Long layered haircuts

80+ Best Layered Haircuts for Long Hair to Have More Movement

#1: Platinum Long Layered Hair

Extra long hairstyles with layers like this one boast a trendy shadow root and platinum-colored tresses. Try a long curtain bang for added movement around your face. Adding textured angles is a great way to show off your blonde locks.

Platinum blonde layering long layered hair

Instagram @fortvna.coiffure

#2: Platinum Blonde Layering

Long layered hairstyles are perfect for diminishing strong facial features. The dark roots melting into the white-blonde hair really bring out a modern, feminine layered look.

#3: Gorgeous Wavy Long Layers

Wavy long layers are a classically beautiful long hairstyle that looks good on nearly everyone. This soft, romantic style can be worn for almost any occasion.

#4: Long Layered Haircut with Beachy Waves

To make your hair showcase beachy waves, ask your stylist at your next visit for a long layered haircut. Then, style with a 1″-1.5″, depending on your length, paired with hairspray and a volume mousse for volume while adding hold. Hot tip, the smaller the barrel and the tighter the curl, the longer the wear of your style.

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#5: White Blonde Long Layers

Try long layers on your white, blonde hair if you’re looking to add some movement to your hair. If you want to get the most out of your haircut, style with a round brush or a blow dryer brush to create bends and movement in the layers. I advise using a blow dry spray, such as Amika’s Brooklyn Bombshell, to help cut down blow dry time while aiding in the hold of your style.

#6: Deep Side Part Hair with Long Feathery Layers

Deep side-part hair with long feathery layers is a great option if you have thick hair. To create volume at the crown, style your hair in the middle then flip your hair to one side after drying. This will create mega volume. For added staying power, tease a little at your root and hairspray. When curling long hair with layered ends concentrate your curls mid-shaft to ends for a more dramatic look.

Long Lived-In Brunette Hair with Layers

#7: Long Lived-In Brunette Hair

Give your long locks a snip with long, lived-in brunette hair. One of the best ways to bring movement into long hair is by cutting long layers. For my clients who don’t like long layers, I’ll cut invisible layers to add movement without the typical look of layers. I always cut my layers dry so I can see exactly where they will fall and how much I’m taking off.

#8: Long Wavy Layers with Face-Framing Highlights

Long wavy layers paired with face-framing highlights help add some depth to your hairstyle. Long-layered locks help keep your length but remove some weight which allows for more movement and volume in your hair.

Long Front Layers with a Blowout Style

#9: Long Front Layers with a Blowout Style

While longer hair is gorgeous, it can be heavy and weighed down. Ask your stylist if long front layers will be a good option for you. Oftentimes, feathered layers are extremely versatile and give the illusion of thick, full hair while maintaining the length.

Stunning Long Bouncy Layers

#10: Stunning Long Bouncy Layers

Go for a long hairstyle paired with bouncy 90’s layers. If you’re looking for a lot of body and lightness in your hair, adding layers to long hair will give you lots of movement. For an eye-catching style, long layered hair will bounce up with a fresh roller set or allow pinned curls to cool before releasing.

Sexy Razored Long Layers with a Face Frame

Instagram @n.ingramluck

#11: Sexy Razored Long Layers with a Face Frame

Razored long layers with a face frame is a hairstyle that you can never go wrong with. It may not look like much, but even the smallest changes to a haircut can make the biggest impact. Having a hair color to highlight your haircut is important, a money piece (face-framing highlight) will pair well with a face-framed layer or bang. Blow dry your hair with a round brush to get the ends of your layers flipped out and shaped nicely around your face.

#12: Stylish Face-Framing Layers for Long Hair

Opt for face-framing layers for your long hair to add shape and style. When considering doing face-framing layers you will want to keep in mind the length of the shortest layer. If you wear your hair up often you might want to keep the shortest layer at chin-length or longer. These touchable face-framing layers will look amazing no matter how long or short you go.

#13: Feathered Cut with Accented Caramel Tones

Go for a feathered layered cut with caramel accent tones. Consider trying layers from the mid-shaft of your hair if your hair is long and thick. By showing movement and creating a lovely shape, a feathered style can be a versatile option. Caramel tones blend like a sun-kissed dream on darker base colors.

#14: Two-Toned Layers on Extra Long Hair

Two-toned layers added to your extra long hair are an amazing way to show off your long length. By adding a lighter color on the top of your head, you give the illusion of having longer hair. Keeping the underneath darker, you save money, keep your hair healthy, and keep the dimension in your hair. Adding long layers also adds to the illusion of length, giving the eye different points of interest.

Sassy Long Cascading Layers

#15: Sassy Long Cascading Layers

Try long cascading layers if you have thick hair. This super sassy cut is enhanced by the thickness of your hair. The bottom is cut into a v shape and long layers are added from there. To get this style, you’ll want to dry your hair with a round brush. After each layer, direct your hair to curl in one direction, alternating directions for each layer.

#16: Long V-Shaped Layers on Mid-Back Hair

Opt out for long V-shaped layers on your mid-back length. This type of layering will follow the v-line shape of your haircut. The chic layers will make your heavy hair feel lighter while adding volume and texture at the same time. Take your hairstylist’s advice on the most suitable scalp home cosmetics for your hair.

#17: Subtle Layers on Bold Plum Red Hair

Rock subtle layers if you have long plum-red hair. A plum red is the perfect mix of red, violet, and fabulous. Long layered hairstyles can add volume, make your hair look longer, and remove bulk. Also, when you curl your hair you get more texture throughout your hair with some layering.

#18: Timeless Long Wispy Layers with Soft Waves

Long wispy layers paired with soft waves are a timeless option if you have long hair. If you have wavy hair, try using a mousse or gel to scrunch your hair, creating those soft waves. However, if you have straight hair, you will need to take more time to blow-dry and curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron.

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#19: Feathered Chunky Layers on Long Hair

Adding feathered, chunky layers to your long hair will look great if you have a medium to thick textured hair. This is a perfect way to keep length while creating movement. Layered hairstyles add a lot to the flow of hair creating a beautiful cascade of curls.

#20: Effortless Two Layer Haircut

Effortlessly layered haircuts for long hair are ideal when wanting a transformation while still keeping your length. This polished style will give you the best of both worlds, the layering and curtain bangs add bounce, shape, and movement while still having your sleek, sexy long hair.

Gorgeous Long Layered Waves

#21: Gorgeous Long Layered Waves

Long waves are a perfect style for all hair types and great if you like to keep your day-to-day style low-maintenance. Styling your hair wavy can also bring out the colors in your hair by giving more reflection of light. Waves in layered hairstyles for long hair are fairly easy to achieve if you have the proper tools and can last multiple days without needing to be restyled if you have the right hair type. Be sure to ask your stylist for a wave demo and product recommendations to achieve your style with ease.

#22: Casual Long-Length Angled Layers

Long-length layers cut at an angle help to keep fullness throughout your hair. When paired with soft face-framing layering it will give you the appearance of a slimmer face. Whether you style your haircut straight or curled, you will have so much movement, giving it a light and free appearance.

Bold Long Heavily Layered Haircut

#23: Bold Long Heavily Layered Haircut

A heavily layered haircut is a style you really want to have when you want bounce, texture, and a new shape. Accentuating the bold layering around your face will take your simple blowout to another level of sexiness. Choose a middle part to make your look complete.

Beautiful Long Feathered Hair

#24: Beautiful Long Feathered Hair

Try long feathered hair if you have thick hair and you want to add movement. Long feathered layers also remove weight from long and thick hair to give it more body and bounce. Style with a mousse or a root lift spray to add extra volume at your root and finish with a texture spray to add separation to your layers.

#25: Extremely Layered Thick Hair

Extremely layered hair is a wonderful hairstyle to try if you have thick hair. Feel bold and stylish with voluminous blown-out layers. Ask your stylist about the required product and hot tool to recreate your look at home.

#26: Cute Side-Swept Front Layer Cut

Try a side-swept layered cut and jazz up your style. If you have one-length long hair adding front layers can totally change your appearance for the better. If you like to wear a ponytail, the side-swept front looks awesome left out as an option. You’ll want to blow dry with a medium to large round brush and if you want your hair to look extra pretty, add some curl with an iron to the front layers.

Middle Part Layered Cut on Super Long Hair

#27: Middle Part Layered Cut on Super Long Hair

You’ll want a middle-part layered cut on your super long hair if you want to take your hair to the next level. Face-framing layers styled away from your face will give you this glamorous style. Keep in mind, that you will most likely need to curl your hair after your blowout, and it takes a bit of time. Make sure you ask your stylist to start your side angle below your chin for a soft and beautiful result.

Inspiring Long Layering with Highlights

#28: Inspiring Long Layering with Highlights

An inspiring cut with long layering that’s paired with highlights is a fun way to change up your style. A dimensional blonde is created by varying the thickness of your highlights along with the placement. Also, the different shades of blonde make all your colors pop.

#29: Classic Layers and Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

Try adding layers to your long hair if you are looking to try something new without sacrificing your length. Long layered hairstyles look and feel great on long hair and help give more body and movement, as well as lighten the load if your hair is thick. Ask your stylist for tips on how to round brush your hair with a blow dryer to accentuate the layers and add bounce to your locks.

Beautiful Long Round Layers

#30: Beautiful Long Round Layers

Try long rounded layers if your hair is thick and dense. When it comes to layered haircuts for long hair, enhancing the fullness is beautiful. Some product and a hot tool may be required if you don’t have a natural wave or curl.

Classy Layers for a U-Shaped Cut

Instagram @alyse.artistry

#31: Classy Layers for a U-Shaped Cut

Try adding layers to a U-shaped cut for your next sultry, classy hairdo! Perfect for long hair, graduated haircuts are excellent for keeping length but ridding unwanted bulk throughout.

#32: Nice Deep U Cut

A deep U cut is a nice cut option if you want to keep your length but also want to try something new. Your hair will be significantly longer in the back than it is in the front. Choose your length in the front then have your stylist angle your cut to meet your length in the back, adding longer layers throughout. This hair style is a very classy variation of a traditional layered cut.

Long Layered Loose Waves with Textured Bangs

#33: Layered Loose Waves with Textured Bangs

Ask for layered loose waves paired with textured bangs for your next haircut. Great for enhancing your face shape, bangs with texture will really complement your features. Use an inspirational photo to show your stylist what type of bangs and layers you want.

#34: Octopus Layered Hair

Octopus layered hair is the perfect flipped up, turned out, and sexy haircut. To keep your long layered hair from feeling blunt, ask your stylist to texturize and feather your ends. Octopus layers work best on medium to thick hair.

Feminine Long Chest-Length Feathered Haircut

#35: Feminine Chest-Length Feathered Haircut

A long hairstyle paired with feathered layers is perfect if you’re looking for movement and texture. Try a chest-length cut with layers starting in the middle of your neck down to your ends. Use a round brush to accentuate your layers and flip them out or use hot rollers to give body to your hair. Don’t forget to use a little hairspray to maintain the hold.

#36: Popular Long Hair with Long Face-Framing Bangs

Long hair with face-framing bangs looks beautiful if your mane is full and thick. A stylist can easily adjust the density of your cut by texturing and reducing bulk. Face-framing cuts are one of the most popular layered haircuts for long hair.

Youthful Long Mussed Layers

#37: Youthful Long Mussed Layers

Long mussed layers are fantastic if you have a lot of length but want to change your style. Layers are a spectacular way of reducing bulk while adding movement to your haircut.

Very Long Fluffy Layers

Instagram @beautyby.keana

#38: Very Long Fluffy Layers

Try an extra long hairstyle with fluffy textured layers. Ask your hairdresser if long layers will work for your mane. Typically, thicker long hair works well with some layers to create movement and lightness to your hair. Finer hair will need to be addressed differently to maintain some fullness to your long mane.

#39: Side Part Layered Style for Thick Hair

You should try a side part paired with a layered style if you have thick hair for a change to your style. For a stylish look, ask your stylist for layers around your face with a steep angle starting around your jawline. If your hair is long and thick, you will need to put some time into the blow dry. When you want your hair to move away from your face, a medium round brush and a curling iron are recommended.

Long Dark Hair with a Sun-Kissed Balayage

#40: Long Dark Hair with a Sun-Kissed Balayage

If you want a luxurious-looking mane, go for long dark hair with a sun-kissed balayage. Long layered haircuts are perfect for thick tresses and will give your hair body and movement. Long layers look amazing and will bring life to your weighed-down locks.

#41: Long Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage and Wispy Ends

Long brown hair paired with caramel balayage is a fun neutral to warm blonde. Caramel balayage is a great way to add dimension to your hair with little maintenance. With balayage, you won’t need to color all of your hair to have a dramatic effect, just some well-placed, hand-painted pieces.

Soft Brunette Swoopy Layers for Long Hair

#42: Soft Brunette Swoopy Layers for Long Hair

Try swoopy layers if you have long hair and if you want to keep your length, but are wanting a change. Ask your stylist to cut your hair with a center part, making the layers around your face shorter, then blended or angled down to your length. We recommend you use a round brush and blow dryer, curling iron, or Velcro rollers to lightly curl your ends for that swoopy look.

Long Volumizing Layers for Sexy Straight Hair

#43: Long Volumizing Layers for Sexy Straight Hair

Trying out long layers for your straight hair is perfect if you have one-length locks. If you have medium or thick hair, these voluminous layers will flatter your face and add shape. Bring this reference photo to your hair salon to get a stylish layered look.

#44: Long Flipped Up Layers with Light Brown Tips

Long flipped-up layers are one of the most flattering hairstyles for long hair. Adding longer layers to your long hair will still allow you to pull your hair back or wear it down and styled. With super long hair, you’ll want to have your stylist blend your layers into your hair without removing much weight from your ends.  Girls with longer hair don’t usually get their haircut that often, so it would be a good option as it’s very low-maintenance.

Beautiful Jet Black Tresses with Soft Layers

Instagram @badgal.beautyy

#45: Beautiful Jet Black Tresses with Soft Layers

A jet black long layered haircut for long hair looks gorgeous on women with darker skin and extra-long hair. The softness of the ends is a great way to eliminate a strong bulk line if you have thick hair.

Mature Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs

#46: Mature Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Long locks look awesome with face-framing layers that taper into long layers towards the back. Creating an invisible shag around the top crown can be worn in its natural state or styled with extra “Bardot” retro volume. Long brunette hair with textured layers has a ton of versatility! It can be thrown up in a top knot or low bun with flirty pieces that fall out around your face creating side-swept long layered bangs. It’s perfect for wavy hair, hair that’s naturally air dried, or hair that likes to be blown out with lots of body and volume.

Healthy Long Layered Brunette Style

#47: Healthy Long Layered Brunette Style

Show off your beautiful locks with a healthy long layered brunette style. No matter the length or color of your hair, healthy hair is always one of the best looks. Do a conditioning treatment once or twice a week if you can to keep your locks looking healthy and strong. Always use a heat protector when using hot tools to keep damage at a minimum. Visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks to dust off dead ends to keep hair long but looking fresh.

Gorgeous Jet Black Layers on Long Hair

#48: Gorgeous Jet Black Layers

Dress up your long hair with layers. One of the best ways to accent you features is to add face-framing layers to your long hairstyle. The angles hitting at the chin add movement and interest around your face. If you can, try round brushing or curling your shorter pieces away from your face. It will give you a gorgeous finished style.

#49: Long Feathered Layers

Short layers for long hair give you a feathering look that’s effortlessly stylish. The best part about this haircut is all the movement and body it has while still keeping the length. Ask your stylist to do a razor cut for a lot of the interior layering, then clean up the perimeter with their shears. Short layers on long hair work for women with medium-density and medium-textured hair. This shape is really good for ladies with round-shaped faces because it elongates your face. It’s also a good haircut if you like to play with your style. It’s great for long updos and would look beautifully curled with a wand.

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Copper Long Layers with a Middle Part

#50: Copper Long Layers with a Middle Part

Copper long layers paired with a middle part is a gorgeous natural warm color that you can enjoy. Try curling your hair to bring out the different copper tones. This hair color can be worn any time of year!

Feminine Long Layered Straight Hair with a Side Part

Instagram @studiodghair.s

#51: Feminine Long Straight Hair with a Side Part

Try long straight hair with a side part to show off your layers. Having layers in your long hair will create volume and texture. Your locks won’t look boring with this new hairstyle!

#52: Lightly Layered Face-Frame

Try a lightly layered face frame for something new this year. While it spices things up, it isn’t high maintenance and can easily be clipped back. The frame this style creates for your face is soft and very flattering.

#53: Silver Long Layers with No Bangs

Silver layers without bangs are a beautiful look for long blonde hair. Ask your stylist if your blonde can be lightened enough to tone to silver, it may take a few sessions to do while maintaining the health of your hair. Long, flowy layers are always stunning, create the bouncy blowout look with a round brush or with larger hot rollers. Silver hair will require toning every 6 to 8 weeks as well as purple or blue toning shampoo once weekly at home.

#54: Gorgeous Long Layers with Bangs

Long layered hair with bangs is a gorgeous example of what you can do with scissors and extensions. Don’t you love the beautiful job of blending the layers and the various shades of golden brown? This is one of the best examples of long haircuts with bangs that you’ll see this season.

Shaggy Layered Waves With a Side Part

#55: Shaggy Layered Waves With a Side Part

The deep side part of this long layered hairstyle would be a gorgeous fall-season look. Going for a shaggy long layered haircut , will give your long hair give lots of dimensions.

layered and long hair with curtain bangs

#56: Layered and Long with Curtain Bangs

A chop that’s layered and long with curtain bangs can frame and accentuate the front of your face, especially your cheeks. Flaunt it with the golden brown shade, and you’ll achieve that beautiful softer finish.

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#57: Very Long V-Cut Layers

Take a look at this hair makeover with a cascade of long v-cut layers using the step-cutting technique. Trendy long layered tresses like this v-cut on long hair add dimension and body, which is perfect for women with thinner hair.

#58: Light Brown Locks with Lengthy Layers

These razored long layers on long-length hair have the advantage of a razor cut so you don’t have to sacrifice length for movement. The wispy layers are kept lengthy so that the bottom line is not too skinny, giving the appearance of stringy hair. But cutting with a razor allows the ends to have plenty of free-flowing movement if your hair is blown out smooth or curled.

#59: Versatile Layers for Long Straight Hair

Dramatically layered lengthy tresses with a face-framing center part make this a perfect straight long layered cut for women with thick hair. The swoopy layers are so soft and feminine! This is a sun-kissed look with lots of movement that allows for versatile styling. No matter which way you part your hair or style your long hair, layers will always lay beautifully. For long layered hairstyles like this, it’s important to use a good conditioner to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and strong.

#60: Polished Long Shaggy Layers

Opt for a gorgeous long layered haircut that offers long shaggy layers for optimum movement and texture. The curtain fringe creates a soft face-framing effect and has enough length to pin it back out of your eyes.

#61: Edgy Wavy Layered Cut

Try a wavy layered cut that features heavily textured, brown long layered strands and beachy long layers. Long layered hairstyles seem to provide that perfect beach-ready style. I see a wash-and-go style that’s still modern and up to date. I love that women who have a low-maintenance style can still have a modern look that works for their everyday lifestyle.

dark-rooted layered shag cut

#62: Dark-Rooted Layered Shag Haircut

A long layered shag can give you a little more edge than the traditional ones. Long hairstyles that feature long tousled layers suit fine or thick hair. It adds extra volume and texture and gives you a modern look. You can style a shag in many different ways. For a sleek look, try an oil or serum when almost dry. For a more tousled, worn look, use a textured mouse when wet, hit it with a little dry shampoo when dry, and let those windows down.

#63: Low-Maintenance Long Blonde Layered Hair

Here’s long blonde layered hair that’s beautiful and low-maintenance. This is one of those long hairstyles with layers that appear even better if styled with beach waves.

waist-length texturized choppy layers

Instagram @hairstylist.madison

#64: Waist-Length Texturized Choppy Layers

A layered, waist-length hairstyle can be described as undone and texturized, with beachy tresses. These choppy layers, will give your long hair a more natural and effortless style. To style, use a 1 1/4-inch curling iron and curled random sections to create the undone waves. After curling, use Milbon Texturizing Spray to add body and softness.

#65: Loose Wavy Layers for Fine Hair

Loose wavy layers on fine hair will give you more texture and movement. This layered long hair is a perfect look when you want to grow out a mid-length chop. Long layers for fine hair are also guaranteed to upgrade your warm blonde ombre.

Subtle Curly Layers for Long Curly Hair

Instagram @curls.by.lailee

#66: Subtle Curly Layers for Long Curly Hair

Curly layers for long curled hair is a classic haircut that distributes volume throughout your tresses. A long layer cut enhances your curls and gives movement. Try curly layered long hairstyles for women who want a subtle and bouncy finish.

#67: Long Choppy Layers with Rooted Sombre

Consider long straight hair with soft layers for a perfect blend going from natural to long blonde. The mix between babylights and balayage blonde highlights makes it look so seamless with less maintenance due to the rooted sombre. This layered hairstyle is for women with coarse to fine hair. It’s just a versatile look for those who want their natural hair color to be a part of their balayage. The brightness and face-framing will open up any part of your face that you feel is too closed off. The cut also helps enhance your color-creating movement.

#68: Layered Hair with Beach Waves for Over 40

Long layered hair with beach waves for over 40 is an example of layered haircut ideas to explore. Long hair tends to give a conservative look to women over 40. Offer modernity to your cut by introducing it with bright hair hues.

Bright Golden Blonde Long Layered Hair

Instagram @abigailwalo.cosmetology

#69: Bright Golden Blonde Layered Hair

Golden blonde layered hair is bright, full of sunshine, and gives an illuminating glow. By adding long layers and face-framing pieces, it brings life and movement to long hair. A long layered haircut is sleek, but you can also emphasize the texture and long layers by using a ½-inch curling iron, leaving the ends out to give effortless beachy waves.

Textured long layers

#70: Textured Long Layers

Spice up the already stunning long cut with layers and a warm balayage. The textured long layers emphasize the lighter hue, creating a better dimension. For richer and healthier-looking hair, apply a shine-inducing oil onto your strands.

Fresh long and layered shag cut

#71: Fresh Long and Layered Shag

Long layered haircuts remove weight from your long tresses, but with style. Here’s a long and layered shag that provides a fresher aura. It’s solid proof of how long layers, curtain bangs, and a brunette shade look great together.

Tousled long face-framing layers

#72: Tousled Long Face-Framing Layers

Avoid a flat and lifeless look with long face-framing layers. These layers remove a lot of weight, giving your black and brown tresses added body and movement at the bottom. Layered and long hair needs trimming every 6-10 weeks to keep it healthy and without split ends. A tousled layered cut for long hair like this does magic on straight textures and fine densities.

Flipped layered and textured cut

#73: Flipped Layered and Textured Cut

Opt for a cut that features flipped layers for your long hair. This long layered cut is for women looking for something a little different than your traditional layered haircuts for long hair. It could work for ladies with thick to medium hair. Texturize your ends more on the thicker hair. Avoid this cut if you have fine/thin hair because of the intensity of the layers. It would remove too much weight.

#74: Low-Maintenance Haircut with Subtle Layers

The dark contrast with the ashy long hair with layers gives this a very casual, yet super-stylish look! Long hairstyles with layers like this are natural and subtle. Long haircuts with layers like this are great for women that desire something low-maintenance and natural.

Glamorous Blowout with Long Layers

#75: Glamorous Blowout with Long Layers

A glamorous blowout with long layers values the texture of your tresses. Long layers are great for adding volume. If you want a sexy look, try long hair with layers.

Bouncy Layered U-Shaped Cut

#76: Bouncy Layered U-Shaped Cut

Opt for a u-shaped layered haircut for long hair to keep hair bouncy while maintaining length. This cut works best on thicker hair as it removes a lot of the bulk from your ends.

Go-to layered wavy long hair

#77: Go-To Layered Wavy Hair

Long layered wavy hair, when paired with copper balayage, makes a stunning go-to look. Wear this long haircut with layers to give your ends more texture. When styling, hold the flat iron horizontally. Then, take wide horizontal sections while curling your hair. This way, you’ll get a more wavy hair look instead of the classic, tight curls.

textured layering for long thin hair

#78: Textured Layering for Long Thin Hair

A messy layered cut with a dark-rooted blonde and brown balayage is sure to freshen up fine tresses! The perfect textured layering for long thin hair does exist. This hairstyle for long hair also suits a natural wavy texture. To prep long layered hair, use a dry texture spray to work on the body and texture.

#79: Lovely Choppy Layers for Long Thick Hair

Here’s a long layered hairstyle that works fine with golden blonde highlights! These choppy layers for long, thick hair offer tons of texture and boost volume that you’ll love.

Romantic long brown hair with soft curls

#80: Romantic Long Brown Hair with Soft Curls

Give long brown hair with soft curls a try for your next simple and romantic style. The softness of your curls mixed with the warmth of the brown works very well to soften harsh features and bring femininity to your face. Brown tones tend to work really well with skin that has pink undertones.

Ideal brunette long layered hair

#81: Ideal Brunette Long Layered Hair

Choosing a brunette long layered haircut is ideal for women who have long, but flat hair. Cutting long layers adds movement and depth without taking away length. For ladies with long thin hair, this is also an excellent choice because it adds volume.

beautifully layered long blonde hair

#82: Beautifully Layered Long Blonde Hair

A beautifully layered long blonde haircut is an extremely popular and never out-of-style haircut idea. The number of layers can always be customized to suit you and your lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to ask your stylist about the different options you have.

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