Rope Braid Bun Tutorial

How to Rock a Tousled Rope Braid Bun Like a Goddess

With springtime right around the corner and braids on still on trend, it’s time impress all of your friends with new and creative braided updo! My name is Jenny Strebe and I am visiting from Confessions of a Hairstylist and I am here to show you how to create a gorgeous rope braid updo. All you need are your hands, an elastic and some hairspray to achieve this look in literally a matter of minutes.

Get The Look:

1. Start with dry hair. The awesome thing is that you can rock this look whether your hair is clean or dirty. I prefer a little bit of grunge to the hair for updos like these, so second day hair works best for me!

2. Divide your hair in half and create a pigtail behind each ear.

3. Divide each pigtail in half and, utilizing a rope braid technique, twist one side to the right, then take that section and go over the other section to the left. Repeat this technique until you don’t have any more hair left to work with. Secure your rope braid with an elastic then repeat this technique on the other side.

4. Now take and gently pull at each section of hair in the rope braids to create bulk and a tousled texture. Repeat this same tugging technique on the other side.

5. Now, take each section and drape it across the opposite side of each other and bobby pin into place.

There you have it, an adorably fresh spring updo to rock at the office, on a date or even to a spring wedding. I hope you have enjoyed this simple and fun hair tutorial. For even more hair how-to fun, visit me at Confessions of a Hairstylist and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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