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Upside Down French Braid – Easy Glam Look!

A few months ago, we posted a story on hair do’s that used to be don’ts. I spoke to celebrity hairstylist Vasken Demirjian, whose clientele includes the Kennedy family, and he brought up the ever popular braid.

Think about it. The braid was once reserved for adolescent school girls and anyone over the age of 20 wouldn’t dare sport one. Today, though, pretty braids adore the heads of high fashion models stomping down the catwalk, glammed up celebs on the red carpet and everyday fashionistas on city streets. French braids, inverted braids, pigtail braids, braided buns, fishtail braids. You name the braid and there’s a fashion-savvy woman wearing it on a sidewalk somewhere looking fabulous.

Today I’m dishing on a quirky braid that looks complex, but is super easy to pull off: the upside down French braid. Just how easy is this style to create? Well, the Hair Dresser on Fire posted a video of her doing it in under two minutes while riding a subway escalator. Her finished look was carefree and slightly messy, but nothing short of chic. Check out the video below:

Mary Kay Ashe of Sidewalk Ready created a more polished version of the upside down French. Her video tutorial is super detailed to help you re-create the look.

This photo tutorial by A Certain Shade of Black is also really helpful. She calls hers the “French Braid Bun” and walks you through the process step by step. She reserves a portion of hair in the front to create a billowy, swept-back bang. Perfect for a day at the office, errand running or cocktail hour.

upside down french braided bunFrench braided bunhow to do an upside down French braidupside down French braid tutorialFrench braid into a bun
Don’t be afraid to play with angles, textures or accessories when creating your own upside down French braid. For example, a bow nestled underneath the bun looks girly and sweet and a taut, double-French upside down braid is sure to turn heads.

French braid with a bow                                  Photo Source:

upside down French braid hairstyle                                  Photo source:

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