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Try These 5 Royally Braided Crowns!

Fact #1: There’s more than one way to do a crown braid.

Fact #2: You’ll feel like royalty in pretty much any braided crown you wear.

Today, with some helpful guidance from fabulous hair bloggers — including MakeupWearables, Hair Romance, Treasures and Travels and more — you’ll learn how to create a bounty of different braided crowns. Try them all, perfect your favorites and walk around with your pretty head held high.

Fishtail and French Crown Mesh Braid

According to Tina at, “If you love colorful maxi dresses and heatless, second-day hairstyles, then you need to learn how to do a crown braid on yourself!” She explains that there are many ways to create a crown braid and then goes on to demonstrate the “crown, mesh braid,” which incorporates both a fishtail and a French braid for an earthy, low-key updo. Check out the full tutorial, which includes lots of text and photos.

Faux Braided Crown

Christina of the Hair Romance Blog says that this faux braided crown is perfect for you chicas out there who “love a braided crown, but can’t braid.” It’s essentially a braid cheat that’s easy to recreate for even the most unskilled hands. The best part: you won’t have to worry about finagling your arms and fingers trying to French braid on your own head. For this one, you’ll need eight hair elastics and bobby pins.

Faux Braided Crown Tutorial

Cute Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid is a super adorable play on the braided crown. Instead of creating a crown that spirals around your entire head, you create two pigtail braids and drape them across the top of your head. This still gives the effect of a crown, but is easier to do and perhaps comes across as more of a “casual ‘do.” The Dirty Looks blog lays out all the deets for you, so head that way.

Milkmaid Braided Crown

Back to School Half Up Crown Braid

For those of you craving the perfect half up, half down hairstyle, this may be the ‘do you’ve been searching for. Detailed by Jenny from the Confessions of a Hairstylist blog, this halfsie crown braid takes only a few minutes to recreate. In short, you’ll create a Dutch braid that primarily incorporates the front sections of hair, and then drape accordingly. There’s a really helpeful video tutorial on the blog that walks you through the whole process.

Half Up Crown Braid

Chalked Crown Braid

Here’s another halfsie crown braid tutorial, only this one — detailed by the Treasures and Travels blog — incorporates a pretty punch of color. To recreate, start with a side part and then French braid a side section of hair until you meet the ear. Continue with a regular braid. You’ll also braid the other side starting at your ear and then drape the braids together. From there, use different colors of hair chalk and lightly dab them onto sections of the braid. There’s a much more thorough explanation on the blog.

Chalked Braided Crown

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