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50+ Choppy Bob Ideas for Modern Textured Haircut

#1: Straight Bob with Choppy Ends for Thin Hair

Try a straight bob with choppy ends for thin hair if you want your hair to appear fuller! The combination of honey blonde, a choppy cut, and straight bob is perfect. Finish your hair with some waves and texture spray to really show off the volume.

Choppy Icy White Deeply Side Parted Lob

#2: Icy White Deeply Side Parted Lob

Try an icy white deeply side parted lob if you want to change up your appearance. As long as you understand there will be maintenance involved in an icy white blonde, go for it. You will likely need a double process to get your color this light. On the bright side, a high lift blonde will give your lob tremendous texture. Be sure to ask your stylist to cut into your ends to achieve a wispy and messy shape. Make sure you condition your hair, too.

Medium-Length Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights

#3: Medium-Length Choppy Bob with Blonde Highlights

A medium-length bob with blonde balayage is a perfect style for women who don’t want to go too short. Have your stylist add some square layers to this perfect length and modernize your shape. Natural highlights such as balayage add texture and grow out easily. Try finishing your style with some curls, curling mid-shaft and leaving the ends straight, to give you a beautiful tousled shape.

#4: Jaw-Length Edgy Choppy Bob

A jaw-length choppy bob is the perfect edgy haircut to try. This look is best paired with a balayage to add dimension.

mid length messy bob haircut

#5: Outstanding Mid-Length Messy Bob Haircut

A definite favorite among all women – the messy bob or the choppy bob is an easy haircut to maintain and style. The messy waves make it a beautiful hairstyle to frame the face and give your hair an effortless texture.

#6: Splendid Short Choppy Bob

This wavy short choppy bob is a beaut that encourages all of us to opt for shorter hair! It’s an easy cut to work with and simple blonde highlights are all you need to get dimension.

#7: Cute Choppy Layered Bob Hair

A long choppy bob cut is a fun messy style. It has a casual lived-in look with a fair amount of layering. These layers can be tousled with a spray wax that is easy to apply, giving it a beachy vibe.

Trendy Chin-length bob with a side part

#8: Trendy Chin-Length Bob with a Side Part

A chin-length choppy bob with a side part for short fine hair is perfect for women wanting a little longer length and fullness. Adding choppy and invisible layers will create movement as fine hair can sometimes appear lifeless and unmanageable. For styling, use a ½ inch barrel curling iron for waves and volume. Then finish with Outer Space Flexible Hold Hairspray.

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#9: Chopped Bob with Blunt Ends

Consider a chopped bob with blunt ends and a side part for a great transitioning cut when growing out pixie cuts. It’s also ideal for ladies who have breakage from chemicals. Invisible layers create the illusion of movement, but they’re not as obvious as regular layers. A blunt cut overall makes your hair appear fuller at the ends. Add some soft waves and shine with R+Co Foil and Outer Space to finish it off.

#10: Multi-Tonal Sun-Kissed Bob with Thin Hair

The beauty of a sun-kissed bob with thin hair is all the dimension of the tonal effect. Gold tones reflect a brighter blonde, which makes your hair stand out. Adding a strong line to a bob will bring another enhancement that creates life to your hair, making it look fuller.

#11: Sweet Chocolate Brunette Bob

It’s all about brunette choppy bob haircuts these days, and this one is worthy to try! A cute fresh cut if you wanna feel light and breezy all summer!

choppy bob for fine hair

#12: Great Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

A secret for fine and thin hair to look gorgeous and fuller is to keep it short with waves and highlights. Plus, you can also style choppy hair with a single side-swept bang for a complete textured look!

#13: Stunning Choppy Inverted Bob with Curtain Bangs

A choppy inverted bob with curtain bangs is the newest trend. An inverted bob means the back is shorter than the front. A cut such as this has longer layers and is super low maintenance.

#14: Fresh Straight Cut Bob

Wanna change and cut some hair off for the hot summer days? This blunt straight medium bob with choppy layers would be a great changeover if you wanna look fresh and trendy this season!

Silver wavy choppy bob with bangs

#15: Silver Wavy Choppy Bob with Bangs

A wavy choppy bob with fringe is a dramatic, rock n roll look. You definitely need a bold personality to go with this silver hair. A short bob haircut is versatile and can be styled straight, wavy, or curled.

Shaggy short bob with bangs and glasses

#16: Short Shaggy Bob with Bangs and Glasses

A short shaggy bob with bangs complements women who wear glasses. The bangs and choppy layers around the face create the perfect frame to compliment the glasses and tie the whole look together. Ask your stylist about length and styling options that best suit your face shape and frame style.

#17: Messy Short Wavy Bob

A short choppy wavy bob gives off messy effortless waves. Subtle texturizing assists your hair to create movement, making styling easy. For softer waves, use a 1 1/4″ barrel curling iron and hairspray and tousle around for a not-so-finished look.

#18: Perfect Choppy Bob for Thin Hair

A perfect choppy bob for thin hair is well-suited for women who like to appear stylish. Creating body and fullness in thinning hair sounds tough but it isn’t. Add some texture for the perfect jagged bob and part heavy on either side to give a fuller bang or side part. Add some waves to show off all the texture put in. You can use a razor or scissors to create a beautiful finish.

#19: Versatile Choppy Short Bob

A choppy short bob is a versatile, edgy cut that works well on fine-to-thick hair. This cut is suitable for all ages. This haircut was softly graduated through the back. I kept the length at the front with soft internal layers. Also, I removed weight from underneath.

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Lovely Long Choppy Bob with Tousled Waves

#20: Lovely Long Choppy Bob

If you’re in need of a change, try a long choppy bob. The lightness you get from a tousled shaggy look is so great for women with thick hair. A fresh rich red brown hair color finishes off this style.

Tousled choppy bob for straight hair

#21: Tousled Bob for Straight Hair

A tousled bob for straight hair at the chin looks beautiful with choppy layers. Try styling it with mousse and babyliss on the ends to create the perfect messy choppy bob look.

#22: Cute Cropped Bob

Try a cute cropped bob with choppy ends and soft layers to create a more textured look. Add a few soft waves and spritz with Texture Tonic spray by Aveda.

#23: Stylish Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob with Balayage

Opt for a stylish choppy bob cut at shoulder length and with Balayage for a stunning look. Styling with beachy waves and adding sea salt spray for texture will have all eyes on you.

#24: Beautiful Choppy Layered Bob with Beach Waves

A choppy layered bob with beach waves flows beautifully and minimizes bluntness. To achieve a tousled, wavy style, carefully curl your hair and then “fluff” it out. It’s done by gently shaking your hair at the roots for a looser look then gently running your fingers through your curls.

Cute Choppy Short Bob with Bangs

#25: Cute Short Bob with Bangs

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, consider a choppy bob with bangs. A short bob with fringe and layers will be complementary to your face shape. Just curl it forward and rough it up with your hands. Experiment with products and try a texture spray or a sea salt spray for even more movement and volume.

#26: Modern Medium Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Try a modern bob hairstyle if you’re looking to add texture and flair to your style. A choppy bob haircut is perfect for medium hair and thicker hair types. The choppiness of the layers helps to reduce the weight of your hair. Be sure to ask your stylist about any additional texturizing your hair may need.

sassy stacked bob

#27: Sassy Stacked Bob

A modern take on a classic choppy hair cut that has been current since its creation almost 60 years ago, the graduated bob. It’s a timeless look that creates shape, movement, and volume when worn straight or wavy. The highlight of this stacked bob is disconnected and runs through the lower half of your haircut, adding extra texture for softness without the need for texturizing and potentially collapsing the shape.

Sometimes women who see this shape think their hair isn’t full enough for it, or ‘my hair won’t do that.’ This haircut creates the shape you’re lacking, and creates weight through the bottom outline, and volume around the head. All of these ingredients help with fine hair.

Cute Textured Bob With Highlights

#28: Cute Textured Bob With Highlights

Consider a textured bob with choppy layering. Ask your stylist for added layers and different texturizing techniques to create body and movement in your hair. To give the brown choppy bob hair the beachy wave look,  use a 1-inch curling iron in alternating directions for extra texture.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, go for a slightly longer styled bob so that when worn curly would look about this length, but when smoothed would be longer. Naturally smooth and fine hair would need extra attention with the curling iron. A bob works for any face shape. Consult with your hairstylist about routine and different versions of a bob that would fit you best.

Stylish Choppy Long Bob

#29: Stylish Choppy Long Bob

A choppy lob haircut works can add a boost to dull, lifeless hair. All hair types and face shapes will benefit from a choppy haircut, as the layers can be modified to suit you best. Major volume and styling versatility are just a few things this style has to offer. Be sure to ask your stylist about modifying the length and layers to personalize your needs.

#30: Low-Maintenance Layered Choppy Bob

A choppy bob with layers is a stylish look to compliment any hair type. It can be versatile and match any lifestyle, from wash-and-wear to a formal affair. Short choppy haircuts are great for adding body to finer hair types, as well as debunk heavy hair.

rocker choppy medium bob with bangs

#31: Rocker Choppy Medium Bob with Bangs

Go for a modern take on the Joan Jett rocker chick medium bob. A heavy fringe falls nicely into face-framing layers with lots of short to long layers throughout the cut. The style was cut completely by razor giving your hair movement and weightlessness and that edgy undone “choppy” look.

Blow your hair out with a paddle brush and lightly touch up with a flat iron for a low-maintenance style. This style would also work well with natural texture. For more of a messy shag, keep the fringe a little longer.

#32: Edgy Textured Bob with Bangs

A textured bob with bangs is a classic look with a lot of versatility. Short bob haircuts are great for any hair type and add great volume and movement. Wear your edgy bob with any parting of your choosing to personalize your cut.

#33: Choppy Collarbone LOB Cut

A choppy long bob cut at collarbone length is ultra-flattering on round to oblong face shapes. Choppy lobs give a lived-in feel to the otherwise classic bob. This look can be created to last with hot tools like GHD Classic Wave Oval Curling Wand, and Ouai’s Waves Spray, to hold the style and add texture.

#34: Undone Textured Bob for Thick Hair

This textured bob for thick hair has an excellent interior to this cut that creates shape and the texture inspires movement on thick hair. On this textured bob the weight is lifted by texture. Your stylist may slice shallow Vs into ends to preserve the integrity of the shape, being careful not to collapse the shape by over-texturizing. Keep the weight higher on most face shapes to lift the sightline rather than drag it down.

Your stylist should be mindful to keep the widest portion of your haircut away from the widest portion of the face shape for balance. Style this bob with a round brush blowout, using a golfball-sized amount of L’anza Design Foam with one pump of L’anza Healing Oil mixed in. Finish by massaging a small dab of L’anza Taffy to give a sexy, undone look.

Razored Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

#35: Razored Shoulder-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

A shoulder-length bob with textured layers is one of the best choppy hairstyles for texture. A razor cut bob helps create volume and movement to your haircut. Razor cuts, in general, help create softness in your hair. This gives you a lighter, wispier appearance, which helps add natural volume to your tresses. Use a wand or curling iron to recreate these messy waves and pick up some texture spray or sea salt spray for even more volume and texture.

Soft Ashy Brown Bob with Wispy Bangs

#36: Soft Ashy Brown Bob with Wispy Bangs

If you’re a lady with a simple laidback lifestyle, go for a soft ashy choppy brown bob with a wispy fringe. Having the option to style with your natural texture keeps this look easy and low maintenance. It also looks great on women with curly hair.

#37: Easy One-Length Bob with Soft Layers

Go for a one-length bob with soft long layers. They were created using carving, feathering, and channel-cutting techniques to add maximum body and make the cut easy to style.

Use the Small Talk cream by Bed Head on wet hair to give it shine and body before blowdrying, combined with the Salt Spray from Catwalk to give it an extra boost for volume. After blow-drying and flat ironing, use the Hard To Get clay from Bed Head to mess up the look. Scrunch your hair to spice it up and create a more effortless yet sexy look.

Classic Dark Brown Shagged Bob

#38: Classic Dark Brown Shagged Bob

A shaggy bob is a simple yet classic style that suits most hair types. Dark brown as a color choice gives a refined and sleek look to your hair without being as harsh against most skin tones. Shagged bobs are perfect to add volume and can be suited to a wash-and-wear lifestyle.

#39: Platinum Pixie Bob with Blunt Layers

A pixie bob with blunt layers is a flattering choice for those with thick hair. The removal of weight and adding of texture to hair that otherwise lacks flexibility creates movement that can be played up or relaxed over the course of wear. For added hold and volume Redken’s ‘Wax blast” is a gem to have within the styling routine.

#40: Trendy Textured Bob with Choppy Layers

A textured bob with choppy layers is ideal for ladies with thick hair. A choppy, texture bob minimizes the bluntness and adds volume. A choppy cut is alluring and has many styling options while only requiring low upkeep.

Choppy Blonde Bob with a Modern Edge

#41: Choppy Blonde Bob with a Modern Edge

If you have super thick hair, cut your hair into a straight choppy bob with a slightly disconnected layer. Ask your stylist to layer your hair this way so the thickness could be taken out without compromising the straight edge.

Product is a must. Try ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment before blow-drying. It is a multi-use lightweight treatment that is suitable for all hair types. Also, use Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair once your hair is dry to give a grunge feel to roots and ends. Only the ends were straightened with a GHD iron in order to leave the root area with lift and body. Always blow-dry down your hair shaft for minimal frizz.

Flattering Auburn Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

#42: Flattering Auburn Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

A long chopped bob cut at collarbone length is ultra-flattering on round to oblong face shapes. Choppy lobs give a lived-in feel to the otherwise classic bob. This look can be created to last with hot tools like GHD Classic Wave Oval Curling Wand, and Ouai’s Waves Spray, to hold the style and add texture.

#43: Disheveled Jet Black Bob with Choppy Layers

Opt for a disheveled black bob with choppy layers. While wet, use a leave-in conditioner/heat protector called UNITE 7 Seconds. Also, add some UNITE Boosta which is a volume spray that adds touchable texture and hold. Make an ‘L’ with your arm and spray both products from that distance, then blow dry them in. Finish the style with UNITE’s Texturiza. You don’t want a choppy look to be perfect, so some pieces might be straighter than others and that’s ok. Finish by spraying it all over with the Texturiza, comb through with fingers, and you’re done.

#44: Effortless Blunt Bob with Choppy Layers

This soft blunt bob with choppy layering has front pieces and the overall cut is so easy to style and makes it look effortlessly beachy and chic. Keep styling products to a minimum where you can. For this particular texture, just use a heat protector like Revlon Professional Unique One. After styling, add just a few sprays of sea salt spray.

This is a super easy choppy bob style to maintain, so women who have the time to do a rough blow dry and twist out the top layers with a hair straightener (approximately 20 minutes) after they wash their hair would be able to maintain this look quite well.

Creative Choppy Short A-Line Bob

#45: Creative Choppy Short A-Line Bob

An a-line bob is a creative way to showcase personal style and adds flair to an otherwise subtle style. This look can vary from sleek and polished, to textured and lived-in with the use of a blow dryer and paddle brush. Use a 1″ smoothing iron to help smooth or tousle. Redken’s “Iron shape 11” can go into damp hair to prepare for a blow-dry or be spritzed on dry hair for added shine and conditioning while heat protecting.

#46: Cool Ash Blonde to Bright Blonde Bob

A bright ash blonde bob is a cool-toned blonde that works great on natural levels 7 and above. For lower maintenance, try brighter tipped-out ends and a root smudge for beautiful dimension and a little more time between appointments.

Fun and Flirty Shag Bob

#47: Fun and Flirty Shag Bob

This shag bob needs a good flexible hairspray to spray on each section before curling. Also, try a good texturing powder for the root area and throughout for volume and texture, as well as a smoothing serum to smooth any frizzy ends and reform curls. This is a very easy hairstyle, but you’ll need to use a product if you want a nice sleek look or a beachy look.

#48: Sexy Golden Blonde Layered Bob

This golden blonde choppy layered bob is now more than a shoulder-grazing chop. It’ll offer your mane a shape and volumized hairstyle, fueled by texture and hairspray. A gorgeous golden layered bob you’ll love to show off around!

Delectable Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

#49: Delectable Choppy Bob with Side Bangs

A textured lob with a side-swept bang is a classic look for mid-aged women wanting a trendy look. A chunky bob with side bangs and a natural balayage is timeless and a great way to start growing out your natural sparkle without having a line of demarcation.

#50: Trendsetting Feathered Bob

The feathered bob is a classic style perfect for older women wanting a trendy cut. Styling with a blowout and then finishing with textured flatiron curls is a great combination with a razor cut bob.

#51: Asymmetrical Angled Bob with Blonde Choppy Ends

An asymmetrical angled bob can be a great cut for any age and face shape! A moderate effort will be required in styling a short, asymmetrical bob. Use a blow dryer and a Denman or flat brush against the curve of the head to create natural volume. Add beach waves for more movement by leaving the blonde choppy ends out while curling.

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