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5 Braids To Try at Home

I am a huge advocate of the standard, three-strand braid. In fact, my go-to look on days where I just don’t have time to mess with heating tools is an easy peasy side braid. Not even the fishtail variety!

I must say, however, that I am thoroughly impressed with all the innovative braids that hair bloggers come up with. So much so that, when I have the time, I find myself trying them out and attempting to master them. Why spend time on Facebook would you could be playing with your own hair, am I right?

I’ve deemed the following five braids as extraordinary, so wear them and relish in admiring looks and positive attention.

Reverse Braid Mohawk

Talk about turning heads. This French braid fauxhawk at the Brit+Co. blog is certainly edgy enough to make a statement. To create this ‘do, start out with a mini pomp at the front and center. Next, create an inverse French braid all the way down your head and secure with a clear elastic. Finally, use the tail of a rat tail comb to strategically pull out pieces of the inverted French braid, which creates a deconstructed, slightly frenzied look.

Four-Strand Ribbon Braid

YouTube User HairNailsInspiration shows viewers how to master this four strand ribbon braid, and it’s a must-try for anyone who a.) loves color b.) loves texture and c.) loves hair.  To recreate this look, all you need is a long ribbon in your choice color and two hair elastics. It may take a little bit of time to get the hang of, but the result is worth it.

Feather Loop Braid

This “feather loop braid” is certainly one of the more bizarre looks I’ve seen in a while. It has a sort of alienesque vibe to it that’ll make people wonder just how you managed to pull it off. Rest assured, though, that you can do this yourself. YouTube user Bebexo says, “At first it does look complicated, but this is a regular three-strand braid.” For this look, you’ll need to start with damp hair. A little gel or anti-frizz serum is recommended, too, especially if you want to achieve a glossy/waxy finish.

Feather Loop

Twist Around Braid

Perfect for everyday wear in any season, this twist around side braid can be created in minutes by anyone. While this look is ideal for longer hair, you can always add length with faux hair extensions as YouTube’s LuxyHair does here. She walks you through this easy “twist around side braid” in great detail, so watch the video for all you need to know. Try this one in pigtail form, or try it down the center of your back instead of to the side.

Romantic Fishtail Braid

YouTube user CinthiaTruong calls this hairstyle a “romantic fishtail braid,” but the end result leans away from fishtail and closer to romantic, in my opinion. In fact, I’d describe this look as “spun” since the final look is windswept and wrapped instead of taut like your standard fishtail braid. Name technicalities aside, I’m in love with this hairstyle. You do start by creating a fishtail braid, then a French braid on the other side. You’ll also create a three-strand braid and do some wrapping. Though complex, this gorgeous hairstyle will earn you enough “oohs and ahhs” to make your efforts worth it.

Once you’ve mastered these unique braided hairstyles, you’ll definitely want to give our flawless rope braid tutorial a try.

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