that is weighing it down, and you don’t want to go shorter, consider a shag haircut! This is the best way to keep your length while giving you a whole new shape. This cut will consist of various lengths of layers, giving you body and volume. Choppy bangs can give you a whole new look. So ask your stylist if they will suit your face shape.

#6: Goldie Hawn-Inspired Shag

Look like a Hollywood star with a shag. The most effective way to bring movement and volume to your locks is by cutting soft stacked layers. My best advice would be when blow drying, use a round brush away from your face. It will give you flippy and turned-up ends for the best shag look.

#7: Long Sexy Layers and a Soft Fringe

Long sexy layers and a soft fringe will give you super sultry vibes. Ask for a lot of texture so your layers feel blended yet piecey.

#8: Dark Brown Shag with Blonde Chunky Highlights

Go for an edgy style with a dark brown shag with blonde chunky highlights. Short layers at your crown help give volume for a fuller-looking appearance. My advice would be if you have fine hair, try a shag. It would work great for your hair to give it much-needed body and movement. If you can, style with a curling iron to give your locks some beachy texture.

Long Blonde Shag with Bangs for Thick Hair

#9: Long Blonde Shag with Bangs for Thick Hair

Opt for a thick long blonde textured shag with bangs. One of the best ways to lighten up your thick hair is to add a lot of texture with long layers. Adding texture with a razor will give a more piecey look with the illusion of more layers. Avoid a blunt cut that will make your hair look thicker.

Beautiful Long Brunette Shag with Soft Bangs

#10: Beautiful Brunette Shag with Soft Bangs

Soft bangs really pack a punch when paired with a beautiful brunette shag. If you’re looking for something different, a shag can add excitement to long locks without losing your length. Better for medium to thick hair because a shag does take a lot of the weight out of your hair, but it can be modified to better fit fine hair. A soft bang is a great way to accentuate your eyes and give you a fresh look.

#11: Light and Wispy 70s Shag on Long Hair

Try a retro look with a light and wispy 70s shag if you have long hair. Feather-light layers add volume and soft movement to your hair. I would pick up the crown section and take some weight out to get lift and body. The shag is very trendy and will bring life to long fine hair.

Long Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair

#12: Long Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair

A long shag with fringe is a great way to add body to your fine hair. By adding some textured bangs and face framing layers, you will create some serious volume. Finish your hair with some volume spray and you’re ready for the day!

Funky Long Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Fringe

#13: Funky Long Razor Cut with Curtain Fringe

Say goodbye to lengthy, boring hair and try a funky long razor cut. A razor cut will promote natural movement and give you a shaggy shape. A curtain fringe blended into the side will add interest to your cut and complement your cheekbones. Styling is more natural either by scrunching or air drying with a curl amplifier, so no need to pick up a round brush.

Extra Long Shag with Middle Part Bangs

#14: Extra Long Shag with Middle Part Bangs

Trending now is the extra long shag with middle part bangs. A long shag is perfect for extra thick hair. The short to long layers help break up the thickness and create a gorgeous shape. The middle part bangs create a nice curtain bang that blends with the short layers. Styling can be done by using texture cream and air drying, or a few added curls. The best shags are not over-styled or overdone.

#15: Jet Black Shag with Wispy Fringe

A shag with fringe gives the feel of a rich and sultry look. The silhouette appears full in density while allowing movement in the layers. Best worn on wavy to curly textures to create a chic, low-maintenance style. Kristen Ess, an accessible hair care brand, has a collection of air drying, and styling aids that are great for creating a lived-in texture.

#16: Wavy Layered Hair with a Fringe for Thick Hair

Let’s say you want to be trendy, but are scared to go full shave. Wavy layered hair with fringe for thick hair ladies can be styled shaggier but not necessarily cut shaggy. Varying length layers can achieve this long shag with bangs if styled correctly.

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#17: Soft Shag Haircut with Thin Bangs

Shaggy haircuts are one of the most popular trends right now and there are many different styles. A modern shag haircut with thin bangs is the most versatile, easily maintained, and styled option. It suits many face shapes and all hair types.

#18: Long Shaggy Layers with Blunt Bangs

A trendy hairstyle with long shaggy layers and blunt bangs is an ideal option for ladies who want to draw attention to their eyes. The bangs sit just on or below the eyebrows and longest hair reaches the lower back. The shaggy layers frame delicately the face, giving it an oval shape.

#20: Long Tousled Shag Cut

Shaggy cuts have an endless array of possibilities. A long tousled shag cut is great for fine-to-medium hair textures. The short layers allow for more volume which gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

#21: Razored Shag Haircut

When it comes to long shags and cuts with fringe, a razored shag haircut is an edgy and super trendy hairstyle that suits women with round face shapes. The choppy face-framing bangs and short razored layers create volume at the crown area which elongates the face. Style with a soft curl tong by GHD, spray with hairspray, and mess it up with fingers.

#22: Low-Maintenance Shag with a Face Frame

A shag haircut on long hair doesn’t have to be recut often to still look great. A great, low-maintenance shag with face-framing consists of just enough layers to create the “shag” look but grows out seamlessly.

Multi-Layered Long Shaggy Cut with Middle Part Bangs

#23: Multi-Layered Cut with Middle Part Bangs

Often time, when you hear “shaggy haircuts” you think super short layers but that’s not always the case. A multi-layered cut with middle part bangs is just a shaggier option than long layers. Shaggy haircuts can be customized to suit your liking.

#24: Long-Length Wolf Shag for Women Over 40

A long-length wolf shag for women over 40 paired with brow-length bangs is trendy, youthful, and stylish. A long shag with fringe can be styled on many face shapes and hair types, ask your stylist how shaggy your layers should be to suit your needs.

Very Long Modern Shag with Wispy Bangs

#25: Very Long Modern Shag with Wispy Bangs

Shaggy hairstyles don’t have to be short. A very long modern shag with wispy bangs allows you to keep your length but adds the illusion of fuller hair.

#26: Wavy Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

A wavy shag with face-framing bangs is an effortless long haircut perfect for naturally wavy long hair. Like all cuts with bangs, the long wavy shag looks great when put in a ponytail or a bun, and a few wispy pieces and the fringe create a soft face frame.

#27: Long Shaggy Hair with Beach Waves

Long shaggy hair with beach waves is a beautiful hairstyle for any occasion. Long shag hair has many options, it can be dressed up or down and look great on many face shapes.

#28: Long Blonde Shag with Long Bangs

A blonde shag with long bangs is a go-to haircut for ladies who like to keep their hair long, but also want volume and movement. The shag on long hair suits almost all face shapes and hair textures and is extremely versatile and easy to wear and style.

#29: Long-Length Shaggy Mullet with Heavy Bangs

The long-length mullet with heavy bangs is a hybrid hairdo, that incorporates a longer mullet and a shaggy haircut. It’s a brilliant option for thick wavy hair which needs a lot of weight taken out in order to make it easier to manage. Use a deep moisturizing mask like Pureology Strength Cure Restorative Masque.

#30: Shagged Haircut with Short Bangs for Thin Hair

The shagged haircut with short bangs is a bold and fashionable hairstyle with fringe, great for ladies with thin hair who want to be noticed. It’s very low-maintenance and grows out beautifully. This is the ideal long style if you want to visit the salon just once a year.

70s Shag with Soft Layers and Bangs for Long Hair

#31: 70s Shag with Soft Layers and Bangs

A 70s shag with soft layers and bangs is the long hairstyle that made a triumphant come back. It’s an effortless and undone-looking hairstyle ideal for women who want versatility. If your hair is on the thick side your stylist can razor out a lot of weight making it more manageable.

Long Straight Wispy Shag with Curtain Bangs

#32: Straight Wispy Shag with Curtain Bangs

The straight wispy shag haircut with curtain bangs is a fabulous option for ladies with long flat hair who want it to look more textured. The short shaggy layers can be cut with a feather razor to make them even wispier. When it comes to the curtain fringe the razor should be the weapon of choice for extra volume and lightness in your long shag.

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Long Curly Shag with Feathered Bangs on Women Over 50

#33: Curly Shag with Feathered Bangs on Women Over 50

The curly shag with feathered bangs is absolutely spot on for women over 50 with a round face shape. The shag haircut enhances the volume on top of the head and less on the sides which creates the illusion of a longer face. Scrunch the towel-dried curls with some mousse and oil and diffuse.

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Textured, Choppy Layers with Bangs on Long Hair

#34: Textured, Choppy Layers on Long Hair

What is not to love about textured, choppy layers on a long hairstyle. Combining a long shag haircut with bangs will give you a style that suits absolutely every face shape. Spray some texturizing hair spray or dry shampoo for that second-day-messy hair.

#35: Messy Shaggy Hair with a Fringe

The messy shaggy hair with a fringe is a versatile hairstyle that is super easy to wear and maintain. Long shag hairstyles are suitable for most face shapes and hair types, adding texture and volume to flat straight hair. Ask your stylist for some highlights around the face to accentuate your features, like eyes or cheekbones, and add dimension.

Long Wavy Textured Haircut with a Shaggy Fringe

#36: Wavy Textured Haircut with a Shaggy Fringe

A hairstyle with bangs, styled with waves or curls, tousled for volume is a beautiful wavy shaggy style. A wavy textured haircut with a shaggy fringe is the newest trend and suits many face shapes.

#37: Shaggy Hair with Disconnected Layers

Shaggy hair with disconnected layers has endless possibilities. Shag hairstyles pair well with fringe or curtain bangs creating a fuller and more voluminous look.

#38: Long Natural Curls with Bangs

Long natural curls shaped into a shaggy long cut with bangs is a good way to tame unruly curly hair. The hairstyle will be at its shaggiest form when rough-dried quickly, but when blow-dried smooth, it almost doesn’t look like a shag. Make sure you let your stylist know if you are going to wear your naturally curly hair straight, which will change the way the haircut is executed.

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