Braided Crown for Long Hair Summer Updo

6 Everyday Summer Updos That’ll Keep You Cool, No Sweat!

As you may have noticed, it’s getting pretty hot outside. Slowly people have traded out their hoodies for tank tops and thermal leggings for skirts that let their legs breath. While we love the look of a gorgeous head of hair cascading down your back and around your neck, wearing your hair down isn’t exactly an ideal way to keep cool in the sweltering summer heat.

After all, profuse sweating isn’t a good look on anyone. The thing is, often times updos are ultra formal, making them seem out of place when you’re running around a park or running everyday errands. Fret not, for we’ve come to the hair rescue. Check out these six everyday summer updos that’ll keep you cool.

Braided Crown For Long Hair

Long hair is particularly cumbersome in the summertime. For a quick fix, all you have to do is divide your hair in half, braid each side and then wrap it around your head to create a braided crown. The blogger team at Treasures and Travels teaches you how to recreate the look, focusing specifically on long hair. We like the idea of pairing this one with wild flowers for a boho-festival vibe.

Wrapped Braid Updo

Manuela from Join The Mood has created a really beautiful hairstyle perfect for all sorts of summer shenanigans. Most importantly, it keeps hair off your neck. It’s also one of those hairstyles that’ll have people asking how you did it. While it looks a little complicated, it’s actually really easy to recreate. We have a sneaking suspicion that this hairstyles will become one of your go-tos all summer long. Wrapped Braid Summer Updo

Side Braided Messy Updo

We’re digging the low key vibe this side braid messy updo gives off. And we’re also digging the fact that it’s super easy to recreate. YouTube user x3Haha takes you through all the steps in her three minute video tutorial. She recommends curling your hair before you begin, which will create more volume and texture in your bun. Once your hair is prepped, you create a sideways French braid, secure on the opposite side of your head, and then create your messy bun. All the details are in the video.

Quick & Easy Messy Faux Bob

Not ready to commit to a bob (or lob)? Or maybe you want to take short hair for a ride before you fully commit. Either way, you can get the best of both worlds by recreating this Quick & Easy Messy Faux Bob by YouTube user Missplu561. Essentially, you wrap sections of your medium to long hair into a loop and then pin it to your head. We think this looks best with voluminous hair, so really go to town with that curling iron and texturizing spray before starting.

Knot Tie Updo for Short Hair

Our friends at The Beauty Department have done it again with this super sweet Knot Tie Updo for Short Hair. Yes, even short haired ladies like to keep their hair up and out of their face! This hairstyle is a little more complex than the others we’ve included on this list, but you’ll be happy you mastered it when all is said and done. While this tutorial is written for ladies with cropped locks, we think it will work on those with longer hair, as well. Summer Updos

Upside Down French Braid with Hair Bow

Can hair get any cuter? The answer is no! YouTube User Bebexo finally posted a video tutorial showing you how to recreate an upside down French braid. Usually when these are done, it’s topped (literally) with a bun. Bebexo tries something new by creating a bow made from her hair. She also teaches you how to create the normal sock bun up top, but suggests you add a fabric bow to make it even cuter. Want to see updos that are more formal? Check out Black Tie Approved: Trendy Updos for Your Spring & Summer Formal Occasions.

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