waterfall braid

A Super Cute Waterfall Braid (With A Twist!)

Hi, I’m Kori. My daughter (The Princess) and I have enjoyed working together for the past few years on our hairstyling blog, PrincessHairstyles.com. Our site is all about sharing ideas, spending mom/daughter time together, and having fun. Feel free to stop by our site any time for some girly hairstyling ideas or just to say hi! Today we are sharing a simple tutorial for this super sweet waterfall braid hairstyle with a twist. We hope you enjoy it!

Waterfall Braid Twist

Step By Step:

1. Grab a small section of hair from the front. Spray with a little water and comb through to tame the fly aways if needed. 2. Split the section off hair in two, then twist clockwise or counter-clockwise, whatever you prefer. 3. To start your waterfall braid, twist the hair one time, then add a piece from the top and add between the twist. Continue adding and twisting as far back as you like. 4. Secure the end of the waterfall braid with bobby pins, an elastic or a pretty clip. 5. Leave as is or add another braid underneath to create a double waterfall braid with a twist look. You’re done!

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