4 Ways To Spice Up Your Ponytail

Forget your typical ponytail, these hairstyles are anything but average. Take a cue from these celebrities and read on for four cool ways to play with your ponytail.

1. Sleek and Sexy

Sure, when you think of sex appeal big, voluminous va-va-voom hair comes to mind. But there’s also something unmistakably sexy about a super slick pony. Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are just a few red carpet divas who have been recently sporting the look. For your own at-home fix, make sure you have a good flat iron and an extreme hold gel or pomade to achieve a smooth look. You can easily hide the elastic by wrapping your hair around the band. Try a stick-straight look like Blake’s or try a playful, wavy version like Jessica’s, below.

Jessica's ponytail

2. Low Side Pony

The low side pony was once considered a casual look; now many starlets have taken it straight to the red carpet! The look is demure and sweet and best paired with large dangly earrings. For a variation, pull the side pony into a loose braid and frame your face with some loose strands.

Kim's low side ponytail

3. Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns can be worn with anything–from formal outfits to girl’s night out to a casual day running errands. The best part is, they are so much easier to style than they look and don’t require much other than a sock and a hair band. First, take a sock and roll it into a donut shape. With your hair in a ponytail, pull the sock to the end of your ponytail, leaving a few inches sticking out. Then, start rolling your hair down the sock while tucking the hair in around it. Continue this “rolling” until your hair is completely tucked under the sock and you’ll have a beautiful ballerina bun!

Kim's ballerina ponytail

4. Low Pony

The low ponytail is a classic, no fuss no muss look. It’s feminine, pretty and (the best part) is super easy to put together! Try a soft hold hair spray for a more touchable look and experiment with the part or leave a few strands undone.

Selena's low ponytail

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