Accent Braid Tutorial

Deconstructed Accent Braid Tutorial – Revitalize Your Braided Look!

Hello hair lovers! This is Roxie from and I am here to share the easiest and simplest way to boost those beautiful tresses of yours. Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the most beautiful. There are so many fun ways to braid hair, but you just can’t beat the simple and romantic off-set accent braid. An accent braid is a single braid added into a hairstyle to create a pretty and interesting effect. For beginner DIY hairstylers, the accent braid is your best friend!

The trick to a romantic accent braid like the one you see here is to pull it apart and rough it up to give it a soft, lived-in, deconstructed look. Here is my favorite tutorial for achieving that.

This hairstyle is nice for longer hair, but it can be done on shorter hair as well. Just make your braid smaller to balance the look. To prep for this hairstyle, curl your ends with a large barrel curling iron for soft waves, or use one of my favorite no-heat curl tricks for soft waves without the damage.

To begin this hairstyle, do a light back combing in the crown area to create a little height and softness. Now, let’s get to braiding, shall we?

1. Start by gathering the top half of the hair (from about temple to temple) around the back of the head. Braid this section of hair off to one side using a simple, three-strand braid technique.

2. Secure the ends of the braid with a clear elastic.

3. Make sure your braid is situated off to one side. If you need to, pull it to the side to direct it further.

4. Starting at the ends, pull the braid apart piece by piece to loosen and soften it.

5. Your romantic accent braid should look like this! SO simple, yet so lovely.

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