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Pump Up Your Everyday Ponytail – Like Fergie!

A ponytail is our ‘go-to’ style when we’re in a rush, our hair is a little dirty or we’re just too lazy to think of anything else to do with it!  All of these are great reasons to wear a pony, but celebrities have done an amazing job showing us there’s even a place for the ponytail on the red carpet.  From poufs and curls to sleek and chic, there are a number of ways to wear a pony!  But no celeb has shown the versatility of a ponytail more than the fabulous Fergie.  We picked out five of our favorite Fergie ponytails to give you some great ideas on how to PUMP UP YOUR PONY!

This super sleek and straight style is sexy and elegant all rolled into one. This look is extra trendy with the use of a center part in the hair, which has made a total comeback this season.


If this isn’t an amped up pony, we don’t know what is!  Fergie is sporting an extra high pony with her bangs pinned back in a pouf for added dimension.  This is a super high fashion look that is perfect for those trying to grow bangs out.  Don’t miss the hair wrapped around the pony to hide the elastic for an added touch of class.

celebrity ponytail


We love this sweet, goddess-like look on Fergie!  This is a mid to high pony with soft waves and added volume at the top and crown of the head.  This popular pony style is simply lovely and we’ve seen it on a number of celebrities in addition to Fergie.

ponytail hairstyle


This pony style combines so many trends into a single, fabulous look.  Beachy hair + center part + Ombre highlights + side pony twisted into a messy fishtail braid = THE hottest look of the summer.  Hands down!

ponytail 2


This versatile, sleek braided pony could fit in on the red carpet or on top of a red motorcycle. Try this slicked back, mid-height, fishtail-braided pony yourself and see how many heads you turn!

ponytail fergie

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