The best shoulder length curly hair ideas

62 Best Shoulder Length Curly Hair Cuts & Styles in 2023

#1: Stunning Thick Curls

One of the best ways to style your coils is with stunning thick curls. You can help amplify your curls by investing in the right regiment of products for your hair type, as well as a diffuser. Talk to your stylist about setting up a curl consultation to get you and your locks on the right track.

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#2: Perfectly Shaped Curls

Transform your ringlets into a halo of perfectly shaped curls. I recommend that you ask for square layering. It helps to maintain length on the top and the bottom, excavating the hair in between. This will give you more volume on the sides, and allow for a flatter top. Don’t forget to have a face frame around your cheekbones to complete the beautiful shape. It is better to diffuse your curls instead of air drying them to increase their fullness.

#3: Modern Full Curls

Give your curly hair an updated look with modern full curls. When it comes to styling curly hair you need products that will define and hold your curl. Make sure you have some type of layering in your hair to make your curls spring up with ease. When defusing with a blow dryer, only dry your hair about 70% and let it air dry the rest of the way to prevent frizz.

#4: Gorgeous Deva Curls

Enjoy your natural hair in gorgeous deva curls. If you want to wear your hair in ringlets, minimal layers are the key. The weight of your hair will pull the curls down and make them into beautiful spirals. This is the reason to avoid short layers. If you can, try air drying with a curl product to increase the definition and reduce frizz. If you have to blow dry your curl, use a diffuser and try not to touch it too much to achieve perfectly separated curls.

#5: Gorgeous Chocolate Shoulder-Length Curls

Consider doing gorgeous chocolate shoulder-length curls, if you have naturally curly hair. When blow-drying curly hair remember to use a diffuser. Using a diffuser will allow the heat to dry your hair, but your hair won’t be blown around by the air pressure. A diffuser will help to create volume and to eliminate frizz.

Shaggy Curly Lob for Medium-Length Hair

#6: Shaggy Curly Lob

Give your curly locks a voluminous style with a shaggy lob. Wear your hair shoulder length with layers to give your curly tendrils spring and bounce. To keep your hair fabulous all day long use a gel to scrunch and a defuser to give some extra volume.

The Fullest Shoulder-Length Curls

#7: The Fullest Shoulder-Length Curls

Make everyone envious with the fullest shoulder-length curls. If you want to show off your natural texture having a medium length is perfect to manage your curly locks. I recommend cutting the layers and length dry to preserve length and know where it will fall.

#8: Effortless Natural Curls

Don’t be afraid of dreaded frizz and go for effortless natural curls. Using a leave-in conditioner is one of the most effective ways to prevent your curls from becoming dried out and frizzy. Using the right products for your curly hair is key to keeping your locks hydrated and happy. You don’t have to use a ton of products but using the right ones will make a huge difference.

#9: Gorgeous Gray Curls with a Middle Part

Be a trendsetter and show your natural beauty with gorgeous gray curls with a middle part. A medium length is perfect for aging hair to give it body and fullness. Getting off the dead ends will instantly make your hair healthier. Consider a face frame or curtain bang to instantly give your face a lift for a more youthful appearance.

#10: Thick and Full Curls

Thick and full curls are so beautiful and bouncy. When it comes to drying and styling curly hair you may want to use a microfiber towel. The microfiber towel will help to absorb the water from your hair and keep it from getting frizzy. When you use a regular cotton towel the friction can rough up the cuticles of your hair causing it to be frizzy.

#11: Mid-Length Curls with Grey Ombre

Try out a new hairdo with mid-length curls paired with a gray ombre. If you want to make your curls spring up easier, cut some long layers to release dead weight. Long layers will give the illusion of fuller and curlier locks. Remember when styling, use a curl-defining cream and gel to hold and keep frizz away.

#12: Collarbone-Length Curls for Women Over 60

When you’re at that age where everything that you put on is an epitome of elegance, these fringing curls are the best way to show that. This silver-gray curly hairstyle is perfect and works best on thin curly hair.

Dark brown medium length curly hair style

#13: Dark Brown Medium-Length Curly Hair Style

Go for dark brown medium-length curly hair for super reflective rich colored curls. Darker bases will always reflect so much more shine and that’s one thing curly girls crave. A layered curly hairstyle keeps a little weight on the length, pushing your layers up for a blended shape.

#14: Bold Jet Black Curls

Bold curls are one of the best ways to turn heads! This sultry, deep color mixed with big bouncy curls will make you feel ultra sexy and extra cool, no matter where you’re at.

#15: Next-Level Thick and Full Curls

Thick and full curls are a girl’s dream! It can come true when partnered with a salon professional that understands how to take your hair to the next level with product recommendations and a complimenting haircut to match. A brand like Rëzo makes it that much easier to search and locate a stylist within your area that can assist with making your hair dreams come true.

Grey Curly Mid-Length Hair

#16: Grey Curly Mid-Length Hair

Grey mid-length hair is the perfect style for icy coils in need of a refresh. The shorter layers in this style allow your curls to bounce up, creating more movement and volume in your style.

#17: Voluminous Thick Curly Hair

Thick curly hair can look extremely heavy, but with the right cut, you can achieve the most voluminous, bouncy, flattering curls. Curly haircuts are often done on dry, styled hair and are often a “specialty” service. Cutting on dry curls, allows the stylist to see how your curls naturally fall, in turn, giving you the best cut and shape possible.

#18: Sexy Curly Balayage

A balayage, by definition, is hand-painted highlights that give your hair a natural effect. A curly balayage is done by selecting specific curl strands that will give the most flattering, natural look possible.

Gorgeous Mid-Length Springy Curls

#19: Gorgeous Mid-Length Springy Curls

Mid-length springy curls are voluminous and bouncy. To achieve fuller curls around your face make sure your hair is nice and damp and use your styling foam to carefully finger coil each curl root to tip. The amount of hair will vary based on your desired size of your curl. Gently scrunch and air dry or diffuse for extra volume.

#20: Youthful Side-Parted Naturally Curly Hair

Side-parted, naturally curly hair can be flirty yet mysterious with its youthful appeal. Fine to medium density can benefit from a style that adds body by splitting off the part from one side to the other. Some styling hacks include over-directing and styling it on one side, and once dry flipping to the preferred side. Or by flipping your part from left to right as the days of wear carry on. A soft zig-zag parting works best for thin to fine hair that aims to achieve the same voluminous result.

Feminine Thick Shoulder-Length Curls

#21: Feminine Thick Shoulder-Length Curls

Thick, shoulder-length, curly-haired ladies are believed to have it the best, but in reality, that’s not always the case. While thick hair is naturally full, it’s often weighed down, which is why layered haircuts are most suitable. There are many different types of dry curly haircuts DevaCuts, Rezo Cuts, Sahag cuts, and many others. Be sure to do your research to decide which is best for you.

#22: Thick and Full Jet Black Curls

If jet black is unnatural to your canvas, a trip to the salon for “all over color,” or “gloss” will help keep your hair color looking of salon quality. Visits may range from 4-8 weeks and when paired with a stellar at-home routine, your hair can look its best.

#23: Stylish Loose Blonde Curls

A shorter, round shape compliments loose blonde curls so much. Give this cut a try if you’re looking for more volume and something to frame your face. Style with Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer and air dry or diffuse for more lift.

Medium-Length Bright Purple and Jade Curls

#24: Bright Purple and Jade Curls

Fashion colors on medium-length curly hair, like bright purple and jade, make your curls pop by defining your strands with contrasting hues. Once your canvas is light enough, a variety of color combinations can be created to keep your hair interesting. Sulfate-free shampoos will aid in color retention and professional care will keep your color fresh.

Shoulder grazing very curly hair

#25: Shoulder-Grazing Very Curly Hair

Enhance your shape with shoulder-grazing very curly hair which will give you a beautiful flow of curls. Shoulder-length curly hairstyles are such a great length to allow for extra layering which creates a soft, rounded shape. This length of haircut for curly hair will require some form of shaping or layering to avoid the curly triangle.

Deva curly hairstyle for medium length hair

#26: Deva Curly Hairstyle for Medium-Length Hair

A Deva curly hairstyle for medium-length hair gives off an instant boost of texture, volume, and bounce. Medium-length naturally curly hairstyles are well-suited for women who aspire to have a voluminous flow of layering. The DevaCurl method works on the individuality of your curls to attain their fullest potential.

wonderful shoulder-length curly bob with loose curls

#27: Wonderful Shoulder-Length Curly Bob with Loose Curls

This is a long curly bob cut to enhance the natural curl. The waves and layers give the cut a nice, strong shape with a nice wide triangle, which is the best of curly haircuts. Naturally curly girls looking for this look shouldn’t be afraid! Many women considering medium-length naturally curly hair styles think that they are limited to only having long hair below their shoulders, but it just isn’t true. Find a stylist who specializes in curly cuts, and they can create a shape to enhance your curl instead of fighting against it.

Medium u-cut for curls

#28: Medium U-Cut for Curls

A medium U-cut for curls is perfect for ladies looking to grow their hair while keeping their curls bouncy. Adding in layers will lessen the weight of your hair and help achieve extra volume and bounce.

#29: Bold Red Medium-to-Long Curly Hair

Red medium-to-long curly hair is achievable with the right cut and styling technique. Ask your stylist to cut your hair using a “curly” cut technique. This haircut is done on dry hair to achieve even layers. Curls have endless possibilities if you’re bold enough to have fun with them!

Voluminous curls for black women

#30: Voluminous Curls for Black Women

Voluminous curls for black women have endless possibilities and look fabulous on almost all face shapes. Black ladies with curly hair will want a more moisturizing product to keep their curls happy all day long.

#31: Messy Lob for Curly Girls

Messy lob hairstyles are any curly girls’ favorite hairdo. Ask your stylist to do a “curly cut.” This hairdo is done on dry, styled hair to best achieve the layered fullness you’re looking for.

Romantic curly bun updo for mid-length hair

#32: Romantic Curly Bun Updo for Mid-Length Hair

A romantic curly bun updo for mid-length hair has endless possibilities. It’s both easy to achieve and easy to style. Section off your bangs, add a gorgeous hair scarf, let your curls swirl their way off, and you’re good to go.

Balayage ombre on mid-length curls

#33: Balayage Ombre on Mid-Length Curls

A balayage ombré is very practical if you’re wanting to grow out your hair color as it allows your natural color to blend in smoothly. Opting for balayage ombré on your mid-length curls adds extra definition to your intricate curls while suitably framing your face. This hairstyle requires a non-strict and low-maintenance hair care routine.

#34: Cute Shoulder-Length Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

Opt for a shoulder-length curly hairstyle with bangs and a side part. Curly girls are sometimes terrified of volume, but here’s the thing, curls will always have volume. It’s just where that volume is distributed. There are various reasons that cause our hair to act up, so different products help in different situations. With that said,  take advice from a stylist you trust rather than a YouTuber.

#35: Naturally Curly Mid-Length Cut for a Round Face

A naturally curly mid-length cut for a round face shape needs choppy layers throughout. Medium-length curly hairstyles, without added layers, can look a bit heavy if left too short as it adds width to round face shapes.

medium layered curly hair idea

#36: Medium Layered Curly Hair Idea

This medium-layered curly hair with length and face-framing is stunning for older women. Don’t be afraid of layers. Medium hairstyles for curly hair look best when they have layers, or you’ll end up with the dreaded triangle. Find a stylist who’s comfortable cutting your locks dry and curl by curl, so they can give you a custom cut for your medium springy curls. Use a medium hold silicone-free (water-based) gel and a diffuser. Diffuse upside down and tip to the sides to achieve maximum volume.

Beachy natural curls for medium-length hair

#37: Beachy Natural Curls for Medium Hair

This is one of the cutest haircuts for naturally curly hair. Ask your stylist to consider cutting your hair using the Deva Curl Waterfall Cut technique. Then add in some soft layers and fun playful bangs.

To style your medium curly hair with curly bangs, follow the Deva Curl No Poo Transformation for hairstyles like this. Leave a good amount of Deva Curl Condition One conditioner in the shampoo bowl after you detangle your curls so they could reform. Use the Deva Curl Light Defining Gel and follow with the Deva Curl Frizz Free Foam, and start removing as much moisture as you can with the Deva towel (strongly suggest using it if you have natural curl). After fully dry, flip your head upside down and fluff your curls.

big curls on shoulder-length hair

#38: Big Curls on Shoulder-Length Hair

These big curls on shoulder-length hair are for women wanting to recreate hairstyles for medium curly hair. Just know what ingredients are going into the products you choose. Harsh sulfates are going to strip vital moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and very difficult to style. Silicones are going to leave a film on your hair strand and build up over time, creating a cast that interferes with shine, vibrancy, and elasticity.

For our curly textures, hydration starts in your shower. To start this curly haircut off, a deep cleansing of your scalp should be done with DevaCurl Low-Poo Original Cleanser, followed by DevaCurl One Condition. The mixture of two products allows for easy slip while detangling, and because no sulfates are used, essential moisture is not stripped away during the process.

#39: Lovely Curly Layered Hair

This lovely medium-layered curly hairstyle was cut via the Deva Cut. One of the best things about haircuts for curly hair like this is how seamless the layers are. It’s perfect for creating lift and lightness with heavy hair. It also brings volume and fullness to fine or thin hair. The amazing finish was created with DevaCurl products. Super Cream added moisture was used to help smooth hair texture and the Ultra Defining Gel was used for definition and hold.

#40: Messy Medium Cut with Curly Bangs

A messy medium cut with bangs is super low-maintenance and gives a maximum volume.  Ask your stylist to use a 90-degree layering technique all around your head. Then, make rounded layers with point-cutting. The curly bangs and face-framing are cut separately to match your facial features.

#41: Layered Blonde Curls on a Lob

A layered curly lob can enhance natural curls. Adding in structured layers creates volume on top and the “perfectly undone” texture. To avoid frizz and less curl definition, use styling or curl cream. Such products are sure to freshen up the next-day curls. You need the proper technique and the right products for your hair type to get the outcome you desire. The technique used is called Brush Styling. It smooths and enhances your curl pattern. Plus, it allows you to choose the amount of volume you wish.

The best advice for wearing your hair curly is to not compare yourself to others. Curly girls with gorgeous curls are can be hard on themselves. This is because they want someone else’s curl type. Embrace your beautiful curls. There is only one of you!

curly and thick shoulder-length hair

#42: Curly & Thick Shoulder-Length Hair

A layered cut for thick curly hair is designed for women who want to remove some weight near the length of their hair but still have movement and volume. It’s an easy transition from having long curly hair to having mid-length hair.

This is a low-maintenance style that works best for women with medium to thick hair. It’s suitable for most face shapes as the layering naturally elongates and creates a nice silhouette. Keeping the layers long enough to easily pull your hair back into a bun or simply away from your face, makes this a versatile and easy style to maintain.

#43: Layered Curly Bob Hairstyle with Thick Curls

This long layered bob haircut creates a serious bounce in her curls to give this curly girl a sophisticated and flirty look! Those layers of short curls also add more volume to your hair.

If you are looking to achieve this hairstyle for your curly hair, you will be happy with the ease of this style! With the right cut, this style simply takes a heavy dose of moisture and a curl-defining product like Living Proof Curl Defining Creme. Diffuse or air dry, and voila! If you have a looser curl, create texture in your crown with the cut and throw in a few loose curls with a curling iron.

#44: Natural Medium-Length Layered Curly Cut

This medium-length layered cut allows the curls to fall beautifully and naturally where they need to lay. The cut was done dry because dry cutting brings out the best in your naturally curly hair. It allows your stylist to see where each curl wants to live and will thrive the best in your cut.

The curly hair journey is a lifetime commitment! To achieve beautiful natural curly hairstyles like this, you first have to get rid of ingredients such as silicones and sulfates that will be damaging and weigh down your curly hair. You also need to consider your hair’s porosity and balance between moisture and protein in order to really give your hair what it needs.

messy and sweet curly shag cut

#45: Messy and Sweet Curly Shag

Opt for a modern messy curly shag for your medium-length hair. When looking at hairstyles for medium to long curls, modern and low-maintenance cuts are what it’s all about. Adding product when your hair is super wet helps distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. Use DevaCurl Supercream and Ultra Defining Gel.

#46: Before and After Medium Curly Locks

This is a before and after of a Deva Cut which is a dry cut for curly hair. This medium-length curly hair is a perfect haircut for women that wear their hair curled and want some definition in their curl pattern that brightens them up without too much volume.

#47: Cascading Curly Wavy Hair

This curly wavy hair is a universal look for many curly girls. Elevating layers so they cascade over the other removes bulk along with proper styling. When your hair reaches collarbone-length and past, this is a great low-maintenance look for any curly girl with any face shape to consider.

Like all curly gals, your hair needs moisture. From wavy to corkscrew curls, they all deal with the dreaded frizz factor. So the products you use have to keep all moisture locked in. It’s important to use a sulfate-free cleanser (which keeps oils in) and a silicone-free conditioner (silicones = synthetics and they are water blockers!).

#48: Big Bouncy Curls

These big bouncy curls are ideal for any woman with any lifestyle. Use any curling gel layered with a cream to give life to your blonde strands when styling.

#49: Pretty Medium-Short Curly Hair

This medium-short curly hair looks dramatic, inspiring, and very pretty! This is the cut that benefits women with a naturally curly texture. The secret to its nice-looking shape lies in the top layers. If top layers get too long, the result may appear bulky and rounded. When it comes to styling, hairspray can be your friend. The amount of definition that the product provides will add height and volume to your curls.

#50: Healthy-Looking Tight Curls on Medium Hair

Wear tight curls, and show off your natural hair texture! This big curly hair style is side-parted to give your super-curly hair an instant lift. Keep your locks hydrated from roots to ends for a healthier, bouncier result.

#51: Fresh Natural Curly Blonde Hair

Opt for natural curly blonde hair, and achieve that fun, fresh-looking edge that’s similar to Charlize Theron’s! The secret to its perfection is the curls’ natural texture. The bright blonde shade suits a woman with blue eyes. It’s the trendy style that gives your tresses a livelier finish.

#52: Shoulder-Length Curly Locks with Side Bangs

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to try donning a curly crown with your natural hair color. Go for the full younger look with your curly locks on a medium cut paired with some side bangs.

#53: Beautiful Brown Curly Hair

Everyone loves beautiful brown curly hair. Medium-length curly hair is a way to enhance your natural curls. Removing some length gives your curls a little bounce. Style with a curl activating mousse and dry with a diffuser.

#54: Easy Mid-Length Curly Shag with Fringe

For a low-maintenance and trendy style, consider a mid-length shag with fringe. This cut is great for a variety of face shapes and hair textures and requires little to no-effort styling. Simply air dry or diffuse your hair with a mousse or texturizing cream and you are done.

#55: Shoulder-Length Curly Shag with No Bangs

A shoulder-length curly shag with no bangs is perfect if you’re a girl on the go. This cut virtually styles itself and can be worn up or down. Shampoo and condition with moisture-rich products, and then air-dry or diffuse with curl cream.

#56: Copper Curls for Mid-Length Hair

Give your mid-length curls new life with a copper hue. Warm, copper tones cause light to reflect and bounce off each individual coil and cue. This light trick will make your curls appear healthy, voluminous, and full.

cute curly cut for older women

#57: Cute Curly Cut for Older Women

With a busy life and schedule, a cute curly cut for older women is an easy choice when there are options for natural styling! This medium-length cut actually comes off more youthful and age-appropriate versus overgrown hair. Consult with a stylist that is familiar with working with curly hair to find the perfect products to define and keep your curls moisturized.

Curly Half-Up Half-Down

#58: Curly Half-Up Half-Down

A curly half-up half-down hairstyle looks gorgeous for formal events. I love this look because it preserves the natural curls. It defines them and creates a lush backdrop that wraps the face of the bride. Curly hair haircuts are great for girls who want to keep their natural curls, recognize themselves on their wedding day, but still be the best version of themself. For girls with thin or not-so-full hair, use hair extensions.

For this look, you need to have some patience because you have to work on the curls one by one. To maintain durability, I recommend that you use hair spray with stronghold formula.

#59: Mid-Length Inverted Bob for Curly Locks

A mid-length inverted bob for curly locks is shorter in the back with stacked layers and long, curved lines in the front. Curly hair allows for the weight off your back, but a stunning waterfall of curls throughout.

#60: Mid-Length Curly Shag Cut with Curly Bangs

A mid-length curly shag cut with curly bangs is a great cut if you are looking to enhance your natural curl pattern. Curly curtain bangs help to create a soft face frame to draw attention to your best features. A shag cut can reduce the weight distribution to create more defined and voluminous curls. Try a medium to strong hold curl cream or curl gel to hold your hair to increase the longevity of your style.

Related: See more mid-length hairstyles with curtain bangs.

#61: Natural Curls with a Side Part

If you have a round or heart-shaped face, wearing your natural curls with a side part can help to soften and elongate your face. A side part is an easy way to create a more voluminous look for your curls. If you have trouble getting your hair to stay over to the side, try using roller pins to hold your hair to the side while wet and allow it to dry naturally. Another way to get your hair to stay is to use a medium to strong hold curl product and diffuse or air dry.

#62: Mid-Length Blonde Curls with a Deep Side Part

Curly curls love a good side part, and mid-length blonde curls with a deep side part show off all the gorgeous dimensions in your hair. Find a curly specialist in your area that knows how to enhance your specific curl type. Curly hair behaves very differently from straight hair, and a specialist will be able to identify your curl pattern and cut a shape ideal for you. Medium-length haircuts are the go-to for many types of curly hair because it’s long enough to show off your luscious locks but short enough that your curls can keep their bounce.

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