The Side Fishtail Braid Tutorial

The Side Fishtail Braid Tutorial Every Woman Needs!

Hello lovelies! This is Jennie Kay from and I am here to tell you that braids aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Many women are intimidated by braided hairstyles, thinking that they too complicated and difficult to achieve. Lucky for you, I have a gorgeous side fishtail braid tutorial to share that proves otherwise!

This tutorial is easy to follow and the style is so easy to recreate. The fishtail braid has become increasingly popular on the hair trend scene, and this side fishtail braid is definitely a look you want to add to your hair styling arsenal. From casually running errands to a fancy night out on the town, this easy-to-acheive braided style is ALL YOU!

What You Need:

-Curling iron

-Clear elastics


How to Create the Side Fishtail Braid:

1. Start by curling your entire head with a large barrel curling iron. Work in one to two-inch sections.

2. Gather all of your hair over to the desired side and secure a loose, low side ponytail with a clear elastic.

TIP: Spray the hair in your ponytail with a working hairspray and brush through to give your hair some grit for easier braiding.

3. Split your ponytail into two equal pieces.

4. Take one piece from the left side and pass it to the right side.

5. Then, take one piece from the right side and pass it to the left side.

6. Continue this pattern until you reach your desired length.

TIP: Combine shorter layered pieces with larger pieces.

7. Secure the end of your braid with another clear elastic.

8. Gently tug at sections of the braid to loosen it up and make it appear thicker and softer.

9. Gently pull the first elastic used to create your ponytail away from your hair and carefully snip it off with a pair of scissors.

10. Finish with a few more gentle tugs to fatten your braid and a spritz of hairspray for hold and to tame any pesky flyaways.

Watch the Video:

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