milkmaid braid

Where the Milkmaid Braid Meets the Scarf

The ever so feminine (and oh so popular!) milkmaid braid is making a serious splash in warm weather hair trends this season. Celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Ashley Olsen have made this braided style popular, but YouTube super stylist Jenny Strebe has made the look super unique and wearable even for those with not-so-long hair.

By simply adding a colorful summer scarf, the milkmaid braid is officially reborn and more gorgeous than ever! Give the look a try yourself by following these simple steps via Jenny’s video below:

1. Place your scarf (about three feet in length) around your neck and split your hair into two sections.

2. Take one section (and the end of the scarf on the corresponding side) and create a simple, three-strand braid, using the scarf as one of your three strands.

3. Secure the end of the braid if needed with a bobby pin or elastic, then wrap the braid up and over the top of the head and bobby pin into place.

4. Repeat the same braiding technique with the remaining section of hair and scarf. Secure the end of the braid, wrap it up and over the top of the head and secure with a bobby pin.

6. Tuck any leftover pieces of scarf away and gently pull some face framing pieces of hair out around your face to finish the look.

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