French braided ponytail

How to Create a Gorgeous Braided Ponytail

Is it a braid? Is it a ponytail? How DID you do that? These are all questions I get every time I rock this look. My name is Roxie from, and if you are looking for the perfect braid that hasn’t been done yet, look no further. This French braided ponytail takes it to the next level!

I added a little optional twist on the side for the ladies that have longer bangs. This gorgeous French braided hairstyle works best on medium to long hair and is a perfectly polished hairstyle for day or night. Here’s how to get the look!

1. Start with a side part in the front. Twist the bangs on the heavy side of the part and pin the twist. Remember, this step is optional!

2. Put the rest of your hair in a side ponytail using a clear elastic to secure it.

3. Take a small section of hair from the base of the ponytail and divide it into three.

4. Begin braiding the three pieces, adding a little hair from either side as you braid. Try and pull the add in pieces from behind the braid for best results.

5. Work your way, French braiding, all the way to the end of the ponytail.

6. Secure the end of your braid with another clear elastic.

7. Now gently pull the sides of the braid apart, starting at the ends and you’ll see the French braid appear inside the ponytail!

Rock your French braided ponytail over one shoulder and turn heads all day long. Congratulations! You are officially one of the first people rock this unique hairstyle! For even more fresh and fun DIY hair ideas, visit me at

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