Festival Hair Tutorial: Leather Wrapped Braids

Our Top Pick for Festival Hair: Leather Wrapped Braids

Hey ladies! This is Roxie from HowToHairGirl.com and I am back with a rocking festival hair tutorial that you long haired ladies will love. Festival season is upon us, and casual boho hair is the only way to go when planning your festival hair attire!

Today’s easy hairstyle incorporates leather strips into loose half fishtail braids for a beautifully wearable look that’s perfect for dancing in the hot sun. For this hairstyle you will need clear elastics and a leather scrap. Maybe you have an old purse or jacket that is ready to repurpose? If not, simply head over to Amazon.com for a cheap bag of leather scraps that you can use to cut two, foot-long strips to wrap your hair with. Let’s get started!

Get the Look: Leather Wrapped Braids

1. To begin, part the hair down the back into pigtail sections. Begin a fishtail braid on one side.

2. Braid about a third of the way down.

3. Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

4. Repeat fishtail braid on the other side and secure the end.

5. Gently pull the braid apart to widen and flatten it a bit. This will give it the perfectly soft, lived-in finish.

6. Gently loosen the hair around the face to create volume and give softness to the look.

7. Now use your leather straps to wrap the end of the braids, hiding the elastic.

8. Start wrapping one end, secure it by wrapping over it, and when you get to the other end, tie it in a half knot around the braid to secure it.

Now rock your braids all day and have the most happening festival hair around! For even more DIY hair and beauty fun, visit me over at HowToHairGirl.com.

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