Hot Cross Bun Tutorial

A Very Easy Hot Cross Bun Tutorial Anyone Can Master

Sometimes all you want is a pretty hairstyle that you can throw together in a matter of minutes. A hairstyle that can be done without the assistance of a mirror — say in your car, the dressing room, or even as you’re walking from point A to point B.

Today’s hairstyle tutorial — the versatile hot cross bun — may very will fit that bill, especially as you practice it and recreate it a handful of times. I love this updo because not only can you recreate it anywhere, you can also wear it anywhere. For example, you can wear it to the office, out with your girlfriends or on errand day. Let’s dig in and try my hot cross bun tutorial together!

The Hot Cross Bun Tutorial:

Step 1 – Part Your Hair

I think a deep side part complements this hairstyle really well. To do this, use the pointy tip of a rat tail comb (or something similar) and drag from the front of your head to the back where you want your part to fall. Comb your hair over. You can go in with your comb and make sure the line is really straight.

Step 2 – Criss Cross Action

Pull a section of hair from the side of your head with the most hair. Without twisting this section, pull it across your head and secure it on the opposite side with bobby pins. Repeat this same action with a piece of hair from the other side. Conceal the bobby pins as best as you can and tuck the end pieces under the already secured sections of hair. It’s not too big of a deal if the bobby pins show, but a little concealing action doesn’t hurt.

Step 3 – Repeat Again

Repeat the same process you did in step two with an additional two sections of hair from either side of your head. You could potentially stop here and wear your hair “half up,” or you can keep going.

Step 4 – Create a Low Ponytail

You’ve got the hot crossed sections, now it’s time to do your bun! Before we do that, though, first bring the rest of your hair together into a low ponytail.

Step 5 – Wrap Your Bun

Gently wrap your hair around the base of your ponytail to create a simple twisted bun. Tuck in any stray pieces in both your criss-crossed section and bun. Lightly spritz some hairspray to hold everything into place and then go about your day. Pretty sweet, huh?

Watch the Video:

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