Angled bob haircuts

Top 35 Angled Bob Haircut Ideas + Face Shape & Hair Type Advice


#1: Medium-Length Angled Bob Haircut

This alluring sliced bob cut is a collarbone length, slightly angled in the front with no layering. If you have a ton of hair, in order to achieve the look, you’ll have to wear it blown out smooth, or air-dried. This medium-length hair fits any face shape, and the length is what you want to consider when achieving it. Some face shapes will require you to keep the length longer such as a collarbone while other face shapes look great at a shorter length.

I always recommend not to over-style your hairdo when achieving a look at home. Think less is more. Angled bobs make for versatile styling. To style, use Bumble and Bumble invisible oil for frizz control and a UV protectant, and also use a great texture spray such as Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist to add in texture.

#2: Grey Angled Cut for Thin Hair

A grey angled cut for thin hair is a way to keep your hair stylish when not coloring it. Ask for a bob haircut that enhances your volume. Make sure you schedule upkeep every 4-6 weeks with your stylist. I use a thermal protectant spray on dry hair to create a flat iron curl for a soft, smooth wave. If you are looking for a nice finishing product on your style, I use the bumble and bumble classic hair spray. It will keep the style going all day.

Short Angled Bob for Thick Hair

#3: Short Bob for Thick Hair

A short bob for thick tresses will look great, however, your hair will have to be thinned out a lot to sit correctly. You should know a chic short bob cut will require a good amount of styling with a blow dryer and flat iron. Before styling, use a smoothing cream and heat protector to withstand the heat for minimal damage.

#4: Short Choppy Angled Bob

If your hair is lacking shape and has some holes in the perimeter, I suggest getting a cut immediately. This will help to halt further breakage. A short angled bob is a great option for redirecting the angles where the shape can showcase a healthy style.

Modern Angled Bob Cut with a Bright Money Piece

#5: Modern Angled Cut with a Bright Money Piece

If you can add more maintenance to your hairstyle, a money piece will create a fun cut. When you ask for a money piece, talk with your stylist about how bright you want the color. Also, note how thick you want it to be.

#6: Gorgeous Light Blonde Angled Bob Cut

A gorgeous light blonde angled bob cut is one of those timeless styles. Blondes and bobs never go out of style, they’re classic. With an angled bob, you will typically find that the back is longer and has more layers than the front. This helps create the sharpness of the line toward your face. My advice would be to find a stylist who specializes in bobs. Not everyone can cut a perfect bob.

#7: Buttery Blonde Thick Angled Bob

Angled bobs are a perfect look for both fine hair and thick-haired clients looking for a change. Pay attention to your lines when cutting this style, though. You need clean partings for that perfect angle. You can finish this look sleek or try adding beachy curls for a more voluminous look.

#8: Angled Inverted Bob

An inverted bob is a great haircut for women who want a more dynamic, gorgeous, and sharp-looking hairstyle. An angled inverted bob can be worn extremely sleek and smooth for a classic and elegant look. For a more messy or textured look, add some beachy waves and volume at the root.

#9: Angled Bob for Older Women

A fabulous angled bob for older women is both stylish and youthful. Angled bobs are easily styled with a blow-dryer and round brush. Using the correct smoothing product will give sleek gray hair a trendy look, and soften a round face.

#10: Noticeable Long Angled Bob with Bangs

A super sexy and soft cut styled sleek and with straight bangs are fantastic. This adorable angled bob hairstyle is going to leave you feeling flirty all day long!

#11: Trendy Medium Angled Bob with Layers

This dramatic white-blonde bob is beautifully layered. Angled bob looks are stunning and amazing on women with naturally straight, fine hair.

angled long bob hairstyle for women

#12: Angled Long Bob

Can’t decide if you want to stay long or much shorter? This inspiring angled lob gives you the best of both worlds with deceivingly long layers in front hitting at chin-length, and manageable mid-length layers in the back.

the cutest short angled bob haircut

#13: The Cutest Short Angled Bob

Opt for a dark brown base to the ends. As it almost looks like it could be the model’s natural brunette hair with some classy, subtle highlights.

It’s versatile for so many face shapes. With the asymmetry, it can be suitable for round to square face shapes. Side bangs are also an option for women who want to have it. In this case, the model in the picture has a soft side-swept fringe.

Some stylists recommend an undercut with this bob shape because it allows the weight line to be definite and with no hair pushing out from underneath, it grows out better. This is definitely for more of a trendy, woman who isn’t afraid to go short in the nape.

The styling is quite versatile, it does require some work, such as blow-drying with a smoothing lotion and heat protectant spray on the ends. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep the color looking rich and healthy.

#14: Fun & Flirty Bob

This is definitely a fun and flirty bob! It’s a very versatile style that is perfect for an everyday look or for a night out! I love the texture of the beach waves. They fall so soft and effortlessly.

To recreate this bold hairstyle, you want to apply a mousse such as Big & Sexy Hair Root Pump and a smoothing serum like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny before blow-drying. This will internally lock in your style, create volume, add heat protection, and eliminate any frizz. Once fully dry, spray Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray and comb through.

Then, starting from the bottom and working toward the crown (top) of the head, section your hair horizontally and curl one-inch vertical sections with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. When you curl, make sure to leave the tail end out. This is the secret to that beachy wave! Once we curl the entire head, spray a light mist of hairspray all over and allow it to dry and cool for 30 seconds. Comb your hair out with your fingers and you’re all set! If you’re old school and don’t have a curling iron, you can use rollers instead.

This type of bob looks very flattering on any face shape and with any hair texture. It fits any lifestyle because it’s easy to style straight or wavy. For thick hair, make sure you find a good hairdresser that is comfortable with texturizing. This type of cut will need to be thinned out and texturized in order for it to lay and style right.

Emerald Angled Bob hairstyle

#15: Emerald Angled Bob

This is an eye-catching emerald-angled bob haircut. My favorite thing about the look is the contrast. Normally, green hair tends to be something ladies try to avoid, but the emerald tones blend beautifully with the naturally dark base.

I always recommend color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for all of my vivids. I prefer Pureology’s line of products because of their all-natural ingredients and anti-fade complex.

I recommend this angled bob for women looking to express themselves and be comfortable in their skin. Fashion colors and shades normally require a moderate level of maintenance, so I require you to continue your hair care at home with Olaplex or pH bonder and to come in for a refresh every six to eight weeks.

An Edgy Take on a Classic Bob hairstyle

#16: An Edgy Take on a Classic Bob

This is an edgy version of a classic look. You can never go wrong with a classic bob, but let’s add some texture and refine the shape to create interest. My favorite thing about an angled bob is that any lady can have it.

I always recommend a root lifting spray or foam, as well as a smoothing cream for the ends. Of course, everyone’s hair is different, so ultimately it depends on your hair type.

This incredibly impressive haircut can be created in many ways on many different types of hair. You definitely a heat protector to save your hair from any hot tools used, as well as a soft paddle brush for the initial blow-dry and a round brush or flat iron to finish if needed.

All ages and lifestyles love this cut because of its versatility. It can be worn in many different ways, (wavy, curly, or straight) and even has the ability to be put back (at least partially). Any face shape can wear this angled bob cut, you just need to adjust the angle and weight of your hair. It can hide problem spots or define facial features.

It’s an easy cut to take care of for 99% of ladies. With that being said, if you have coarse, frizzy hair you might have to spend a little more time with it. It’s a short cut, so no more than 15 minutes should be needed to polish your style.

#17: Fun Short Textured Bob

This is a fun short textured bob full of personality. The best thing about it is that you can style it multiple ways and it’s great for any hair type and texture.

Try using Aveda Volumizing Tonic for lightweight volume. Pair it with Aveda New Texture Tonic to add soft, movable texture. It’s great for straight or curly hair.

This lovely cut works great for any hair type, texture, and density. It can really soften a strong jawline if you have one. This haircut is a great on-the-go style, but can easily be dressed up with some loose curls if desired.

#18: Sleek Angled Bob with Sharp Lines

I would describe this cut as a beautiful and sleek angled bob haircut that never goes out of fashion. The best thing about this spectacular style is the sharp lines. It’s the perfect balance of short and voluminous at the back but keeps the appearance of length around the face if you need that.

This cute style is for all women, no matter your hair texture or age. It can be adapted to each and every woman. It’s a timeless look that can be styled sleek or textured.

medium-length angled bob

#19: Medium-Length Angled Bob

This is one of the most wonderful medium-length angled bob. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that is full of modern style. Angled bob hairstyles are the best short haircuts.

Use a serum to keep ends smooth and add high shine, as well as a root boost for volume. A great serum is Loma Fortifying Tonic. It helps repair your hair while adding protection and shine. The trick to making hair look healthy is shine!

Try a volume spray like Kenra Root Lifting Spray. It adds a lot of volume without making your hair feel sticky. Use a medium-sized round brush during the blow-dry to add max volume, and a flat iron to smooth the ends straight.

#20: Power Bob

I describe this cut like the new classic. It’s a modern take on an a-line cut with blunt lines and internal layering to create a sleek, but soft shape.

To recreate this style, use Goldwell hair color and Goldwell Duel Senses shampoo and conditioner to maintain the tone.

Because this length is universally flattering and the color is low-maintenance, I recommend this to a wide range of women. You could customize this style for each girl using different degrees of layering depending on hair type.

nicely stacked angled bob with blonde highlights

#21: Nicely Stacked Angled Bob with Blonde Highlights

Go for a bob that has low graduation (or stack) in the back and a point-cut perimeter to create a soft edge. Consider blonde highlights to enhance the shape of your haircut to make it stylish.

For this unique cut,  start with ColorMinded shampoo and conditioner to keep the color looking its best between salon visits. After towel drying, apply Prep from root to end as a primer, then apply Thickening Hairspray the same way. This will add hold so you get the most out of your blow-dry.

Finally, add a quarter to a half-dollar amount of Straight Blowdry from mid-length to ends. This will help get a smoother, frizz-free look. For the prettiest finish, use a round brush to blow-dry. Additionally, get a trim once every five to seven weeks.

Anytime you get a haircut it should be a custom creation to enhance or play down features. This haircut looks the best on narrow, oval, and heart-shaped faces, but can be adjusted to work with most shapes. Texture-wise, this cut works best on straight to slightly wavy hair.

Overall, this cut works great for most lifestyles. It’s polished enough for a professional setting or you can add a little sass with some flat irons curls for a girl’s night.

timeless angled bob cut

#22: Timeless Bob

This cut is classic and timeless. It can be flattering to most face shapes and hair types.

We recommend Organic Pure Care products. All of their products are incredible, but we recommend the Volumizing Spray, Volumizing Foam, and Hydrating Shiny Spray to achieve this particular look.

The long lengths in the front could help balance any roundness in the face, but altogether this is a very versatile cut and can be worn by women with naturally curly, wavy, or straight hair.

#23: Long Angled Bob with Layers

This is an angled long bob haircut. I really love this haircut because you can wear it straight or you can style it with soft beach waves. The long layers in your haircut help create volume and add extra movement through your hair when worn curled.

For this style, I recommend Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse applied to wet hair and blown into your hair. The mousse adds volume and long lasting texture throughout your hair. I used the Babyliss 1 1/4-inch curling iron to create the waves. When curling, I left the last inch of the hair out of the curling iron to create an undone beachy look.

I finished the style with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. This spray adds long lasting hold and texture to curls created in your hair.

An angled layered bob haircut is so great because it really works on any hair type or face shape. For ladies with coarse curly hair, I would recommend leaving the layers longer. For ladies with fine/limp hair, the layers can be cut shorter to help create more volume and movement through your hair.

This haircut is very versatile as well. It can be styled straight, naturally curly, curled with a curling iron, or even thrown up in a half up topknot.

#24: Slightly Angled Lob

This is anangled lob with just a slight, subtle angle and tapered ends that are perfect for tousling and usually very flattering on all hair types!

Prime your towel dried hair with Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray and Kenra’s Thickening Glaze. Finish with a dry texture spray like Amika Un.done Texture Spray.

This lob is such a feminine look that is very versatile and can be a successful style for the business woman in the office, or an effortless look for the beach babe! It can be cool, casual, sophisticated or runway fierce.

It’s easy to cater this cut to different face shapes and hair types. For example, you could add a little fringe, leave length around the face to eliminate any round facial features…the list goes on! There are so many options in customizing which lob look is best for you.

#25: No-Fuss Wavy Angled Bob Cut

Go for a versatile, lived-in, a-line bob cut. These days the term “lived-in” is used to describe a no-fuss, ready-to-go hairstyle, and this cut comes closest to that. The best thing about it is that it can be worn classically straight and smooth by an executive, or curled for a younger more playful look.

Use Neuma Afghan treatment for shine and softness, Unite Elevate mousse for body and control, and finish the angled style with a texturizing spray! Always use a texturizing spray or paste for the lived-in look.

This cut works best with medium to fine hair. It can be worn by faces of all shapes because of its versatility and depending on how it’s styled and worn.

#26: Glossy Blunt Bob

A glossy blunt bob is a modern cut that showcases a blunt look, a subtle ombre, characterizing lines and smoothness that show versatility and boldness.

#27: Fresh Cut Bob

After a summer of relaxed hair, it’s nice to add some structure back with a great cut, but still keep things relaxed with the beachy waves. After summer, I love cutting off sun-damaged ends. A great thing is that even without a new hair color, this cut alone makes the whole look fresh again.

I’m all about lightweight products that are pliable, meaning that if you wish to re-mold your hair throughout the day, you have that option without ending up a greasy mess. I used KMS Sea Salt Spray while her hair was damp to add some texture. After styling, I finished with KMS Dry Wax. These are both fun products that I use on women with long and short hairstyles to give them an effortless look.

I think there is a bit of a misconception that a lot of women can’t rock the angled bob, but this is so far from the truth. If you’re worried, just know this style can be adjusted (by a good hairstylist) to fit your face shape or hair type.

Angled bob hairstyles don’t need to be high maintenance, or they can be as high as you want to make them, which makes them so fun and versatile. For back-to-school moms that are frazzled in the morning but want to look like they have it together, you don’t have to worry anymore, this one is for you.

Stylish Blonde Lob

#28: Stylish Blonde Lob

This hairstyle is classic and stylish. It appeals to all types of women because it’s very versatile and easy to pull off.

The best thing about it is all the options it has. This cut can be kept smooth or waved for a stylish look. The cut looks amazing with great hair color.

For styling, you can use a smoothing serum added to damp hair and blowdry it if you want to. More can be used when hair is dry to polish it even more. A volumizing mousse is a great idea as well. A heat protectant spray is a must if you use a flat iron.

This cut is very flattering to many, however, the best girl would have to have a density on the sides to pull off the angle. If you’ve got thick hair, remember that thicker hair tends to be best. Other textures could also work but will require effort to have it lay correctly. This cut also does require maintenance to keep it laying nicely.

#29: Dimensional Long Angled Bob

This is a dimensional blonde with soft, ash-gold tones on a long angled bob. I love how sleek it turned out.

For this style, I used Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, Oribe Royal Blowout, and Oribe Super Fine Hairspray. For my formula, I did baby-fine highlights all over then toned her with Guy Tang 10SM. I also used Fanola purple shampoo to get rid of any yellow tones.

I recommend this cut for women with a natural level 5 or higher, with a light to medium skin tone. I would also recommend it for women who love the outdoors or the beach.

#30: Blunt Angled Bob

The lines serve the look! Stylist Melanie gave a precision cut that has movement and body.

#31: Beautiful Angled Bob

Go for an angled bob! Ask your stylist if they have the Surface Hair razor to create lots of fun textures for the maximum amount of versatility in your angled bob haircut. It helps create a beautiful and easy style wearing beachy waves or smooth.

For styling, try Surface Hair Care! Use the Surface Awaken mousse to give some extra volume and the Surface Swirl sea salt spray for extra texture and movement! To finish, add the Surface Bassu oil for shine and softness.

This cut is for women looking for a low-maintenance style. It’s great for almost any face shape and texture. Depending on the technique, using the razor can help add volume for fine hair and remove weight for thick hair. The beachy waves are a great way to add to your look.

Sleek Shoulder-Length Angled Bob

#32: Sleek Shoulder-Length Angled Bob

This is a shoulder-length, sleek angled bob. I love the distinct, crisp lines that create the shape! My favorite thing about an angled bob is the versatility that comes with it. It can be styled in so many ways!

The products recommended for this sleek bob are the Paul Mitchell Mirror Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to help reduce frizz and create a smooth canvas for styling, the Paul Mitchell Mirror Smooth Highgloss Primer for a smooth and high shine blow dry, and the Paul Mitchell Neuro Protect for heat protection and to reduce frizz prior to smoothing with a flat iron. I also recommend Paul Mitchell Stay Strong to keep everything in place while still having a touchably soft style.

A sleeker bob is best for women with naturally straight hair or women willing to put in some work to style their hair smooth to enhance that angle. However, this type of cut, in general, can be styled wavy, curly, or textured! Who doesn’t love beach waves?!

The best thing about a cut like this is that it’s flattering for every face shape and can be customized for every guest!

#33: Bright Angled Bob

This is an easy-to-wear, fresh and bright look. In general, angled bob haircuts are quite easy to style (most of the time), and this particular look doesn’t require too much attention since your hair is short and not very thick.

This is a practical look for women who don’t want to spend so much time in front of the mirror, and that’s one of my favorite things about it. It’s also the type of look that needs a trim at least every three months since the shape of the haircut changes every month.

For honey blonde hair, I always recommend a silver shampoo. The one that I like the most is from Milk Shake because it doesn’t stain your hair, but it does remove the yellow tones or undertones and it make your hair look like it’s always freshly colored.

Blonde hair can sometimes get a rough texture over time. In order to keep your hair soft and shiny, I recommend oil and heat protection to moisturize your hair and protect it against heat.

I mostly recommend this angled bob for women who don’t have very thick hair or for ladies who want to have short hair, but still not very short or too boring. The bob haircut is much easier to blow dry and give volume than if your hair is worn thin, long and flat.

I recommend the most popular angled bobs for ladies who have round, oval, and round-shaped faces. It is not so much for ladies with a long face since this specific haircut is longer in front, symmetrical, and a bit angled. It will actually give the feeling that the face is even longer.

Babylights surely adds a plus to this angled bob because even as your hair grows, the color will still look fresh and the roots will blend smoothly in the length. It gives a dynamic feeling and creates movement in your hair. This angled bob is simple to maintain and fits perfectly for women who want to have a different hairstyle that isn’t boring but easy to style.

Sleek Angled Bob with Red Panels hairstyle

#34: Sleek Angled Bob with Red Panels

This is an angled, sleek bob. My favorite thing about it is the color. Angled bobs don’t need a lot of colors, but the way the red panels peep through is beautiful! Kenra Silkening Gloss and Lanza Brush Through Hairspray were the perfect products for this angled bob. I recommend this to women that want their hair to look thicker or just want to wear a short sassy style.

Texturized Balayaged Lob hairstyle

#35: Texturized Balayaged Angled Lob

I would call this look at texturized, long bob with balayage. Angled bobs have all of the dimension and texture! I painted on some Schwarzkopf Blonde Me bleach and texturized the hair with scissors and razor. Lastly, I curled the hair with my favorite BioIonic curling iron and sprayed with a texture spray. This would be a great look for fine or medium texture hair. With this style, you should be prepared to style your hair daily. It’s a super cut for women who want to try a shorter length.

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