Knotted Updo Tutorial

The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial Ever (Video Tutorial Included)

Hello everyone! This is Jenny Strebe from Confessions of a Hairstylist and I am back to show you how to create the easiest (and most gorgeous!) knotted updo ever. It’s super cute, a little boho, and ridiculously easy to create.

DIY updos can seem like quite the daunting task, but my knotted updo tutorial proves otherwise. This style is great for second-day hair! If you’ve seen my tutorial for the perfect hair set, this knotted look is a great idea of what to do with those gorgeous strands the next day. Again, this knotted updo is super easy to recreate. Literally all you have to know how to do is put a knot in your hair! Let’s get started…

The Knotted Updo Tutorial:

1. Starting in the front of your head, separate a one to two inch section of hair. Split the section in half and create a simple knot.

2. Continue the same knotting technique until you reach the bottom of your ear, adding a little more hair to each knot as you work your way down.

3. Once you reach your ear, you will continue the same adding hair and knotting technique, but now you will work back towards the nape area instead of just straight down.

4. Once you reach the middle/back of your head, work the knots down the length of the hair and secure the end with a clear elastic. Be sure to make these last knots a little tight because they tend to loosen on their own.

5. Now move to the other side of your head and start your knotting from behind the ear, working down until you run out of hair. Secure the ends with an elastic.

6. Now that both knotted sections are complete, gently tug at your knots to make them look a little fuller and give the overall look a little more texture.

7. Take the ends of one of your knotted sections, drape it back and to the other side of your head and secure it with a bobby pin.

8. Take the remaining section and drape it back and over as well, securing with bobby pins as needed.

Watch The Video:

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