Double Waterfall Twist - Different Ways to Do a Waterfall Braid

5 Different Ways To Do A Waterfall Braid (Pics and Video Included)

Last week we covered fishtail braids, but this week we’re really taking to the water by showing you five different ways to do a waterfall braid. While the fishtail braid is usually tight and ultra textured, the waterfall braid is often sleeker and evokes more of a romantic, bohemian vibe. Both types of braids are cool, you’ve just got to decide what kind of mood you’re in.

Triple Braided Waterfall Braid

Academy stylist Bri from Toni & Guy shows you how to create a really interesting variation on the regular waterfall braid in this video tutorial. You’ll essentially create a normal waterfall braid, then braid each of the sections that you let fall. The end result is something that’s very Game of Thrones-meets-couture-catwalk. This is perfect for all those summer festivals you’re getting excited about, visits to the beach or warm afternoons on the patio.

Double Waterfall Twist

Katie Shelton from A Beautiful Mess always has lots of great hair tutorials that are done very well. This “Double Waterfall Twist” is no exception. We love that the two waterfall braids morph into one standard three strand braid. It’s super pretty and would work for all sorts of events. Check out the blog post for details pictures and text. Note that this one is slightly different than some of the other “double waterfall” braid tutorials out there, too.

Waterfall Braided Bun

Our talented friend Christina from the Hair Romance blog did a gorgeous tutorial for another blog called Oh The Lovely Things. This hairstyle is so pretty and can be dressed up for formal occasions such as weddings, dances or fancy office parties. You’re essentially going to create a waterfall braid and then wrap it up into a  pretty bun. The bun that Christina creates is really loopy, voluminous and romantic. Give it a look-see!

Waterfall Braid Bun

Faux Waterfall Braid

OK — so if you don’t want to mess with the waterfall braid itself, we understand 100%. If it seems too complicated for you — or if you simply want to try something else — we suggest you try the “fake waterfall braid.” This one is definitely easier than the original and anyone can do it. All you have to do is create a three strand braid next to one ear and then wrap it around your head. Get the full 4-1-1 on the Daily Makeover blog.

Faux Waterfall Braid

Twisted Waterfall Braid with Rope Braid

You don’t have to possess as much hair as YouTube user Fancy Hair does in order to recreate this hairstyle. It would look beautiful on both long and short hair, and would also work for all sorts of settings. You’ll want to start by prepping your hair. Fancy Hair wears hers with soft, low and billowy waves. You could try something more textured or go the opposite direction and wear your hair super straight.

After you’ve checked out all these different ways to do a waterfall braid, head over to the article, “Summer’s Hottest Accessory: The Fabulous Fishtail Braid” to see some additional great hairstyles.

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